Visited shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation to discuss disability assistance programs — Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation held a symposium on targeted disability assistance

On November 15, 2021, Lions Club of Shenzhen visited Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and held a symposidiscuss名词um on targeted assistance sprogram是什么意思ervices for the disabled. Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation Office Director Huang Fake, Deputy director Huang Te, Health depadisabled电脑启动项rtment director Dong Fei, Deputy Director Chen Xiongrong, group publi深圳疫情city rights protection Department director Luo Qiwei, deputy director Chen Adiscuss名词ping, fourth-level researcher Guo Ying, Shenzhen Citizens Love disabled People Comprdiscuss的意思ehensive Service Center director Xie Jieyu, Guo Yongyongassistance, president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2021-2022, Lai Zhuonni, Secretary General, Yang Dehua, chairman of the Disability Committe深圳疫情最新动态e, Zheng Jianhai, Executive Chairman of THE GST, and the team leader represented 17 participants in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Rajeni.



Guo Yongyong, prdiscuss怎么读esident of Shepersonsnzhen Lions Club, expres深圳地铁线路图sed his heartfelt thanks to shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation for it深圳大学s correct guidance and help to Shenzhen Lions Club. He briefly reviewed the inheritorvisited怎么读英语 Program, first aid at your Side and otvisited英语怎么说her service activities carried out this year. He saidprogram是什么意思翻译 thprogram是什么意思翻译at with the support of the Disabled persons’ Federation and lion friends, the fundraising amount of the Lions Club in Shen深圳大学zhen revisited怎么读英语ached a new higassistance和help的区别h. Adisabled电脑moassistanceng them, tardiscussinggeted assistvisited用法ance for the disabled has raised a special fund of nearly 2 million yuan. Thvisited翻译e purpose of this viassistancesit with the representatdisabled的形容词ivepersons ofvisited怎么读 the service teadiscuss的名词形式m leade深圳大学r is to prvisited英语怎么说ovide direction and gdisabled造句uidance for shenzhen Lions Club to cprogram是什么文件夹arry out tapersons是什么意思英语rgeted asprogram是什么意思翻译sistance for the disabled this year, andprograms翻译 jointly implement the work of targeted as深圳大学sistance for the disabled, so that more disabled friends can share the apersons怎么读chievements of social ciassistance怎么读vilization and progress.


Vice Director Chen Xiangrong, Vice Director Chen Apivisited英语怎么说ng, Vice Director Huang Tassistance的动词形式e, 4tperson所有形式h investigator Guo Ying and Director Xie Jieyu spoke highly of the charity work of Shenzhen Lions Club over tdisabled是开启还是关闭he years, especially the work of assisting the disablevisited英语怎么说d, and gave high recognition to chairman Guo Yongyong’s solid promotion of various charity services. At the same time, they gave specific suggestions on the work of shenzhen Lions Club for the disabled, and donated some disabled units with insufficient rehabilitation equipment. Outdoor outing,shenzhen cultdiscussurshenzhenal and sports exchanges,assistance动词 to help disabled people out of hodiscuss的用法及短语me and intdisabledo society; Preferentiapersons是什么意思英语l polperson是什么意思icies will be used to help people with disabilities find jobs and start theassistance是什么意思英语ir own businesses, so as to help them become independent and深圳地铁线路图 self-reliant. Attention should be paid to the poor single-parent disabled families who are not supported by policies; Avisited是什么意思英语t the same time, it is suggested that the Lions Club of Shenzhen expand its influence by “reading the History of the Parvisited是什么意思英语ty and doing practical things for the people” and partassistance翻译icipating in the Activities of “December 3” International Day of Persons with Disabilities organized by the City disabled Persons’ Federation深圳风险等级.



Ms. Luo hopesprograms翻译 that the Lions Club can give full play to its advandiscuss的意思tages as a social organization and become an official assistant. In termdiscussion是什么意思s of assisting th深圳疫情e disabled, Shenzhen Disabled Persovisited怎么读英语ns’ Federation impleperson是什么意思ments the reassistance动词levant official policies and pdisabled怎么读rovides comprehensive coveradisabled怎么读ge of incldiscussingusive services for the registered disabled in the city. Based on the official inclusive policies, Shenzhen Lions Club can provide targeted and flexible programs for the disabled and provide supplementary services for special cas深圳esdisabled是开启还是关闭 and special groups that canno深圳疫情最新动态t be tak深圳地铁线路图en care of by the authorpersons怎么读itiediscussings. At the same深圳大学 time, she introduced the idea of setting up an art troupe for the disabled. The troupe prpersons和peopleovides a platfordisabled的形容词m for the disabled to showpersons怎么读 themselves, improve their confidence and integrat深圳大学e into the society. Shenzhen Lions Club has lion friends who are good at art and canassistance的用法 useassistance翻译 this advantage to help the disabled.


Director Dong Fei introduced the theme projprogram是什么软件ect “A Love changes a Life”. The projects mainly include screening and rescue trepersons怎么念atm深圳市最新疫情ent for premature infantassistances at high risk of blindness, screening and surgical correctivisited怎么读英语on for polio patients. Both projects are typicalprogram什么意思中文名字 public welfare projects for earvisitedly detection, early treatment and early recovery.深圳 In terms of supporting disabled people to start businesses and find jobs, Kashga深证指数r is a famous scenic spot idisabled造句简单n China. 3D printer projects can help disabled people to start businesses and earn money indisabled翻译 scenic spots. He suggested thatassistance动词 shenzhen Lions Club optimize and upgrade the project of “Red Lion Clothing Disdisabilityabled Support Station”, conduct quantitative manadiscuss怎么读gement of the service team, encourage lion friends to vifederation翻译sit the disabled frequently, and give them more material and spiritual care.


Director Of the Department of Yellow hair highly praised the spirit of “going out”, and he was proud to know and walk withprogram是什么意思翻译 lion friends. He expressed his hope that the Shenzhen Lions Club would continue to contribute to the public welfare of helping the disabled. On the bassistance和help的区别asis of good service, we will carry forward the project, gather the strengt深圳h of lion Friends, cooperate with the offiassistancecial departments, other social organizations and enterprises extensively, scale up tpersons翻译he public welfare projecvisitedts, and make Sheprogram是什么意思翻译nzhen Lions Club become a household brand project of accurate assistpersons翻译anvisited翻译ce to the disabled.


Team leader Zuo Qing,persons怎么读 Team leader Wang Xipersons怎么念aoliang, teavisited及物不及物m leader Xianzhihui and team leader Li Yi respecprogram是什么意思tively introduced the “Love Withdisabledout Voice” program, “Repersons是什么意思英语d Lion Clothing Disability Support Station”, ruilin Ophthalmic clidisabled的形容词nical assistance and other disability assistance projects. Xiao Xiaoyu expressed his gratitudefederation翻译 to深圳疫情最新消息 the city disabled Persons’ Federation for its guidance in the worperson所有形式k of assistiprogram是什么意思ng the disabled on behalf of the team leaders, and shared his views on howprograms怎么读 to link the disaperson是单数还是复数bled to entrepreneurship and employment and deepen the project of “Red Lio深圳大学n clothing Assisting the disabled”. Chairman Yang Dehua introduced the pvisited及物不及物rojects supporting the five disability associations thiassistance是什么意思英语s yepersons和people区别ar. Zheng Jianhai, executive chairman, introduced the work of GST and shared the lioprogram是什么文件n Love Statiprogramson project.

Guo Yongyong, president of Liondiscuss的名词形式s Club shenzhen, said that the forum was the first time that lions Club Shenzhenprogram什么意思中文名字 organizassistance的用法ed a team to learn lessons from Shenzhen Disabled Persoprograms翻译ns’ Federation on the special work of helping the disabled, and thdiscusse meeting guideprogram是什么意思翻译d the right direction for the next step of the targeted work of Lions Cldisabledub Shediscussion翻译nzhen. He thanked the municipal Disabled personsfederation‘ Federation for itsvisited的意思 guidance and hoped that the lvisited及物不及物eaders attending the meeting深证指数 could share the spirit of the meeting with more leaders in a timedisabled造句简单lydiscuss的意思 manner and put the work of helpindiscuss的用法及短语g thevisited怎么读 disabled into practice.

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【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Yang Xin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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