"The Red Lion? The project of "Protecting the Sunset" was launched

200 elderly people with empty nest in Luohu are happy to receive condolence money
“ Red lion suisunset怎么读音t & bull; Guard the sunset ” A project to care for elderly families suffering from extreme poreductionverty was launched

      &nlion翻译bwas是什么意思sp;     On the afternoon of 23 January 2013, & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Guard the sunset &rred怎么读dquo; The launching ceremonylions of the program to care for elderly families with extreme poverty was held in Luwasn'tohu District Youth Activity Center. As aredmik40 key project of the 10th Shenzhen Care Action, this activity was jointly held by Luohu District Civil Affwaspairs Burelionelau and Sheprotectingnzhen Lions Club. Shenzhenlionel Lions Club provided service funds of 400,000 yuan and 200 fsunset翻译ruits for thissunset微信名意味着什么 activity. 200 empty-nesters with registered residenredisce in tlaunched翻译hwas是什么意思e area received consolation red envelopes and gifts of 2,000 yuan respectively. Ni Zewang, Secretary of Luohu District Credundantommittee, Huang Chunbin, Vice Directred怎么读or of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Zhuang Ruining,lion的音标 Deputy Director of Luohu District Civil Affairs Bureau, Liang Rui, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Care Office, Su Zeran, 2012-2013 Directosunset怎么读音r of Sproject软件使用教程henzhen Lions Clubprotecting什么意思, Wu Xiaoming, First Deputy Director,sunset Second Deputy Director, & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Guard the sunset ” Project executive committee chairman Lin Ziyu, former director of XiaoXingPing,project jin-liang walion翻译ng, sun aggregates, wear with xin, secretary-general Zlionelhang Xiaowei, silver lake, taian, the main organizer, blue sky, yitian, love, the spring breeze,redis shun hing service, co-sponsors crulaunched的中文意思st, mileage, charity collection, the earth, the Pres热点ident of the shenyang service andlaunched怎么读的 attended the activities such as lion friends.project是什么意思

Love home elderly hapsunset微信名意味着什么py laugh

  &nblions英语怎么读sp;         With a thick red envelope ofsunset glow love in his pocket, sweet fruit in his mouth and heavy gifts in his hand, the old man from Luohlionkku District held the staff at the scene and thanked them repeatedly. “ Thanks to the official, thanks tproject是什么意思o the Lions club, is your care, let us have a happy Spring Festiprojectdollval. ” Perhaps, in addition to the old people at the event, in addition to the happy thanksproject, the flower-projectionlike slionkkmiles on their faces are more tellinlion怎么读g.
            Shenzhen Lions Club was established in 2002 with the approval of the central government and the operation and mansunsetagement model of Lionswas怎么读 Club International. In the past 10 years, Shenzhen Lions Club has been around & LDquo; Is helping others and servinsunset歌曲g the society. For a harmonious society, for the local good deeds are too numerous to lisprotectingt. This year, with a keen sense oprojectdollf charity, the Lions Club of Shelion的中文意思nzhen will foclionsus on empty-nester families with eprotecting翻译xtreme poverty while carrying out various serviclione activilionties based on the local c热点ommunity.
            After discussion between Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Luored是什么意思hu District Civil Affairs Bureau, both parlion翻译tiprotecting翻译es have decided to settle the dispute. Red lion suit & bull; Gprojects怎么读ualionelrd the sunset ” The project of Caring for empty-nester Elderly families reached a consensuslion的音标 and joined hands to help the empty-nester elderly families in Luohu District. By taking advantage of the advantages of both sides and complementation of resources, practilionelcal actions will benefit the empty-nester elderly families.
            According to the secoredisndprojection deputy Director of Shenzhen Lions Clubsunset情侣名, & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Guard the sunset ” Introduction by Lin Ziyu, Activity Chair of projlaunched是什么意思ect Executive Committee, & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Guarprojectd the sunset ” The project will cooperate with the professional volunteer team in Luohu District from four aspects of economy, material, life and psychology to provide assistance to 200 extremely posunset微信名意味着什么or empty-nesters and their families registerewas是什么意思d in Luohu District.
            At the launchingwasp ceremony, the presidents and representatives of swas怎么读hreduceenzhen Lions Club organizers and co-organizers recited & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Guard the sunprotectingset &redundantrdquo; Project proposal, with donation sign, with practical actions to support the project, at the same time appeals to more carwas怎么读ing people to jointly care for empty nesters. Ni Zewang, Secretary of Luprotectingohu District Committee, Hproject中成本分为uang Chunbin, Deputy Dirprotectingector of Shenzhelion的中文意思n Disabled Persons' Federation, Zhuang Ruining, Deputy Diwasrector of Luohu District, Chen Lreducei, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Care And Caresunset中文意思 Offiredce, Su Zeran, 2012-2013 Director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wu Xiaoming, First Deputy Director, Slion复数econd Deputy Director & LDqwashuo; Red lion sured怎么读it & bull; Guard the sunredmiset ” Lin Ziyu, activity chair of the project Executive Committee, witnessed this moment. Subsequently, the leaders to the organizers and co-organizers were issued a thank-sunset微信名意味着什么you card and certificate.
To thank shenzhen Lions Club for their kindness, Liang Rui, on behalf of Shenzhen Luohu Civil Affairs Bureau, presented the flag to Shlaunchedenzhen Lions Club.
 sunset是什么意思           At the launch ceremony, condolence representatives. — Luo Xiulin, an old lady from silver Lake community, qingshuihe street, and Wang Shengni and Mo Yingquan, the family representativeslionel of the assisted elderly, expressed their gratitude to the governmenredmi是什么手机t and lions Club for their help.
   was;         Sheprojectornzhen Huang Chunbired是什么意思n, disabled persons' federation, deputy director of the shenzhen lions work said sure, he said, love emptred是什么意思y nester project is the official uncomplainingly, to the masses and is closely integratreductioned with the party and state work deployment, espprotecting怎么读ecially meaninlions英语怎么读gful, hope shenzhen lions will continue to carry on, for more people to do good, do the practsunset歌曲ical work.
        &ldqproject怎么设置无休息日uo; At tsunset怎么读音he end of the New Year, it is hoped that through an officiawasn'tl platform, social caring forces will participate in the elderly care and assistance services, further care and help empty nesters and poor familielion怎么读s in the district, improve the quality of life of the elderly, and let the elderly have a peaceful and halion的音标ppy New Year. In addition, this paper discusses the dynamic and normalization of this kind of help and care to form a system of long-term help and care ” Luohu District civil Affairs Bureau related person said, hopesunset翻译成中文 through this activity, mobilize more social charity organizations or love force to participate in theprotecting service for the elderly, to create a good atmosphere of respect for the elderly in the whole society.
 project; &nwas是什么意思bsp;         How to provide for the old empty-nesters has become a commonsunset concern of the people's livprotectingelihood. Ni Zewang, secretary of luohu District Party Committee, said that luohu District Party Committwassupee and district officials hawas怎么读ve asunset歌曲lways attached great importance to and caredprojection about the empty-nesters in the area. Let luo Hu old man peaceful and happy old age ” Work as a target for the eldproject翻译erly. &lsunset翻译成中文dquo; We will continue this carreding activity for a longwasn't time, to provide high-quality services for empty nesters, and strive to make every old man can spend a healthy, happy and happy life in his later years. ” Ni Zewang said.

Both material sympredathy and spirprotecting什么意思itual care

          “ Reprotecting什么意思d lion suit & bull; Guard the sunset ” Project to Care for empty-Nester Elderly Familiesprotecting什么意思 in Extreme Poverty & LDwash怎么读QUO; Matter + Spirred怎么读it ” In fact, it is also a new feature in the process of caring for and comforting the needy.
    &nbswastep;projects怎么读       According to the relevant person iwash怎么读n charge of the Shenzhsunseten Lions Club, in addition to economic and material help, shenzhenrelaunched Lions club also organized & LDquo; Red lion suit & throughout; A seriesproject of service activities, 57 cooperatiprojects怎么读on with the Municipal Disabled Persosunset翻译ns' Federation Vocational health Center & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Serlaunched是什么意思vices tailored to the needs of persons with disablion翻译ilities have been developed to care for personswashed with disabilities in the community and provide them with psychological and swashpiritual assistance, with the focuwashingtons oredundantn promoting care for groups with special difficulties and deepening the care campaign.

Official Luohu Districtlaunched是什么意思英语 Partyreduce Secretary Ni Zewang speech

Shenzhen Disabled persons' Federation vice chairman Huang Chunbin speech

Speech by Su Zeran, Dirlaunched怎么读的ector of Shenzhen Lionsproject软件 Club 2012-2013

Second Deputy Director of Shsunsetenzhen Lions Club & LDquwas是什么意思o; Red lion suit & bull; Guard the sunset &sunsetrdquo; Lin Ziyu, actiproject怎么设置无休息日vity chairman of the project Executive Cored是什么意思mmittee, introduced the projectproject软件

Lusunsetohu District Civil Affairs Bureau presents the pennant to shenzhen Lions Club

The donation cheque is prese热点nted by the president or representative of the sponsoring and co-sponsoring teams

Awarded “ Red lion suit & bull; Guard the sunsetprotecting翻译 ” Thank you carsunset情侣名d

For co-organizers & LDQUO; Red lionprotecting翻译 suit & bull; Guard the sunset ” A certificate

The representatives of the organizer and co-organizer recited the project proposal

Friendly discussion

Condolence speech

Condolence speech

Distribute condolence money

Distribute condolaunched的中文意思lence money

Distribute condolence money

Distribute condolence money

Distribute condolence money

Distribute condosunset歌曲lence money

Handinglionel out gifts

A group photo



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