In the face of the new situation, innovation height again

In the face of the new situation, innovation height again
Shenzhen Lions Club successfully hesituationld the second salon activity in 2012-2013 public Welfarenews Culture Research Center

&nbsinnovationp;  against         On thagain翻译e afternoon of July 2nd, 2013, theagainst翻译 second salon seminar of 2012-2013 Publicface Welfare Culture Reseagainarch Center of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in the conference room on the 2nd floor of Donghua Holiday Inn, Shenzhsituation什么意思中文en. The theme of this salon is: How to face the new situation and development of Shenzhenewlyn Lions Club. The salon was attended by members of the public welfare Culture Research Center, the new board of directors, the board of Supervisinnovation翻译中文orheight贴图是什么s and some enthusiastic lion friendsheights.

            The salon wagain是什么意思译as hosted by Mr. Liao Yushi, executive chairman of the Public Welfare Culture Research Center. President Wu Liujiang fifaceapp安卓版下载rst made a summary of the 2012-2height什么意思啊013 work of thheight什么意思啊e Public Welfare Cheight什么意思啊ultuagainre Research Center. In 2012-2013, the Public Welfare Culture Research Center released employment informaagainst翻译tion and hired 9 new researchers according to the center’s work rules anfacebookd work plans. Succnew是什么意思英语essfully organiagain是什么意思译zed the first salon; The second sessionagain怎么读 was held with shenzhen Women’s Federatinnovation英语ion andinnovation选手 other units. Anti-domestic Violence Forum in Taiwan and Taiwan ; Successfully held the 8th National Lion Association Congress & LDQUO; Lion Business Forum &rdqagain是什么意思译uoinnovation的形容词; Orgfacetimeaniheight中文翻译zed shenagainstzhen Lions Club Publicnew的反义词 Welfare Culture Research Center to write 9 papersagainst翻译, becoming the region with the most papefaceapprs submitted by lions Club in China.

   innovation翻译中文         All lion friends will elaboratenew是什么意思 their opinions and suggestions accordagain翻译ing tnews可数吗ofaceu the theme of this salon.

            First, on the demoheight中文翻译cratic election. Lions fullyfacebook安卓下载最新版 affinnovation翻译irmed the positive impact of the democratic elecinnovation英语tion on the future develinnovation吕布opmagainst的反义词ent of Shenzhen Lionsheight贴图是什么 Club. Wu Liujiang, Ye Dong, Yang Jian and Feng Qijiang hold that the democratic electnewsion of shenzhen Lions Club is a major reform in the history of the development of Shenzhen Lions Club. Undsituationer thnew是什么意思英语e new situationew balancen, under the supremface是什么意思e authority of the general Assembly, there are two authorization centers: the board of Directors and the board of supervisors. When the organizational structure changes, it is necessary to distinguish the powagainmylifeers, responsibilitinnovation翻译中文ies and tasks of each department. Democracy is the trend of civil society. The important spirit of election culture is ldquo; Tolerance & throughout; With & other; Accept & throughout; . It is hopagain英语怎么读ed that the future Lions Club of Shenzhen will vigorously cultivate an inclusive spirit and culture.

     height的中文       Ii. The positioning of Sheninnovation英语zhen Lions Club. Ye Dong, Liu Guoliang, Hong Zhimin, Peng Peng and other lion friends proposed that we should deeply study and understand thnewe culture and constitution of Lions Club International. According to the Lions Charter, Lionagainsts is not a charitable orgheight什么意思啊anization anewgroundsnd lions are not philanthropists. Lions club is a non-governmental public welfare clagain怎么读ub, is based on community service, so the developmentnewgrounds of members as the focus of work. According to thiinnovation词根词缀s, in addition to serving the community ourselves, we should also encourage people around us to actively participate in the service, so that people around us have love and know the Lions Clubnew怎么读. Lions club membership can only be developed with a broad public base. This year, for example, 20,000 people partagain英语怎么读icipated in the peace poster campaign, which brought lions clubs closer to the community life and produced a wide and influential effect. Strengthen while helpingnew怎么读 others. Is own thsituation怎么读roughout thefaceshow &; . We should not only be positioned as “ Excellent Voagainlunteer & RDquo; , should be defined as “ Good citizen ” . The developsituationshipment of Lions clubs should not only inherit the spirit of international lions clheighten翻译ubs and learn from good practices, but also gradualsituation怎么读英语发音ly form a service model with domestic characteristics according to the actual situation in China.

&nnewgroundsbsp;            Third, to improve the organizational function and system consnewtruction of lions Club. Fenginnovation翻译 Qijiang, Liu Wenjie and others proposed that the new Council should make great efforts to improve the institutional construction. According to the bodhi incident last yfaceapp安卓版下载ear, our crisis management capability is inadheight和hight有什么区别equate. It is suggested that the new council establish a special crisis public relations agencyinnovation是什么意思. Do a good job of top-level design, improve the system eheight贴图是什么sinnovation翻译tablishment of the board of supervisorsinnovation选手 and the council on the basis of law.

&nbspsituation和condition的区别;           Iv. The cultural cinnovationonstruction of lions Club. Liao Yu, Cao Yan, Huang Xiaoling, Gao Zheng, Liu Wenfaceappjie, Hong Zhimin and Lanling put forwardagainmylife that the constinnovation英语ruction of lion culture must be strengthsituation英语ened under the new situation. First, we should conduct in-depth research on the cuheight什么意思啊lture of public welfare, constantly summarize the cultusituationre of lions Club, and refine the coreagain values of Lions Csituation英语lub. Combined with the actual situation of lions club, efacebook下载xplore theight是什么意思中文he specific content of Shenzhen Lisituation怎么读英语ons Club culture. The second is to increase the promotion and popularization of lion culture. Strengthheightenen publicity and training to gsituation翻译uide lion club members to understheight什么意思啊and theightshe culture and system of lion club, so that every liheightson club member knosituation怎么读英语发音wsinnovation选手 the connotation of lion spirit. The pface是什么意思romotion of coinnovation选手re values of Lions Club can solve thnewse problem of membership wiheight是什么意思中文thdrawal. As a volunteer organization, Lions Club cannot rely only on tangible system, but on invisible culture. The old lion friend in the new lion friend’s words and deeds, also need more patience. Retain old members and atinnovation的中文意思tract new members through the profound cultural cagain翻译onnotation of lions club. Third, we will strengthenew的反义词n the culture of self-discipline. Over the yeafacebook安卓下载最新版rs, we have emphasized the importance of helagainst翻译ping others. Help othsituation可数吗ers & throughout; Has done some work insituation怎么读 “ Is own throughout the &; Aspects need to be strheightsengthened.

            5newgrounds. The foundation work of the Lions Club. Zhang Xuemei, Wu Jiheightenedaning, He Xinru, Lanling and others believe that we should pay attention to the informatization construction and service brand construction of Lions Club. Lions clubs should make full use of information systems to improve work efficiency. Fheightenoragain example, the OA system can be used to input various service activities of each service team, which is convenient for recording, statistics, analysis and publicity. Lion culture communication needs communication carriers, so network radio and other media should be einnovationsstablished as soon as possible. Good training courses and goinnovation选手od service methods can be learneinnovation选手d and communicated througinnovation吕布h video, whicsituation可数吗h cheight贴图是什么an greanew balancetly save costs. Former director Wang Jinliang fully affirmed these sugfaceappgestions. He said: “In the past, it wanews diinnovation词根词缀fficult to find records of the lion friends’ service activitsituation什么意思中文ies and donation achievements. I hope the nefacebook安卓下载最新版w council will attach importance to the establishment of the lion Friends’situation什么意思 dnew balanceeeds archives, so that the lion friends’ efforts can be proved.

     again       In addition, Xie Jianwen, the supervisor of 2013-2facetime014 who attended the salon, believed that we should pay attention to the lionew是什么意思n friends, lesituation英语arn more about each service team and the story behind each lion frisituation可数吗ends, and be tolerant, rational and persistent. Not affected by the outside world, do a solid job of their own affairs.

    &nbfaceusp;      news Su Zernew是什么意思an, director of 2012-2013, gave high comments on the salon and gave sincere answesituationrs to the questions raised by lion friends. He believes thface是什么意思at on the one hand, we should inherit the spirit of the international Lions Club, and oinnovation的中文意思n the other hand, we should innovate our domestic characteristics. The development of Lions club in China needs to adapt to the national conditiagainst的反义词ons anheightsd refosituationrm, and will be gradnewlyually improved in the future reform. He is full of hope for the development of shenzhen Lions Club. As linnovation选手ong as all lnew是什么意思英语ionfacebook下载s members persevere, they will surely create more glory.
&nfacebookbsp;   &nbagainst的用法sp;      Wu Liujiang, chairman of 2012-2013 Public Welfare Culture Reinnovation翻译中文search Center,height made a concludinnewspaperg speech at thsituation可数吗e end. In his opinion, shenzhen Lions Club has reached annew inflection point in its development, so it should carheight是什么意思中文efully sort out the problems encountered in the development of lions Club, prioritize, and steadily push forward the reform, which must beinnovation选手 carried ofacetimeut under the national legal framework, and recsituation可数吗ognize the bottomsituation怎么读英语 line. We should pay attentionew balancen to the improvement of the quality of the members and strengthen self-discipline. From the past “ Amuse yourself ” Liberation fromnewly self-appreciation, from the domestic lions club & LDquo; Vanguard & throughout; Free from the bheighten翻译urden, do not compete with others for the first, start from their own, down-to-earth work, real down-to-earnew balanceth atmosphere, go into the community, serve the community, the majority of loface是什么意思cal people and the officheight贴图是什么ial recognition; A culture of inclusivefacetimeness should be upheld and vigorously promoted, especiinnovation英语ally when facing elections, problems and conflicts, with thsituation怎么读e oagainst的反义词verall situation in mind.

Culture/Public Interest Culture Reinnovation吕布search Center & NBSP; feeds
July 2, 2013


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