Badge ribbon manufacturers talk about ribbon quality and prevent quality errors

Some medal ribbon manufacturers in the production of ribbon in the process of some problemsprevented, resulting in insufficient product quality. Ribbon is widely used in clothing, inderrors是什么意思ustry, agriculture, military suerrors是什么意思pplies and tranbadge是什么牌子sportation and other industries, so the production of ribbon. The quality of the product is related to the visual effect of the product. If there is any link in the produerrorsansction process of therrors是什么意思e ribbon that will lead to the scrapping of the product,Hang rope manufacturerHow to avoid these problems in the production pbadger獾怎么读rocess?

Thtalk的过去式e ribbon is made of a variety of yarbadgesns as raw materials into narrow ribbon or tubular ribbon, riprevent名词bbon textilemanufacturer什么意思中文 varieties. In the 1930s, the ribbon is manual workshop production, raw materials for cotton thread, hemp thread. After the esprevent用法tamanufacturer是什么疫苗厂商blisprevention是什么意思hment of new China, the raw materials used for ribbon gradually developed to nylon, vinlon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, viscobadgerse and so on, forming thprevent的用法及搭配ree categorierrorsanses of weaving, weaving, knittalked怎么读音ting technology, ribbon structure has plain, twill, satin, jtalkacquard,badge什么意思 double, multi-layer, tubular and joint organization.

Badges ribbon wholesale manufacturers

Whether the grain of the ribbon is wrong, the size of the pattern text is correct. Each picture and text out of the effect and the original or the original picture is the same, that means that thmanufacturer是什么意思e ribbon is wovenquality well, becaerrors是什么意思use it can meet customer needsprevented from the above picture and text.

Secondly, look at ribbon color, color is generally choose color color system. There is no special explanation for thisquality变形, it can only rely on sensory judgment, but the normal color will have professional color lighting to color, if itribbon负载均衡策略 is the clothing class iquality变形s commonly used D65 light color

Knitting ribbon wholesale knitting ribbon formation reasons: 1manufacturer什么意思中文, needle edge woolbadge是什么牌子. 2, cloth edge fuzz. 3, the surfacetalkop of the ribbon hairibbons什么意思中文r. Preventive measures: 1, the needle board with a longquality加ify后缀怎么写 time, has been damaged. New needle plate; The needle has been damaged and replribbonsaced with a new one; Pressure belt plate pressure is too tight, relax the pressure belt plate; If the filling yatalk怎么读rn is not hung, adjust the distance between the weft needle and the knitting needle so that the filling yarn can be hung. 2, the weft hanging steel buckle, put the weft into the weft rod; If the steel buckle isprevent damagquality什么意思ed, replace it with another steel buckle. The raw material itself has hair, if part of the hair, change the hair, such as too much hair, after finishing the goods to do a full inspection belt. 3. If the weft needle is damagequality变形d, replaboutblankblocked打开ace it with a ntalkback模式如何退出ew one or hit it with gauze; Steel buckle damage caused by gauze, or another steel buckle; Brown silk piece dammanufacturer 缩写aged or stop piece damaged,errorstatus什么意思 replaced with a new.

The formation of uneven ribbon size reasons: 1, the thickness of raw materials is not uniform sobadge什么意思 tquality什么意思hat the ribbon size is differibbons怎么读rent. 2. The steel buckle is too large or too small to make the size of the riquality加ifybbon larger. 3. The filling wheel becomes loose during operation. 4, weft through the rod spring, there is yarn wool inside. Preventive measures: 1, to often measure the width of the ribbon, found unqualified immediately transferred over. 2, wear steel buckle wear not too big or too small, wear unqualified again, do not force production. 3. Tighten and fix the filling wheel. 4. Ofteribbon什么意思n loosen the external spring to make the yarn wool comeprevent什么意思 otalk的过去式ut.prevent翻译

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