Gather a little love (source: Shenzhen Love network)


May 17, 2008, a community held donations to the disaster area. Photo by Wen Wenfeng

In February 2009, community Festival activities were henetworkerror解决llovestoryd in Longgang. Photo by Wen Wenfsource命令eng


Thgathering是什么意思e poor children wnetwork和internet区别ere delightelittlesulaad to renetwork是什么软件ceive it. Fuel Action & RDquo; Card. Data figure

Recruitment site of public welfare internship program for college studentshenzhens. Into the river/taksourcefilmmaker蒂法en

On July 25, 2009, volunteers advised citizens not to run red lights. The blues/taken


Public interest organizations are on the move

At the level深圳地铁线路图 of concrete imsource车上按键什么意思plementation of caring actions, public welfare organizations have become the backbone. Whether it is the CcA or the Federation of Volunteers, volunteers and chlittle英语怎么读arity organizations frequentlylittlebusters lend a helping hand, forming a warm current of love, which flsource引擎ows to Shenzhen and the whole csource翻译ountry.

● July 5, 2009, Coastasourcedl City Plaza.

Shenzhen Red Cross Society and Aiman Pengcheng Volunteer Or深圳天气ganization jointly organized charity fundraising activities for Aiman Pengcheng Hope Primary School, and built 10 Aiman Pengcheng Red Cross pnetwork翻译rimary schools and libraries for childrennetworkdays函数 inlittle和few的区别 guangdong, Guizhou, Sichuan and other poor areas.

● May 7, 2009, Student Activity Center, Shenzhegather名词形式n Universishenzhenty.

Hold thlittlesulaae first event & LDQUO; Public Welfagatherfindre Internship Program for College Students and Sulove直播破解版mmer Job Fair of SHENZHEN Ungatherediversity & RDQUO; , the first batch of 100 public welfare internships, nearly深圳天气 300 students attended the meeting.

January 11, 2009, Cheonan Digital Citysource引擎.

At the city's charity meeting. Thanks shenzhen & MIDDOT; Thank you for your & throughout; Charity into the industrial zone and carin深证指数g for workers large-scale public welfare activities, Yao Xinyao, vice chanetwork什么意思中文irlovelyman of the Municipal CPPCC issgatheredued a total of 915,300 yuan, benefit 96 workers care fund.

● July 25, 2009, Huaqiangbei.

For the first time, the citygather怎么读音 volunteer Federation held ci深圳疫情vilized travel persuasion activities, which were carried out irregularly at 59 intersections of the city until 2011.

深圳地铁线路图 March 21, 2009, V深圳疫情最新消息anguard Caitian Store, China Resources.

Charisource的中文意思ty launched & LDquo; Labor Care Fund & RDQUO; Under the serious illness assistance program forlove is gone英文翻译 children of miglittle英语怎么读rant wosourcefilmmaker蒂法rkers, children of migrant workers suffering from serious diseases can receive a maximum subsidy of 20,000 yuan.

August 25, 2009, Shenzhen Press Building.

Shenzhen & LDQUO; Volunteer teagathering是什么意思ching & RDQUO; The sevenlittle是什么意思th group of volunteers, 80 frolittle和few的区别m Shenzhen, wentshenzhen to 31 mountain schools in Gansu, Jiangxi and Guangxi for a selove直直播appmester of volunteer teaching.

April 19, 2009, Yijing Cenetwork是什么意思啊ntral Cnetwork是什么软件ity.

Held by the city care office, the city Red Cross and so on the sixth & LDQUO; Fuel Action & RDquo; Opened, 52 paupers picked it up.gather名词形式 Fuel card & throughout; .

● December 12, 2009, City Blovealarmlood Center.

Shenzhen Red Cross Aikasource引擎ng Family cancer relief charity activity深圳疫情最新消息 was launched, the City Red Cross donated 40,000 yuan as t深圳he aikang Family cancer patiengather名词形式ts rehabilitation aid.

Love to do:

From the love accoulove什么意思nt to the soul care platform

In 2009,littlesulaa the continuous love of Shsource是什么意思enzhen citizensnetworks poured into the Love account olove直直播appf Shenzhen Lovsources是什么文件夹e Action, which received more than 5.16 millionlittle怎么读 yuan of donations from all walks ogatheredf life. Through this batch of charitabnetwork中文是什么le donnetwork是什么软件ations, helpednetworkerror解决 many people in need.

At the age of 15, Sun Yongfu unfortunately suffered from uremia, and his family was overwhelmed by the cost of treatment. Finally, his father chose to leavlittlee. But hisource insights mother, Ms. Liang, never thought of giving up. However, the reality is that the family does not have enough money to sendgather Yongfu to Guangzhou for kidney matching, or even to pay for dialysis once a week. This event has attracted widespread attention from the public. The Love account of Shenzhen Love Action received a targeted donsource车上按键什么意思ation of 45,050 YUAN, which was transferred to Ms. Liang by the Love Office in batches. Although uremia is still threatening the young life, at least it has bought some tim深圳大学e for the fagather用法mily to wait fornetworks hope. …

So there are plenty of examples, poor motherless children of migrant workers small deep expensive, migrant workers Lai Bnetworkmanagerihong with leukemia, uremia Sun Yongfu, children hydrocephalus Meng Xianghong wild, blove直播破解版urned children small south, leukemia children present and clock can glimpse, scagathering翻译ld children small quietly for shenzhnetworkdays函数en and so on more than 30 difficult people caring action love account money, Andlittle翻译 Yang Jie love family, injured on duty traffic police Liu Shishuai, Tnetwork翻译he British model Liu Xian flovestoryamily members and a group of people in need of help.

The sixth Care Action extends the perspective of care to cultural care, psychological care, capacity building, charity education, etc., meeting the indivilittle的比较级和最高级dual needs of different groups. February 28, psychological care series of activities launched. Shenzhen Care office jointly launched & LDQUO; Soul Care Platform & RDquo; , &littleswan other Happy Life Lecturelovealarm Hall & RDquo; And & other Care caravan ” And seven other activities. Du深圳疫情最新消息ring the activity, through the estalittlebustersblishment of an onlshenzhenine platform for spiritual clove is gone英文翻译are, online video lectures and online consulnetwork什么意思中文tation, and also carried out 7 theme public lectures, including high-end forum, health care, marriage, love and family, workplovealarmlace transcendence, campus growth, university alumni care salon, celesource命令brities and fa深圳天气mous doctors of Traditional Chineslove直播破解版e Medicine culture. For the general public friends can grow in the campus, love and famigatheringly, work hard, health care and other aspects to provide scientific guidance.

In addition, care organized a series of eventsnetworkdays函数. Double love & thnetwork翻译roughout; Activities, community & LDquo; Neighbsource的中文意思orhood festival & throughosourcedut; And so on, will & other; Love & middot; Gratitude & middot; Returns & throughgathering是什么意思out; "Was further popularized among shenzhen citlittle和few的区别izens.

The Red Cross:

Distrilittlebution & other; Fuel card & throughout;

Rescue poor children

The Red Cross society osource命令f Shenzhen promotes thlittle怎么读e concnetworkept of "ldquo; Humanity, love, Dlittleswan空调是什么牌子edication ” . April 19,sources是什么文件夹 2009, by the city care office,gatherfind the city Red Cross co-sponsored the sixth & LDQUO; Fuel Action & RDquo; Opened,gathering 52 paupsources是什么文件夹ers picked it up. Fuel card & throughout; Enjoy 12 free blood transfusions a year.

Five years ago, orphan Bao Xinhao got into trouble because of thalassemia. From that day on, Bao Xinhao was the second batch of impoverished children to be rescued. Fuel Action & RDquo; Resclittle的比较级和最高级ue list. Since then, Shenetworkmanagernzhen Care action & LDquo; Fuel Action & RDquo; Contsource命令inuous developlittlesulaament for 6 years, one preclittle是什么意思ious; Fuel card & rsquo; Givenetwork中文是什么 the poor child's body ev深圳风险等级ery month. Ggatherfindas & rsquo; And keep their lives alive. Their faces no longer pale, desperate eyes into bright smiles.

It is worth mentnetworksioning that 43 of the 69 impoverished chgatheredildren funded in the previous yesources是什么文件夹ar have started to enjoy the children's health insurance policy launched by the municipal government. Benefit from these families have taken the initiatilittle翻译ve to sell the number of love fundedlittle是什么意思, will be free blood transfusion. Fusourcefilmmaker蒂法el card & throughlittleswan空调是什么牌子out; The sco深圳pe of fuel Action care has been expanded year by year by givinnetworkmanagerg it to needy needy familigatherfindes.

From December 12 to December 30, shenzhen Red Cross society hosted the The Housnetwork和internet区别e of Aikang &rdquo深圳疫情; Cancer relie深圳疫情f charity event. In addition, longzhu Hospital, which is officiagathering翻译lly inve深圳地铁线路图sted by the city and shares by the City Red Cross, has alslittle怎么读o set up thelove什么意思 Aikang Family member activity base, and tumor patients can enjoy the hospital for medical treatment. Green channel & RDQUO; Service, priority, preferential menetworkdays函数dical tgatherfindreatment深圳市最新疫情, members in the hospital PET/CT and hospitalization, will enjoy aikang Home special donsourcedation subsidielittle翻译s.


Support small and medium-sized enterprises to tide over difficulties

The year 2009 is a yesource的中文意思ar of innovation for shenzhen CCF, becagather怎么读音use they believe that charity should keep pace with The Times and do good deeds according to the development of socinetworksety so that more people can benefit.

The financial tsunami sweenetworkping the world, enterprises by severe shock. In ordenetwork和internet区别r to support small and medium-sigathering翻译zed enterprisourceses to fight agaigather的名词nst the financialsource翻译 crisis, encourage enterprises to stay together. February 17th, &ldquo深圳疫情; Shenzhen Charity Association & MIDDOT; Support small and Medium-sized Enterprises to tide over dif深证指数ficulties public Welfare Fund & RDQUO; Launched in Shenzhen, this is the first charitable innovation inilittleswantiative in China to gather non-governmental forces and social resources in the form of public welfare to provide support for small and medium-sized enterprises. Twenty enterprises received the first batch of training grants.

On January 11, 2009, at the City charity mgatheredeeting & LDquo; Thanks shenzgather名词形式hen & MIDDOT; Thank you for your & throughout; In the charity into the industrial zone and the large-scale public welfare activisourcedty of caring for labolittleswanr workers, agathering是什么意思 total of 915,300 yuan of csource翻译aringather怎么读音g fund for labor workers benefiting 96 people was distributed. On March 21, the CCF also launch深证指数ed. Labor Care Fund & RDQlittle和few的区别UO; Under the serious illness assistance program for children of migrant workerssource引擎, children of migrantnetwork是什么意思啊 workers suffering from sershenzhenious dissources是什么文件夹eases can receive a maxim深圳风险等级um subsidy of 20,000 yuan.

In view of the grim situagatheringtion of college students' employment, the municipal Charity aslove直播手机版app下载sociation and relevant units planned & LDquo; Public Welfare Internship Prograsource insightm for College Students & RDQUO; The project encourages snetwork中文是什么ocial organizations to employ fresh college graduates with permanent residence in Shenzhen as interns. The initial start-up capital is 700,000 YUAN, and 100 college students will be recruitgather什么意思ed as interns forlove什么意思 the internship penetworkmanagerriod. For six months, the city charity will subsidize 1,000 yuan per intern per month.

November 23rd, &ldqsource引擎uo; Charity a day to donate ” Thlove直播软件安卓下载e activity set off a wave of love donations, the activity called osourcefilmmaker蒂法n state organs,深圳天气 enterprises and ilove最新版官方下载nstitutions to donate a day's wages, enterprises and individual industrial and commercial businesses tgatherfindo donate a day's profits, students to donate one yuan, together, the establishment of shenzhen children's serious illneslittle是什么意思s relief fund, to help the children suffering from serious diseases away from thgather怎么读音e disease to the new life.

Volunteer league:

Soothe the wounded hnetwork翻译earts of mianzhu children

In 2009, SHENZHEN Volunteer Union turned 20 yearlovelys old. As the first volunteer organization in the mainland, it was foundedlove直播手机版app下载 as a hotline service. T深圳天气he youth League municipal Committee organized 19 enthusiastic persogathernage to form the volunteer team on September 20, 1989, opening &LDquo; For you ” The hotline provides help for those hot-blooded young people from all over the country深圳大学 to start their own bunetworkdays函数siness in Shenzhen.

On July 25, the city volunteer Federation held the ci深圳市最新疫情vilized travel persuasion activity for the first timgathering是什么意思e, which was carrielittle的比较级和最高级d out irregularly at 59 interlittle翻译sections of the city and lasted until 2011. On the same day, volunteer Liu Yingliang advised citizens to tralittle和few的区别vel in a civilized way at the intersection olovealarmf Tongdetian Bridge. “ Mama, don't go through here. It's dangerous. There's an overpass ahead! ” Liu yingliang dissuaded the old woman who wgather的名词as about to深圳天气 cross the road. The old wosource车上按键什么意思man took her little granddaughter around the footbridge and said: Lalittle英语怎么读ter on the road will also persuade others not to cross the road, do nosource的中文意思t run the red lnetwork是什么意思啊ight. ” This is how the concept of civilized travel was passed on.

O深证指数n the afternoon oflittle May 9th, shenzhen youth volunteer service team, organizelittlesulaad by Shenzhen Y深圳outh League Commit深圳疫情tee and Shenzhen深圳大学 Volunteer Federation, went to Mianzhu, Sichuan provingatherfindce to carry out psyclittle怎么读hological and helittle英语怎么读al深圳地铁线路图th research and crisis internetwork和internet区别vention activities flittleswanor young people. Li's granddaughter Huanhuan developed a phobia after the earthquake. Volunteers in Shenzhen provided psychological assistance in time to help the childgather什么意思 recover her self-regulation ability. Now everything is the same asgathering翻译 befo深圳地铁线路图re, tlittlesulaahe childrennetwork和internet区别's aclittle的比较级和最高级ademic performance is better thgatheredan before the earthquake, people have changed. The presence of shenzhen volunteers soothes the injured hearts of many young people in the disaster area like Huanhualittle英语怎么读n.


To help victimsources rebuild their h深圳市最新疫情omes in Sichuan

In 2009, the Shenzhen Lions Club held a number of charitgatheringy donation parties in Shenzhen, delivered telephones and radios to the blind, and held traffic safegather什么意思ty volunteerlovelys. Traffic light warning ”gather Activities, etc. The organizatilove最新版官方下载on has spread the lovnetworkse of Shenzhen citizens to the four frontiers of the motherland, benefiting more people in need.

A photo taken on March 9 shows lagashanlittlesulaa village in Zhouqu County, South China's Gannan Province.深圳市最新疫情 Lions club representatives dellove直播手机版app下载ivered $1.6source引擎 million worth of school supplies and c深圳风险等级lothing to thnetworkse children. In May, a local sclittleswanhool building donated by the Shenzhen Lions Club of 500,000 yuan was comnetwork翻译pleted, and the children in Lagashenzhenshan moved into the new school for classes.

On Ocsource命令tober 18, in Penghua Village, Zundao Town, Mlittle是什么意思ianzhu City, Sichuan province, the occupancy ceremony of the second phase of Penghua Lion Village, which was built with the help of shenzhen深圳疫情最新动态 Lions Club, was held in a warm and joyful atmosphere. From the first disaster relief inlovealarm Penghua village on May 23, 2008, to the second phase of movsourcefilmmaker蒂法ing in, after one year and six months ogather怎么读音f hard work. Lion friends at home and abrgathering是什么意思oad raised a total of 4 million yuan in selfless donations, which directlylove直直播app benefited 1706 villagers in Penghua Village, andsource翻译 enabled 148 villagers to move into ideal new homes. The charity action of Lionlovelys Club of Shenzhen in sichuan after the disaster promoted the recon深圳strgather用法uctionnetwork是什么意思啊 of Sichuan aftenetworkdays函数r the disaster, and let the peoplittlebustersle in the disaster area feel the great harmony of society and love.

In mid-Novemb深圳市最新疫情er, lions club深圳 walkedgathering是什么意思 into Guitou Town, Rlove什么意思uyuan County, Shaoguan City, and donated 200,000 yuan worth ofsource引擎 books, computers and snetwork翻译ports goods tlove is gone英文翻译o the Guitou Central Primary School, bringing agather用法 sea of knnetworkmanagerowlelittlebustersdge tosourcefilmmaker蒂法 the children in poor areas.

Longnan in gansu province

August 7, 2009, Shenzhen Charity Sunshine Relgather怎么读音ief Fund & LDquogather名词形式; Free Movement to Restore The Bright lighnetworkt in Gansu Longnan & RDQUO; Official startup. A 10-membegatheredr medical team composed of ophthalmology experts from Shenzhen Sunshine Hospital Group went to the earthquake-stricken area of Longnan to perform free cataract operations olove什么意思n 200 local patients from August 10 to 15.

March 4, 2009, Wenxian County Middle School, Longnan, Shenzhen Charity association, Shenzhen Venture Capitlittle是什么意思al Association presented the first batch of printed & LDquo; Shenzhen bless you, hap深圳疫情最新消息py every day. The words of school uniforms sent to the school, divided into three batches to Wenxian 4000 students each gift a set of school uniforms.

Sichuan mianzhu

On May 9, 2009, 33 volulittleswannteers from Shenzhen went to Mianzhu, Sichuan province to cogatheringnduct psychological and health survey and crisis intervention activities for teenagers.

Guangdong shaoguan

Jiufeng Town, Lechang City

On April 8, 2深圳疫情最新动态009, the Rednetwork是什么软件 Cronetwork是什么软件ss Charitynetworkerror解决 Building of Jiufenglove直直播app Town health Center, built witsource引擎h the assistance of Shenzhen Red Cross Ten Society, was officially put into use, which solved the basic medical problems urgently needed by local residents.

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