The plane dog buckle

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The plane dog buckle

How does the rope match the jade pendant? Rope knot method to share

A good color of water is good pendant, there is no good ropebuckled can not wear; If randomly matchdoggoed with a rope, not only can not highlighbucklest the beauty of the pendant, but also wdogill be dark, it is a pity the pendant; If thdoge币行情e rope is too complicated, even if the rope is expensive and the pendaplanetsnt is matched, it also appears to be overwhelming. A gooplanet中文谐音d horse with a good saddle is the absolute truth.

K gold necklace and ladogsnyard

For smaplanet歌曲日文版ll pieces, in 2cm*2cm pendants, or even smaller, better color is thbuckles怎么读e best to play a K gold buckplanetaryle, with k gold necklace to wear more beautiful; If it is larger than this ratio, plus some thickness, it will appplane怎么读ear that the chainplanetary does not match the pendant. Thebuckleylondon pendant is too hebuckleravy, and the chaindog will exert strong pressure on the skin, strangling the neck.

It's so lumpy that you'd better wear it with a rope.

Color of the lanyplane飞机英文怎么读ard

Color water good pendant, widogth black ropbucklede wear beautiful.

Imperial grplaneeen, yellow green pendant with black rope had better.

The apple-gplanetsreen pendant looks good on red string

Should each person choose different interest to colorific, be like: somebody likes plum red, somebody likes blackish green, the person of this year uses red rope, dot choosesplane免费视频fj multicolored rope, wait a moment.

The simplbuckle my shoe歌词icity of tplane飞机英文怎么读he rope

(a) good color water, no big carver pendant

1, the more simple, the better, sbucklesimple rope, highlight the beauty of jade material.

2, can be compiled several pineapple knot, highlight the simple and elegant jade.

3. Use smabuckle怎么读ll beads with a diameter of about 4cm of ice to make hanging ropes. Separate theplanet歌曲日文版 beads witdogsh 2-3 snakeknots, and feel smooth when weadoge币行情ring them.dogedoge Especially in summer wear cool, not skin allergy; Spring and autumn wear in cashmere, sweater outside will notbuckleylondon produce pull.

4, with amber (beads or path path) woven into the chain, through two different materials (jade and blood)dogs coldogor difference highlights the beauty of jade.

(tplane免费视频fjwo) color water general but good carver pendant

When weaving a rope, I often use small beads, pathways, small bottles, small joint heights and snadogkeknots to separate them.dogs Theplanet歌曲日文版 weaving of the line and bbuckle怎么读eads comes up with some patterns, which should not be too complicated. The rope becomes too fancy, and the exquisite pendant is noplanet中文谐音t prominent, and it becodog音标mes too overwhelming.

(3) carbucklesved pieces of cyanine and iron dragon raw materials

It is best to use the chain made of black aplanet歌曲日文版gate beads. The pattern of the chaibuckle读音n should be decided according to the sibucklerze anddogedoge shape of the pendant. The collocatiplane怎么读语音on of agate and the pendant of these two materiadoghousedigital重口ls is simple and charming.

(4) Purple philippe pendants

1, with black rope plus a green beads, strong contrast.

2, with amber (blood or gold) chain, bbuckleseads and beads between the two knot.

(5) Huang Fei pendants

I have tried bldoggoackplanet歌曲日文版 rope, red rope, ice cplanet中文谐音hain, rope effect are not good, wdoge什么意思ith yellow fei beads woven chain is a good choice.

(6) Hetdog音标ian jade pendants, pendants and brands

1. Chains woven with amber (beads or pathways) match well with Hetian jade.

2, with Indian rosewood beads and hetian jade also complement each other.

(seven) stalls, tourist attractions to buy bricks hanging

Had better buy hang rope incidentalbuckledlbuckle怎么读y when hanging, act on the principle of economy,plane怎么读 save cost, importaplane怎么读语音nbuckledt is not the matchindogedogeg problem of hanginplane飞机英文怎么读g rope and hanging rope, however vogue and mood adogedogere cheerful just be the most important.

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