Notice regarding the Lions Club International 2012-2013 "Serve the World" Award competition

          About Lions Club International 2012-2013 & LDquo; The World of Service & RDquo; Notice of award competition

Service teams:

    &noticenbsp;       Lions Club International 2012-2013 & LDquo; The World of Service & RDquo; The competitregarding翻译ion is noserver是什么意思w open for registration. The ainternational缩写wards are explained as follows:

            The purpose of,

     notice作文;       To commend outstanding lion friends and service projects that embody the true meaning of serviinternational是什么意思cenotice是什么意思 with practical actions. Recommended lion fclubmedriends and services should serve as examples of the organizatioserve的名词形式n's goals.

            Ii. Awaworldbox最新破解版rd Categories

            • Best long-term reading action plan
            • Best Reading Action Project Rap film (no longer than 2 minutes and the thnotice过去式eme must be on how to encourage children to read)
        &nbsregarding的用法p;   • The best prevention and assistance program for blindness
            • Best Program for the Hungry
      &nbinternational英语sp;     • Best Youth Participation Program
            •world翻译 Outstanding environmental protection projeinternational缩写ct schemserver是什么意思e
    &international labour day翻译nbsp;       • Outstanding Lion Fellow Awainternationalcupidrd (nominated by past International Directors, past international presserve asidents, current International directors or internationalworldbox executive Officers)

       clubs;     Iii. Declionsgatelaration and submission of materials

            1. Nomination form (see anneinternational翻译x). Please specify the category of award, nominee and nominee information in the nomclubmed官网预订ination form.
  &club是什么意思nbsp;     &nbinternationalcupidsp;   2. Brief introduction of nominated Lion friends/projects.
            3. Detailed introductiworldboxonserver是什么意思 of the outstanding deeds madeworldwide翻译 blions是什么意思y the nomserve的用法inated lions club and the community/specific proposals and relevant statistics of the nominated projects.
&nbworldboxsp;         4. A color electronic inch photo of the nominated lion/related activity photclubman是什么牌子车o of the nominworldtalk下载ated project.
            Remarks: the above application dworldwideocuments should be preparedworld翻译 in Both Chinese and Englislions英语怎么读h.

            Iv. Rules of award evaluation

&lion是什么意思nbsp;           All service teams can submit relevant application materials to the Lions Cluworldtalk下载b office in Shenzhen. After dnoticeiscussion and confirmation by the standing board of Lions Club shenzhen, the nominations will be snotice是什么意思ubmitted to Lions Club Internationalinternational labour day翻译 for selecregardingtion.
  &nbworld翻译sp;         Lions International will select the top three finalists in each category from nominations submitted by lions clubs around the world, and invite the finalists to attenservedd the award ceremoworld翻译ny of lions International 2013 convennotice的固定搭配tion in Hamburg, Gerworldwide翻译many, where the singlnotice是什么意思e winner of each category will be announced in a gnoticeablerand manner.

            Five, the number of awards

  &nregarding翻译bsp;         Lions International wnotice同义词ill select one winner for each award.

            6. Deadline for denotice同义词claration

     international缩写;       February 20, 2013.

            7. Declarainternational是什么意思tioninternationalcupid method

   international英语   &nbsserve怎么读p;     There is no limiinternational英语t on the number of applicants, please submit application matenotice同义词rials to lions Club shenzhen office, or send to Lions Club Shenzhen mail
    &nbworldtalk下载sp;    clubs;   Contact: Chinternationalcupiden Luoyi, Shenzhen Lions Club Office 25688990, Zhou Jiaolong 25688576.

 notice翻译;        lion是什么意思;   Notice is hereby given.

              &nbnoticeablesp;                   &nlions是什么意思bsp;                 &ninternationalcupidbsp;       &nbsnotice过去式p;   &nworldwide翻译bsp;             &servenbsregarding后面加什么p;                                                        lion是什么意思;           &nbinternationalismsp;         &nbsworldp;            notice是什么意思      notice;                international labour day翻译;     &nbsworldwidep;                                             &nbclubsp;      
&nworldbsp;          club翻译 Attachment:

            1. Lions Club International nomination Form for the world of Service award 2012-2013 (Chinese version)
        &nbinternational翻译sp;   2. Nomination Formclubs for Liinternationalworkers'day怎么读ons Club International 2012-2013 & LDQUO: A World ofinternational怎么读 Service award
 noticed           3. Nomination Form for Rap Film Award for Best Reading Action Project
      &serve名词nbsp; &nbclubman是什么牌子车sp; &regarding后面加什么nbsp;             &world翻译nbsp;           &nnotice的固定搭配bsp;                   &nbsinternational是什么意思p;  club是什么酒;                  

&nbworldtalksp;     &international翻译nbsp;                         &nnotice作文bsp;serve怎么读                serve名词                                   Shenzhen Lions Club
                                        &nnotice作文bsp;    international英语             &nbsclub怎么读p;                      club是什么酒;     January 25, 2013

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