The Lions Club of Shenzhen advocates the inheritance of public welfare through Love Relay

The Lions Club of Shenzhen advocates the inheritance of public welfare through Love Relay

       clubs     In 2012, shenzhen Lions Club has been established for 1深证指数0 years and has had 10 dclubman是什么牌子车irectolovealarmrs since its establishment. Su Zeran, cthrough是介词吗haiclubman是什么牌子车rman and general managerpublicize翻译 of Shenzhen Yuanfalong Industrial Developlions翻译中文ment Co., LTD., director of Shenlion是什么意思zhen Lions Club 2012-2013, recently told reporters: & LDshenzhenquo; Shenzhen Lions Club always pays attenti深证指数on to inheritance. Through the joint efflions英语怎么读orts of previous directors and lion frieninheritance与heritage的区别ds, the overall operation has been relatilions英语怎么读vely maturwelfare是什么意思英语e. We don’t just paslovealarms it on. We serve. The essence of lions club culture, but also to inherit the past d深圳风险等级iclub用英语怎么说rectors willing to contribute to the good character of public wpublic是什么意思elfare. ” In the past 10 years, the service footprint of Shenzhen Lions club has spread aladvocates翻译l over the country with Shenzclubmedhen as the center. At present, Shenzhen Lions Cluwelfare怎么读b has more than 2,200 members, more than 80 service teams, and more than 6,000 serlovelyvice actthrough和by的区别ivities. The service fuclubmannd is about 130 million yuan, providing free operation for more than 16,000 poor cataract patients, donating more than 53 million yuan in donations for disaster relief, helping the disabled and orphans more than 6 million yuan, and building more than 40 schools. Nearly 100 libraries and computer rooms, benefiting 40 million people. Lions Club Interna深证指数tinheritance与heritage的区别ional has a 95-yethrough是什么意思ar histthrough的用法总结ory, with more than 1.3 million members and branches in 207 countries and territories.through和across的区别

The charm of lion Club is to gain happiness and growthclub是什么酒 through pclubman是什么牌子车articipating in service

 public404html最新网站           Shenzhen Lions Club is based in Shenzhen and serves thclub是什么意思e community. Its members come from all walks of life and lion friends are all caring industry elites. Su zeran told the reporter that at the Lions Club, what we pay for is money anlion是什么意思中文翻译d time, but what we get is happiness and growth. Iadvocate什么意思n addition to getting to know a bunch of excellent lion friends, in such an elite tepublicize翻译am, each participublic404html最新网站pant can learn from each other, improvlion是什么意思e their ability in an all-round way, and harvest the joy of particclubmed官网预订ipating in thwelfare是什么意思e service. Su still vividly rememberswelfare是什么意思英语 a free operation for poor cataract patientslions读音 in Hezhou, Guangxi province, in 2007. At that time, among 201 cataract patients, an 80-year-oclub怎么读ld man who hadlove最新版官方下载 been blind for 50 years regained his sight through the medical team of Lions Club. As the melion是什么意思mbers unwrapped the gauze for him, the old man said: How did my hometown come to this? ” “ When we see the hapublicizingppy eyes of those who need help, we felionsgateel very happyclubs from the bottom of our hearts. ” The most attractive part of liowelfare是什么意思ns club is to mlove直播破解版ake members feel happy awelfare可数吗nd grow by participating.

            I recall that in 2004, Su Zeran and a group of lion friendsshenzhen wenclub是什么酒t to深圳市最新疫情 Tibet to perform cataract surgery for padvocate是什么意思英语oor patients. It was cold then, and the group made the 22-hour journey from Chengdu, Sichuan province, to the Tibetan region to perform surgeries on 102 poor cataract patients, 26 of whom were lamas. On the first night, some lion friends got altitude sickness and vomited. Su also sufferelions的音标d from s深圳风险等级evere hypoxia and other uncomfortable symclubsptoms. “ What about the cataract patients in ththrough翻译e operating room, just thinking that there are so many people who need us at the most unbearable time? What about the medical staff? I can’t help but produce a firm belief, I come, I musclubst do things well. &rdquopublicity; The event was a complete success without a single aftereffect. Today, the numbadvocates是什么意思中文erwelfare是什么意思英语 of poor cataract patients treated by Shenzhen Lions C深圳lub has reached 16,000. “ As an entrepreneur, I am most happy to participate in the charity serviclion是什么意思中文翻译e and let the society feel the power of charity. By giving a little light and heat, WE can help others change their lives and inspire more carinclub翻译g people to join our charity team. ”

            “ We are all vlions翻译中文olunteers volunteers,  A lot of tlionshings depend onThe chaclubman是什么牌子车risma and charisma of thethrough怎么读语音 organization. ”

&nthrough是什么意思bsp;           Shenzhen Lions Club has always been known as & LDquo; Wepublicizing serve ” For thlove is gone英文翻译e motto, its purpose is: help others and serve the society. The common faith of lions friends guarantee深圳疫情最新消息s the commonweal nature of lions Club. “ The service is 100 percenwelfaret funded by the community and lion Friends, andclub是什么意思 100 percent of the money raised goclubmedes to the people in need. The cost of participatinpublicizingg in the activiticlubman是什么牌子车es willthroughout be shared by lion friends, including accommwelfare是什么意思英语odation, transportation and so on. “ We put every penny to good use, and everywelfare account is open and transparent. ”

Inheriting cuthrough的用法总结ltwelfareure and innovating development

      &nbslionsp;     Shenzhen Lions Club 2012 ~ 201深圳地铁线路图3 with & LDqu深圳疫情最新消息o; Fruit of happiness ” With the theme “ Unity and pragmatic, innoclubmanvative development & RDquo; For the slopublicize翻译gan, focus on the implementlions翻译ation ofinheritance five projects, namely, shiyou warm heart project, m深圳大学ember development project, brand service project, cultural publicity project, team building project. Two owelfaref the most important projects are already on thepublic是什么意思 agenda. One is to put down roots in the community and build 50. Red lion suit & middot; Assistive standing throughout the &; Project,深证指数 one is &LDquo; Red lion suit & middot; Activities to Help families with Onllovely翻译y Child difficulties & RDquo; The project.

            As a keylove直播破解版 project of 2012 ~ 2013, Shenzhen Lionspublic404html乱 Club will openthroughout 50 community workstations on tthrough和by的区别he basis of the existing ones. Red lion suit & middot; Athrough和across的区别ssistive standing throughout the &; . In addition to continuing to carry out alovealarmctivities to help orpclub怎么读hanages, nursing homes and poor families in the community, eachadvocates service team will also carry out one-tinheritance与heritage的区别o-oneadvocates翻译 designated servadvocates翻译ices with community rehabilitation cent深圳风险等级ers for the disabled this yeathrough和by的区别r. The event is expected to begin docking in August. Prior to this, the Shenzhen Lions Club set the objects and conlions英语怎么读tents of help through full investigation and interviews, and designed diversilion是什么意思fied forms of hepublicize翻译lp according to th深圳大学e needlions读音s of the rehabilitation center. Not only in material terms, but also in psycclub用英语怎么说holoinheritance是什么意思gical counseling, free medical treatmentwelfare可数吗 and rehabilitation training. “ Through one-to-olion是什么意思中文翻译ne docking, ensure that each service team can directly serve the designated help objlions的音标ect. ” Another key project is to be launched in the second half of this year to send warmth to families with only child difficulties, by providing them withpublicize翻译 necpublicizeessary material help, to convey warmth and sympathy to them. The projectlions怎么读 will radiate to every street on a district scale. The services include pslions读音ychological couclub怎么读nseling, educational supporthrought, employment hwelfare是什么意思英语elp and so onlions翻译. Su Zeran told reporterthroughs that sending warm service projects is not only money, more important is the care of the hearpublic是什么意思t, spiritual encouragement and actlions是什么意思ion support.

      &nbspthrough的用法总结;     New blood keeps coming in

            The tree of public welfare bears great fruit

            In order to enhance the cognition andthroughly understanding olovely翻译f shenzhlionsgateen cpublicationitizens, Shenzhen Lions club has carwelfare是什么意思ried out a series of cultural publicity activities through various forms and achieved certain results. For example, by holding lion culture dthrough是什么意思evelopmenwelfare翻译t forums and building lion Club websites, we have made greatthroughly efforts to spread lion culture and enhance our influence anwelfare怎么记忆d credibility. In addition, shpublic怎么读enzhen Lions Clu深圳大学b also held a large exhibition to promote the culture of lions Clwelfare翻译ub, showing the development of Shenzhen Lions Club in the past 10 years, service achievements and tthroughlyhe style of lions club, and深圳疫情最新消息 fushenzhenrther enhance the poputhrough翻译larity and reputation of lions Club. “ Shenzhen relionsgatesidents will be able to contact the Lions Club in a mothrough的用法总结re intuitive way, and we look forclub用英语怎么说ward to more caring people jothrough中文意思ining the Club. ”

     lions英语怎么读 &nbslove最新版官方下载p;     At present, the membership of shenzhen Lions club has reached more than 2200 peopladvocates什么意思e and is growing at a rate of 20% every year. In the深圳疫情最新动态 c深圳oming yearlove直播手机版app下载, shenzhen Lions club aims to achieve a 30% growth rpublic404html最新网站ate while maintaining a 20% growth ratadvocate什么意思e. In addition, 15 new service teams are expectewelfare可数吗d to blove直直播appe created. “ In the future, molion是什么意思中文翻译re and more success深圳疫情最新动态ful pclub怎么读eople will join the lions club family and shenzhen Lions will grow stronger and stronger. ” After 10 years of training, Shenzhen Lions Club has grown from a small saplingclub是什么酒 10 years ago to a towerwelfare是什么意思英语ing tree深证指数 now. As the theme of this year’s Shenzhen Lions Club Fruit of happiness ” Through the joint efforts and hard work of previous directors and lions club membethrough怎么读语音rs, shenzhen Lions Club has made great achievements in both social services and membership development. In the future, baadvocate是什么意思英语sed on shenzhen, a city full of caring volunteerthroughouts, shenzhen Lions Club will surely bear more fruitfadvocate是什么意思英语ul frlions英语怎么读uits through its unremitting efforts. “ Shenzhen Lions club neclub翻译eds more carinheritanceing citizens to join our team, so that not only can more and more people in need of help feel happy because of getting help, but also more and more caring citizens can feel happy because of participating in the service. ”

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Shenzhen Lions Club donated a blood donation cart to Shenzhen Blood Center

The lions are in “ Lion Loadvocate什么意思ve National Sentiment & Middot; Grassland bright lineclubmed官网预订 ” Plions翻译中文rovides services for poothrough和across的区别r cataract patients in China

Donation by Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Springlionsgate Breeze Library &rclubmeddquo;

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