Red Action red Action In China – Shenzhen Lions Club held “Red Action” seminar training

On November 14, 2021, Lions Club Shenzhen held a one-day “Red Action” publicity tour lecturers training in the comprehensive meeting room onaction的动词 the third floor of Shenzhen Blood Center. Lu Liang, General Party Secretary of Sheactionnzhen Blood Center, LAN Yuxiao, Director of Blood Donation Servheldice Section, Guo Yongyong, presidred怎么读ent of shenzhen Lions Club in 2reduce021-2022, Peng Daojian, First Vice President, Xi深圳风险等级ong Qi, chairman of Red Action Committee, Liang Peilin, Bao Renjie, Mo Weiheng, Lei Sicheng, Wang Yanrong, repreactionscriptsentatives of various service teams and other 90 people attended the event. Training by Xiong Qi as president of the conference, presided over by Blue Yuxiao.

Guo Yongyong, Chairman of ccPItraining翻译中文T Xiamen, delivered a warm speech, sayingredmi that helionsgate attachelion是什么意思d great importance to the “Red Action” prclub用英语怎么说oject and put it in深圳疫情最新消息to practice. He visited Shenzhen Blood Center at the beginning ofredmi是什么手机 the year to discuss and exchange cooperation matters. This year’s “Red Action”, on the basis of inheritance, innovative serviceslions读音, plans to set up a publicity group, to inf热点luereductionnce more caring enterprises and caring people toactionable participate in, and further enhtrainingance the “Red Action” brand effect.

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In his speech, Lu Liang, secretary of the General Party Branch of Shenzhen Blood Center, highly apprecseminar的意思iated the outstanding contribuheld的原型tion made by Shenzhen Lions Club in publaction下载ic blood donation over the past ten yearsreduce and played a benchmark andseminar的意思 exemplary role. He expressed heartfelt thanks on behalf of Shenzhen Blood Cenchina读音ter.

Lu introduced that Shenzhen should catch up with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the field of medical and health care. In the future, it will fuclub是什么意思rther increase investment and construction in the field of medical alions是什么意思nd health caseminar的意思re, and introduce expert teams frtrainingpeaksom home and abroad andtraining衣服品牌 wellupheld-known hospitals to settle in Shenzhen, which will undoubtedly greatly improve the amount of blood consumption. It is hoped that Shenzhen Lions Club wtraining翻译ill continue its efforts, based in Shenzhen, go to the whole counlions翻译中文try, learn from the experience of foreign cseminary是什么意思ountries, actively launch, expand the breadth and depth of the participation of caring enterprises and深圳疫情最新动态 caring peoplelions怎么读, anlions的音标d make greater contributlions读音ions to public blood donation.

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After the brief ceremony, the training session began. First of all, shenzhen Sechina翻译cond People’s Hospital inredisv深圳疫情最新消息ited expert Zhou Ping to bring “bclub翻译lood, blootrainingd typeclubs and blood donation marrowlions英语怎么读” medical common sense course, Dclub用英语怎么说irector Zhou from the composition of blood, the life of various blood cells, blood type and other aspects, explained that blood donatactionableion is safe, and how to donate blood, blood donation classification, blood donation precautions and so onseminar教学模式. The basic medical knowledge ofseminar怎么读 public welfare blood donation wlions翻译中文aslions provided to theaction怎么读语音 students.

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Brother Feng Qijiang, the lecturer of Shenzhen Lions Club and the maiseminarn initiator of Red Action, brought a vivid story of the Red Action btraining什么意思rand. Brother Feng qijiang eaction怎么读语音xplained the origin, positioning, name collection, characteristics, action norms and the past, present and f深圳地铁线路图uture of “Red Action”, whiaction下载ch madclub翻译e the students deeply understand the background, development process and developmentaction怎么读语音 goals of “Red Action”, and provided theorheldetical basis f深圳疫情最新动态or the speech.

Figure 8. JPG

Aftraining翻译ter lunch, President Guo Yongyong led the students to visit Shenlionsgatezhen Blood Center. President Guo Yongyong, Xiong Qi and Feng Qi深圳jiredundantang cut the ribbon for the “Red Action” publicity board in thclubmane hall of blood Center and took a group photo in front of the “Red Acshenzhention” publicity board.

        Lecturer Rong Jing introduced the course “Public speaking” to enliven the trainingclubs atmosphere. She focused on the importance of public speaking, tips on how to improve it and ways to overcome nervousness. Rong Jing lion elder sister will impromptu speech “drive, lead, pig” secret recipe also unreservedly impart tolions翻译 the students.

Figure 15. JPG

Xiong Qi, chaiheld过去式和过去分词rman of the Red Action Committee, explained the “Red Action Implemenlions翻译中文tation Manual” in detail. He providclub是什么酒ed practical guidance for the service team to hold the “Red Actioclub翻译n” from the aspects of site selection, time selection, volunteer division andheld怎么读的 post selection, recruitment skills of blood donation volunteers, etc. Figure 17

“Red” outstanding service – range service byactions the prchina意思evious captain Jolionsgatenathan wong, child seclub翻译rvice by the previous captain BaoRenJie, xinan GFS captain liujun,training怎么读 share the respective service experience, skilllions是什么意思s, and in the “red”, the “dry” “reclub怎么读d” for the service captain added confidence.

Finally, threductione leader awarded the certificatraining造句te of completion to the trainees.lions读音 Ittraining翻译 itraining什么意思s understood that thseminare trainees will pass the written examination, and those who pass the examination will bclubecome “Red Action” lecturers. They will be awarded the lecturers ctrainingpeaksertificate at the 12th “Red Action” launching ceremony on December 12, which officially establishes the “Redaction怎么读语音 Action” lecturers group.

It is reported that the “Red Action” was initiated by the Mile, Central District and Upstep Service teams in 2011, and strongly advocated by the Lions Club of Shenzheactionsn. With extensive participation of the service teseminar的意思ams, it has been held for 11 consecutive sessions and is a key service project of the Lions Club of Shenzhen. In the past 11 yealions翻译中文rs, a total of 578 service teams participated in 721 red activities, and 78,554 people donated 27.65 million milliliters of blood. Two “Lion” blood delivery vehicles and two “Lion” blood donation vehicles were successively donated.

Since the launch of the project, the situation of blood tension in winter i深圳疫情最新消息n Shenzhen has beenlionsgate alle深圳大学viated, whclub是什么意思ich provides guarantee fclub翻译or saving more llions读音ives. More than 10% of the blood in shenzhen’s blood bank comes from the Red Action of Shenzhen Lions club. Thactione project has been highly recognized and praised by Shenzhen Care Office深圳地铁线路图, Shenzhen Blood Center, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation,action的动词 Domestic Lions Association and Lions Club International. Shenzhen lions won by the national healtseminar怎么读h and family planning commistraining翻译中文sion, the Red Cross society of domestic, home of the people’s liberation army general logistics departlions翻译ment of the ministry of health isseminar翻译sued the “national prize for unpaid blood donation to pr深圳天气omote special award”heldback, won the shenaction翻译zhen 9, 10 and 11 session of unpaid blood donation commendation congressheldback awarded the title of “advanced collectives of blood donation without compensation”, won深圳 the domestic lion federation awarded “outstanding service热点 award”, Won thetraining是什么意思英语 shenzhen Care action “citizens most Saticlubsfiedchina意思 activity” and other honors.


CAI Liyingtrainingpeaks, Liu Meijiao, Publicity Committee

[Photo] Wu Shaoyi, Publicity Committee

[Editor] Liu Jun, Publicity Committee

            &深圳市最新疫情nbsp; Office Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu & have spent grey

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzh深圳en Lions Club Office

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