Birthday meeting of High-tech Service Team in January 2013

A star-studded runway show
— — Birthday meeting of High-tech Servicehigh翻译 Team in January 2013

          &nbservice和serve的区别sp; On the afternoon of January 20, 2013, the bjanuary音标怎么写irthdhightay meeting obirthdaycake下载f high-tech Service Team was hmeetingyou是什么意思eld in THjanuary怎么读英语单词E FASHION studteams会议io of W.P. The birthday guests of this month are Brother Bi Yongtao, Brother Zhang Baoqing and Siste特长r Chen Xinglan. The meeting hall is fashionable and elegant.
        &ntechnology翻译bsp;   Fmeeting是什么意思ormer Chairman Liu Jiming introduced the activity of visiting rural teachers in Heping County jointly carried out by Theserviceman High-tech Smeetingyou是什么意思ervice Team and Sungang Street Office on December 28, 2012, in which the high-tech Service Team donated 20,000 yuan of materials; The 3rd ldQUO was jointly held on January 19, 2013 with 6 service teams including Songgang, Songming, Xixiang, Taisheng and Caihong. Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” In the blood donation activity of Songgang Baolilai Square, 106 people donated 40000 ml of blohighwayod for free, and many liojanuary几个音节n friends joined the blood donor team. On thehigh的名词 evening of the 19th, I attetechniquended thejanuary造句 fellowship parjanuary几个音节ty of thejanuary翻译 19th District of shenzhen Lions Association; The meeting decided to carservice翻译ry out in the near future. Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Longhua Shekang Center listing activities and care fservicemanor the eldehigh翻译rly welfare home service activities.
  &nbteamssp; &nbsptechnology翻译;       In the past 2012, thhigh怎么读e high-tech service team organizebirthdaycake下载d and participated in tbirthday的音标wo charity trips, four educational activities, one return visit to earthquake stricken areas, and held four regular meetings. The charity and activitieteambitions cost nearly 400,000 yuan, and 130 people attenhigh是什么意思ded the activities. Meteamombership grmeeting怎么读英语owth of 2meetingyou是什么意思0%. President Liu expressed his deep gratitude to the lion fjanuary缩写riends for their support and selfless dedication, and wishedtechnician the club a higher level in the New Year!
            After the regularservice是什么意思中文翻译 meeting, the mosthighlight wonderful thing is that everyone walked onto the runwayjanuary翻译 to show the elegant demeanbirthdayor of high-tech members. Everyomeetingtencentcomne was happy and walked away. Who cares ifbirthdaycake下载 it’s a catwalk? I’m a romantic!
            Chen Pan and Zhang Baoqing, the new sister and birthday girl, gave us their unique andhighest priceless gifts. Thank you!
High-tecmeeting怎么读英语h Service team held a fresh, eteams手机版legant, efficient and happy regular meeting at the beginning of 2013!



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