How to fix the ribbon color? Wrist strap manufacturers for you to share

Wrist strap manufacturerDyeing is also an important part of finished ribbon, poor or good dyeing quality directly affects the quality of ribbon. Let's take a lostrappedok.

Depending on the杀人蟹 mstrapon女王aterial of the ribbon, the dhowever什么意思yeing method iribbons also different,The wrist砂仁 bandThe manufacturer will introduce how the ribbon is dyed. What kind of ribbon is dyed after being woven first? Dyeing process determined by material:ribbons怎么读

The dyeing process of tstrappinghe ribbon is related to thhowe whole production process. Dyeing process is the key of the ribbo杀人诛心n appearance and color images, the ribbon dyeing basic process in accordance with the modern theoretical point of view, and dyes to dywristband是什么意思中文e fibers, and has certain fastness on fabrstrap是什么意思中文ic, because there is all sorts of grwrist怎么读avity between dye and fiber moshare是什么意思lecules, because of all kinds of dye dymanufacturers什么意思中文eing principle and pr砂仁的功效与作用ocess, Due to the characteristics of dshare是什么意思ye and fiber are very different, can not be generalized, but in terms of its dyeing process, can be roughly diviribbon和feign区别ded into three basic stages.

Ribbon manufacturers

1. Adsorstrapon三人ption. After the fiber is put into the dyeing bath, the dye diffuses to the surface of the fribbonsiber first, and then graduallystrap trhowansfers from the solutribbon怎么读ion to the surface of the fiber, which is called adsorption. Over time, the concentration of dye on the fiber gradually increases, while the concentratcolor是什么意思翻译ion of dye in the solution gradualribbons什么意思中文ly decreases, and after a period of tfixtureime, the state of equilibrium is reached. The reversestrap是什么意思中文 process of adsorption is desowristband是什么意思中文rption. Adsorption and desorption exist simultanribbons什么意思中文eously in the dyeing process.

2. Diffusion,ribbons the dye adsorbed on the surface of the fiber diffuses into the fiber until the concentration of dye in each part of the fiber tends to be the same. Bstrapecause the concentration of dye adsorribbons什么意思中文bed on tribbonshe sumanufacturers什么意思中文rface of the fiber is gribbon什么意思reater than that inside the fiber, the dye diffused from the fiber surface to the fiber interior. At this point, the diffusion of dye breaks the initial adsorption equilibrium,wristy theribbon什么意思 dye in the solution will continue to adsorb to the surface of thcolor是什么意思翻译e fiber, adsorption and descoloros恢复模式什么意思orption again to balance.

3 firibbon怎么读xation, is thewrists是什么意思中文 process of the combination of dyes and fibers, with different dyfixedes and fibers, its combination is also different.

Dyeing is an important process in ribbon production. All ribbon products in our lwristies什么意思ifcolor怎么读e need to go through this step. The dyefix的ing形式ing proribbon什么意思cess of the ribbon requires extremely high technology. In this process, color difference is easy to occur. If such problems cannot be resolved, they can only be scrapped. It also means that all the previoribbon怎么读us work was in vain. Therefore, you can imagine the importance of this step. The main steps of strip dyeing are: first, the dyeing steps of polyeswrist怎么读ter fiber mainhoweverly include: entering thstrappede belt, washifixed什么意思ng before the second step, drying before the third step, the fcoloredourth coloring tank, the fifth step for pre-drying (infrared) to prevent stains, the sixth step in high temperature baking to evenly c杀人olor. After the seventh part, water is wribbon怎么读ashed (reduction cleaning) to wash away the excess cofix是什么意思lor and make the excess dye molecules dcolor怎么读ecompose. The eighth part is dried to dry the washed ribbon and the ehow的用法ighth strip is finishwrist是什么意思ed dyefixingingwrist the ribbonfixation.

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