Custom hollow wrist strap

Silk screen wrist strap

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Custom hollow wrist strap

Talk aboutThe wrist bandWhat is the common knowledge and how does it work

The huhollowsman skin is in direct contact with the conductive materialstrap是什么意思中文 on the wriwristbandst strap. When the wrist strap is grounded, thewristwatch是什么意思啊 static electricity generwristyated by humanwristwatch是什么意思啊 movement is quhollowsickly released through the gwristband是什么意思中文rounding system tstrap翻译o effectively eliminate static electrichollowingsity, and the ultimate goal of static discharge (static voltage balance) is achieved.customudon The wrist strap is composed of elastic braceletstrap翻译 or Velcro ring, metal ring, rubber ring, with slingshot linstrap翻译e, crocodile clip. It has highcustomary dispersion speed (S< 0.1s), durable (slingshollowwlandhot line can resist bending 30,000 times), safe (built in 1M power limiting resistance)hollows, cahollowkiktn be repeatedly cleaned and other features.

Slingshot line length can be customized according to customer requirements, cwristyommonly used specificationscustomize are 6 feet (1.8wristwatch是什么意思啊3M), 8 feet (2.44M), 10 feehollowst (3.048), 12 feet (3.658M).

(1) It can be used as a result of improper contact of high static power supply, resulting in the icustomernstant intstrapon女王roduction of a large amount of static charge. When the ion neutralization is nstrap是什么意思中文ot completed, it can provide ion neutralizatiowrist是什么意思英语n with the external air and water molecules of the screw (Corona discustomizationchargewristband是什么意思中文 effect), so that the static ecustomudonlectricitystrap-on can be effectively eliminated, and achievcustomizee the ultimate goal of static dischargewristwatch是什么意思啊 (static voltage balance)

(2) This screw can be used for potential return to zero function (just touch the screw to ground),

(3) Can be used as loop detection terminal.

Cable grounding wrist bahollownd is the basic of anti-ststrap是什么意思中文atic equipment, butstrapped also for general use on the production line of supplies, not only on the construction andcustomer operation is very conveniwrist怎么读ent, are ocustomerften on the price affordable, its reason is twristbandhrough the wrist strap and ground wire,strapon三人 to human body electrostatic discharge to the earth, so use wristbandsstrapon三人 necessaryhollowed-out什么意思 really contact with the skin, also nestrap怎么读ed direct grounding grounding line, And enwrist是什么意思英语sure that the grounding line unimpeded to play a large effect.


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