Shenzhen Lions Club red Li Service team donated audio-visual equipment and books to Yingfeng nine-year school in Shiquan County

Shenzhen Lions Club red Li Service team donated audio-visual equipment and books to Yingfeng ndonate读音iservice是什么故障灯ne-year sclions英语怎么读hool in Shiquan County

          &nbclub用英语怎么说sp; Onaudio是什么接口 Oct. 12, the Lions Club oredf Shenzhen donated edteam是什么意思翻译ucational information equip深圳疫情ment and books worth 80,000 yuan to the nine-year school临渊行 of Yingfeng in Shiquan County, Shaanxi. Liu Haifeng, deputy head of shiquan County, Feng Ling, vice chairman of the County CPPC深圳风险等级C, Luo Laiqi, Secretarservicemany of the Partyteamo Committee of the County Education and Sports Bureau, Liu Jun, Secretary of the Party Committelions怎么读e of Yingfeservice是什么故障灯ng Town and otheraudio翻译 relevant leaders attended the donation ceremony.
     teams手机版;   &nlions读音bsp;   This donation activity was strongly supported by Shenzhen Lions Club Hongli Service team unteamsder the multi-contact of Shiquan County CPPCC. They donated 25 student computers, a laptop computer, a set of multimedia projection equipment and books深圳疫情最新动态 worth 20,000 yuan to Yingfeng nine-year school in Shiquan County.
          In his speech, Liu Haifeng, deputlionsgatey county mateamprogistrate, first of all,深圳风险等级 expressed his sincere respect to the caring people of Shenzhen Lions Club for their geservice翻译nerosity in supporting the developmeservice是什么故障灯nt of Shiquan education. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to Mr. Gao Quanbin深圳疫情 and Ms. Rong Jing fteam是什么意思翻译or facservicebioilitating the donation and teaching activities. He pointed out: in recent years, in the county party committee, the government attacheaudios great importance to and thlionsgatee common suteam什么意思pport of the whole county people, Sh深圳大学iquan county education has achieved brilliant results, in 2009 and 2010 respectively thr深圳疫情ough the provincial government & LDquo; Double high pujiu ” And education strong county accteamseptance, this year was awarded by The State Council & LDquo; National Advanced countservice的名词ies and districts in Two-base work & RDquo; . However, compared with the developed areas, our teaching meaclubmanns and eduredundantcational equipment are still relatively backward.林依晨为怀孕把该试的方法都试了 Today, the donation of educational information equipment and bookclubs by Shenzhen Lions Club for Yingfeng nine-year school will make a big step forward in the level of educalions的音标tional informa深圳风险等级tion and library equipment. I hope that all the teachers and students of Yingfeng nine-year school can chedonate的用法rish the teaching equipment you have, make full usteamworke of tlion是什么意思hese resources, and repay you with better results.
  &nb两个人的房间sp;         Established in April 2002, Shteam什么意思enzhen Lions Club is an independent social and non-governmental charity service organization. The organization strictly abides by national laws a临渊行nd regulations. Independent operation, independent creation ” The policy, around “热点 Is helping others and serving the society. In medical treatment, disaster relief, disaster relief, helping the disabled, education, poveservice怎么读rty alleviation, environmental protection and other fields to carry out a series of publicreduction welfare and charitable activiti临渊行es. At present, shenzhen Lions club has more than 1700 memservicebers and 79 service teamaudio翻译s. In the past ten years, shenzhen Lions Club has made outstandi灵境行者ng contributions to harmon六级报名y and people's livelihood, attracting wide attention from the wholclubmed官网预订e society.


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