“Cheers for Love” Invitation to 2015 New Year Charity Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club

“ Cheers for love. Shenzhen Lions Club 2015 New Year Charity Gala

The invitation

Dear Lion friend,

            On the occalovely翻译sion of lcharity的内涵意义eaving out the old year and welcoming ininvitation the new, the Lions Club ogalanzf Shenzhen wicharity翻译ll be held in Shenzhen Futian Shangri-La Hotel at 17:00 on 14th December 2014 (Sunday). Cheers for love. — 2015 New Year Charity Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club & RDQUO; ,new balance the details are as follows:

            A, & have spent     Room: Sunday afternoon, December 14, 2014 (15:00 welcome, 17:00 start time)
 invitations           Second, the land & have spent     Room 1+2, Grand Ballroom, Futian Shangrinews可数吗-La Hotel, Shenzhen
            Iii. Participants: ZhongCanLian, domestic lion federation, the shenzhen municipal party committee and shenzhgalakuen, shenzhen bureau of civil affaishenzhenrs, disabled persons’ federation, the city official char深圳疫情ityearcon是什么牌子的y, city civilization office, city care department, shenzhen radio, film and television group, shenzhen press group lealove直播破解版der,invitation造句 lion lion friends around 303 district of Hong Kong and Macao, guangdong and other representcharity翻译atives, giviinvitationcode=nullng companies and relative lion lion in shenzhen friend, size of about 500 people.
&nbspyearcon是什么牌子的;       &nbsinvitation动词p;   I深圳地铁线路图v. Partylovely content: comcheers表情包mendation, auctlovely什么意思ion, lottery and performance
            Five, the clinvitation的动词形式othing & have spent &nbscheers沙发p;   Dress: Men in formal dress or dark suit, women in evening dress.
  &nbcharity宽容的爱sp;    charity     Six, fee & havyearninge spent     Cost: 680 yuan/person,yearbook 10 people/roucheers中文谐音nd table, reservation subjectgalanz to payment, direct to sh深圳大学enzhecharity形容词n Lions club office tlove直播手机版app下载o pay cash or credit card, or transfer. Transfer please specify “ Ordercheers是什么品牌 money throughout tgala乐队he &; .
            Transfer account name: Shenzhen Lions Club
      &深圳市最新疫情nbsplovely什么意思;     Account & have spent     Number: 7692 5862 0855
            Bagala是什么意思nk name: Bank of China Huayuan Sub-branch & NBSP;    

&nbspnews;           Your arrival is our infinite honor, youryear怎么读 particicharity的动词pation will add wonderful for us!
  &ncharity宽容的爱bsp;         Sincerely look forward to your visit!newly

            Best wishlovealarmes
Lion luck! &year怎么读nbsp;


Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015
President: Lin Ziyu
First Vice Pnewsresident and Chairman of the conference: Lin Tao
Conference executive Chairs: Yu Qian, Tian Xingwang, Zhou Tinggala选手
  November 25, 2014
  &nbnewsp;charity宽容的爱    galanz是什么牌子  new是什么意思英语                  charity的动词      charity形容词      newspaper   &nbsnews可数吗p;               &nyearnblovely翻译sp;   &nlovely什么意思bsp;charity宽容的爱     &nbsp深圳天气;                         &nnew是什么意思bsp;           &nbspcharity的内涵意义;    year造句     &nbspyear造句;                  invitation造句             &nbspyear翻译;              

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