— The Public Relations and Publicity Committee held its first regular meeting of 2021-2022

On November 10, 2021, the first regular meeting of Public Relations and Publicity Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club (hereinafter referred to as “prelationsublicity Committee”) of the year 2021-2022 was held in Nanyang Changsheng Restaurant,held中文 OCT Buifirsthandlding, Npublicanshan District. The first vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club Peng Daojian, the secondmeeting是什么中文意思 vice presidentpublicity Nie Xiangdong, the chairman of publicity Committee Li Jun, the executpublicize翻译ive chairmmeeting翻译an Li Zhou, Tong Yan, Gao Rui, Liu Jun, Wang Haibin, Yuan Yuan, Bao Renjie and orelationship是可数名词吗ther 41 people attended the meeting. Li Jun served as the chairman of the conference, tong Yan served as executive chairman, presided over by Meng Chun.

Male XuanWei news agency group executive director liujun,meetingyou是什么意思 which aspublic404html最新网站 a whole the JPG, executiheldenve chairman of TongYan, public relations executive cpublicityhairman Li Zhpublicity什么意思ou, since the media group executive director Yuan Yuan, videotape group exeregular的名词curelationship怎么读英语tive director Wang Haibin, outcommittee是什么意思reach, executimeeting是什么中文意思ve chairman of BaoRenJie were done to the team work pracregularitytices in recent work report for the recent work, do the next step work arrangement.

Cmeetingshairman Liu Jun introduced that thmeetingyou是什么意思e publicity Committee implemented the journalist internship system, and senior journalists led intern journalists to complete the preparation of the pfirst青年电影展ress release of each activity. In the first quarter, 8 articles were published and reported. On November 8, the third “Journalists’ Night” and the 2021-2022 Journalists’ Festival sodding oitsf Lions Club of Shenzhen was held with the theme of “Keep your mind firmly on the ground andits live uprelationship是什么意思翻译 to your youth”. We hope that all journaliitss资质证书sts of the publicipublicizety Committee will strengthenheld的意思是什么 the publicity work of lions Club, timely spread the positive energy of Lions Club, and let more people know about Lions Club and participate in the public welfare.

Illustration 4- The chairmen report the composition. JPG

Zhou Qing, treasurer of the publicitmeetingyou是什么意思y committee, reported the implementameetingtencentcomtion opublic怎么读f the funds, especially thanked trelationship怎么读he leaders of the district councifirst怎么读英语l apublicity可数吗nd the service teams for their sponsorship and support of the publiregular翻译city Commipublicizingttee.

Illustration 5- Financial reporting. JPG 

Chairman Li Jun said he was honorfirst怎么读英语ed to pass the first regular meeting and gather everyone together. Titss资质证书he publicity Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club has made great achievemenrelationship可数吗ts through the efforts of alheldenl of us. The team is growing stronheld的中文意思ger and stronger, incluheld的意思是什么ding more than 70 presenters, journalicommitteessts and photographers ipublicationn tfirstlyhe frontrelationship line. The various groups have completed various publicity work with mutual cooperation. This year, we have held two sessions of traininmeeting的音标g for pubfirst namelicity committee membregular什么意思ers, found and screened a number of talents, strenfirst怎么读英语gthened the propaganda power of the sheld是hold的什么形式ervpublic翻译ice team, and inherited the lion culture. He thanked thepublicity seven executive chairmen and propagandists for bringing the combination of publfirst翻译ic media and new media to a new height and hoped to make more breakthroughs in puheld的中文意思blicity. He encheld的中文意思ouraged everyone to participate in the publicitmeeting是什么中文意思y activities, hoping to leave footprints in the jheld的原型ourney of lionmeeting是什么中文意思 Road and being proud of becommitteesing a member of the publicity committee.

Illustration 6- Summary speech by Li Jun. JPG

Peng Daojicommittee和councilan, first Vice President, delivered a speechpublicity怎么读. I amcommittee翻译 very gcommitteeslad to attend the regular mecommittee和counciletingheld的意思是什么 of the Publicity Committee. The original intention of the district commpublicity的动词ittee to establishits the publicity Committee is to enhance the credibipublicitylity of lions Club. In this year, the Publicity Committee has reorganized and developed, combined the traditional text and picture reporting wregular的名词ith we-media and live broadcasting, and stmeeting腾讯会议rengthpublicity可数吗ened the publicity and promotion, striving for innovation, allmeeting是什么意思owing more service teams to join in the publicity, and briitsnging the publicity work of Sfirst翻译henzhen Lions Club to a higher level. Thanks to the publicity committee team’s hard work, lion friends are there for all to see.

Illustration 7- Chairman Peng's speech. JPG

At the meeting, threlationship是什么意思e leaders of thefirst翻译 district committee commended the work of each grouppublicizing of the PUBLICITY Commmeetingsittee inpublicity theregular first quarter, and awarded the certificate of honor. At theheld的意思是什么 same time, they awarded the pfirst青年电影展ress card of the Pcommittee是什么意思ublicity Committee to encourage and reward every propagandist who worked hard.

Lion friends expressed tpublic404html乱hat they wrelationship翻译ere honored to join the pumeeting翻译blicity committeeheld中文 team, and they would study hard and be aggressive. They would master the tools and wcommittee是什么意思eapons to be a “professional information disregular翻译seminator” on threlationship可数吗e lions Club platform.itstimefor和to区别

After tpubliche mmeeting腾讯会议eeting, the lions shared happily, introduced themselves to each other, and made suggestions onheld过去式和过去分词 the work of the Publicity Commifirstname填姓还是名ttee. Participating lion friends held birthdheld的中文意思ay parties for lion friends whose birthdays were in November and Decregularlyembeheldenr. Lion friends sang and danced happily and received rich prizes.

We are more connected because we are the same. Wecommittee和commission grow faster because we areheld怎么读的 different. The first regular meeting ofmeetings public rpublic翻译elations and Publicity Committee of Shenzhen Lions clucommitteeb ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. Pay tribute to all the publicist of the Pubupheldlicity Committee, wish you have dreams ipublicity翻译n yourcommittee翻译 heart, light in your eyes and strength at your feet. Let us continue to work tofirst是什么意思gether forrelationship怎么读英语 public welfare, build a bridge of friendship between lions and love, and make a contribution to pubcommittee是什么意思licizing the credibility of lions Cpublicitylub, publpublicity什么意思ic welfare undertakings in Shefirstname填姓还是名nzhen and social harmonyfirstname填姓还是名.

Illustration 20- Prize picture.jpg




Liang Wenjuan, Li Yanfeng, Publicity Committee

[Photo] Wang Haibin, Chen Weiming, Wu Shaoyi, Publicity Committee

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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