"Silent Love" charity Night at the 10th anniversary ceremony of the Fotian Service

Shenzhen Lions Club Foton Service Changing Ceremony and 10th Anniversary Celebration & LDQUO; There is loanniversary可以表达生日吗ve without sound. Chariservice和serve的区别ty night

         ceremony怎么读;   July 28, 2012, Shenzhen Lions Club Futian Service Team changing Ceremony and 10th anniverssilentary celebration & LDQUO; There is love without sound. Charity night was held in shenzhen Hall on the third floor othf Shenzhen People's Building, attended by: director Su Zeran, director of Xiangmihu Street Office, First deputy Director Wu Xiaomanniversary翻译ing, famous painter Cao Yingwang, VIP oceremony的名词f Citibank, 30 service team presidents and social charity and caring桃花源记翻译 personage.
  &nblovely翻译sp;        night怎么读 This conference is hosted by Shao Jing shi Jie, Yuan Jiamin Shi Jie, Cao Yan Shi Jie, Liu Ming Shi Jie. Under the joint witness of Director Su Zeran and first deputy Director Wu Xiaoming, president Liao Yu of 2011-2012 and President Li Yuanhui of 2012-2013 completelovely翻译d the handover ceremony. At the confecharityrence, Liao Yu, president of Futceremony是什么意思ian Service Team from 2011 to 2012, presented thceremony和celebration的区别e annual service projects and conference manageme退婚后大佬她又美又飒nt report to the participants: the medical station assistance to Yushu after the earthquake was fully completed, and the manniversary周年纪念edicacharity宽容的爱l station in Yushu Yugu Buddhist Temple was established; Uphold the & other; It is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish. And successfully establilove直播手机版app下载shed the first hulusi performing band for the disabled in Shenzhen. The member optimizsilent名词ation management has been completed, and the membeanniversarycelebration什么意思r culture has carried out the futian service team spirit of virtnight是什么意思ue and love, and tlovelyhe site atmosphere is warm and thick. Li Yuanhui, president of 2012-2013, made the planning of the New Ysilent的所有形式ear's work plan, and the New Year's sesilently等于什么rvice team will focus on the development & LDquo; Thsilent的所有形式ere is love without sound. Projeclovet to assist the disabled, proposed to set up a research center on the pcharity是什么意思otential of the disabled, eservice怎么读stablnight是什么意思ishe通货膨胀下什么最保值d & LDquo; Disabled Art Creation Culture Cenceremony的音标ter & RDQUO; .
              Celebrceremony复数形式ation, fukuda serviceanniversary周年纪念 support assistive community entry "silent love" deaf-mute children performances annight14lived brother Cao Yan lion monologue reacharity的内涵意义d leceremony是什么意思t whole guest feeling tears, allcharity宽容的爱 the fukuda service members will shareservice翻译 the experience of the 10th anniversary of the charitable public welfare service, charity speech published everyone that guests are silovelylent in love thick and moved by, The specially planned charityanniversary翻译 sale was greatly donated by the caring people on site, raising a total of 168,000 yuan for the charity service prsilently等于什么oject.

Article/photo & have spent   Lanniversarycelebration什么意思i Yuanhui


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