Peach and Plum Spring Breeze a cup of wine public welfare charity for 10 years — Fairy Lake Service Team 2017-2018 annual change ceremony and 10 years of public welfare sharing was successfully held

Peach and plum spring breeze a cup of wine public welfare charity for ten years

— The 2017-2018 annual transition Cbreeze中文意思eremony and 10-year Public Benefit Sharing meeting of The Fairy Lake Service Team was successfully held

On June 25, 2017, the 2017-2018 annual transition ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Cpublicitylub Xianhu Service Team and 10-year Charity Sharing meeting was successfupublicize翻译lly held in Futian Hall, 4th fpeachy英文什么意思loor,breeze本田皓影240 Guohui Hotel, Futian Diyearsstrict. Shi Jianyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017, Tian Wangxing, President-elect of 2017-2018, Ma Min, president-elect oyears_7f First Vice President, Weng Hua, president-elect of second Vice President, Dai Tongxin, former Presidentwelfare可数吗, Zpubliceng Shiyang, Secretary General of Shenzhyears怎么读en Lions Club 2years_7016-2017, Lplum怎么读i Yuehua, Depeachesputy Secrplum怎么读etary General, More than 90 peopbreeze是什么意思le participated in the activity, including Wang Yan, the chairman of the third zone, Lei Kwong, the chairman of the second zone, Ye Wyearsbtcenqin, the captpeach是什么意思翻译ain of the team and Lai Xingyou, thpeach翻译e founding director of the tpubliceam.

In the presence of Shi Jianyong, Tian Wangxing, Ma Min, Weng Hua, dai Tongxin and Zeng Shiyang, zhao Hui handed over the team leader ribbon to Ye Wpeach是啥意思啊enqin.

At the spublichapublic404html最新网站ring meeting, Captain Zhao Hui comprehensivelyyearsago翻译 summarized and analyzed the lion seyears翻译rvice work of the year, and elaborated on the inheritance of traditional projects, dwelfare怎么记忆evelopment of new service projects, community service, youth dspring面试题evelopment, membership retention and development, standardization of meeting affairs and fi簇拼音nancial work, participationwelfare怎么读 in district club activities aspringnd caring for lion friends. Captain elect Ye Wenqin introduced the wopeachrk plan and focus of The New Year. Financial Zhu Linshan reported financial incomyears怎么读e and expenditure.

Subsequently, the 10 captains of the Fairy Lake Service team introduced their main service work in their respective years and shared their insiplumberghts on public welfare, Lions club and service. The audience expplum是什么水果ressed their high respect with warm applpublicityause.

President Shih Kin-wing and President-elect Tian Wicup怎么读ng-wang delivered warm spepeach是什么颜色eches to commendcup the dedication of the team leaders and praised the team as an enthusiastic, livcupfox茶杯狐ely, cohesive and vigorous team. They said that the ten captaibreeze翻译ns, as the leaders and folbreeze本田皓影240lowerspringboots of the service team, have well inherited the lion spirit and made important contributions to the development of tspringhe Team and the Shenzhen Lions Club.cup是什么意思 They also pointed ospring漏洞ut that the financial situation of the Team is good and itspring面试题s membcup怎么读ers are highly motivated, which is worthy of praiscupfoxe and learning.

Under the witness of Shi Jianyong, Tian Xyears英语怎么读ingwang, Ma Min, Weng Hua and Dai Tongxin, three new members who have gone through more than one yeawelfare怎么读r’s study period officially jocup怎么读ined the Fairy Lake Service Team, injecting new energy into the healthy development of the service team.

Finally, the lbreeze本田皓影报价ion friends showed their talents and presenteyearslaterd a wonderful show for all the lion friends and guests. Although the rehearsal time is seriously insufcupfoxficient, but does not affect the quality of the program, lion friends emot醋泡黑豆ional performance won the audience bursts of applause.

I believe that under the leyearslateradership of captain yewenqin, under the full cooperation of thyearsbtce council team and under the joint effortsyears英语怎么读 of all l簇拼音iopublic404html乱n friends, the Fairyplum L簇拼音ake Service team will surelpeaches歌词y achipeach是什么颜色eve new glory in the coming year.

Article/Photo Qi Fenplum是什么水果gpublicize翻译

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