Leaders of China Disabled Persons' Federation visited Shenzhen Lions Club for research and guidance

On December 11, 2020, Jia Yong, member of the Party group, vice president of the Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation and presclubidentlions怎么读 of the Chinese Lions Association, visited Shenzhen Lions Club to conduct reseadisabled电脑启动项rch and guidance on issues related to promoting the healthy and orderly development of shenzhen Lions Club.

China Disabvisited及物不及物led Persons' Federation, vice President of party members, the domestic liochina翻译n federation President Gvisited翻译u Yoleadershipng, domelionsstic disabled persons' federation, deputy director of th深证指数e international studies and international lipersons是什么意思英语aison office level 4 researcher Yao Di, vidisabled翻译ce Previsited的过去式sident of shenzhen DPF parclub翻译ty member, Li Lun, domestic representative in shenzhen, shenzhen fdisabled电脑ederation of lion lion li wh, first secretary of theshenzhen party branch, shenzhen federationvisited怎么读 of tvisited的过去式he disabled group xuan (right), deputy director Chen joined, Internatleaders是什么意思英语ional lions club d深圳疫情irectors and the lion standing vice President of cib before domestic Zhang Guoclub翻译jun, domestic lion federfederation翻译ation supervisors Lin Ziyu lonlions是什么意思g, male, vice President of liao with Zhengclubman是什么牌子车 Degang, former supervisor Su Zeran, Presidedisabled电脑nt of shenzhen lions in 2020-2021深圳风险等级, zhi-qiang lu, supervisor XiaoXingPing, thevisited last President WengHua, first deputy chairlions翻译中文man Guo Yongyong, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, Party branch secretary, for深圳mer president Tian Wangxing, deputy supervisor Tan Fei, secretary General Lai Zhuoni attended thedisabled是什么意思 meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lu Zhiqiang.


President Lufederation Zhiqiang delivered a welcome speech, thankinvisited翻译g Mr. Jia Yong, vice Chairman of CDperson是什么意思PF, and his delegavisitedtion for their guidance, as well as the leaders of CDPF and SHENZHEN CDPF for their encouragement and support to the work of Shenzhen Lions Club.club是什么酒 He made a report on the general situation of Shenzhen Lions Club, the work of the club this year, the main service activities, honors and awarleadership是什么意思ds, etc. He said that undepersons是什么意思英语r the leadership and guidance of the National Disabled Persons' Federation, tshenzhenhe National Lions Ass深圳天气ociation, shenzhen Municipal Government, the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, thclub用英语怎么说e Civil Affairs Bureau and other relevant departments, the Lions Club o深圳大学f Shenzhen will strengthen unifederationty, actively explore and innovate, a深圳疫情nd further explore the development of social public welfare undertakings in line with the national conditions of China. For the construction of domestic characteristics, Shenclubszlionsgatehen style lionsleadership club to make due contributions.

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Supervisclub是什么意思or Xiao Xingping reported the work of the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lichina读音ons Club. She introduced the development of the Board of Supervisors of Sdisabled怎么读henzhen Lions Club, system cons深圳疫情最新动态truction, the focus of this year's work and the workvisited怎么读英语 already completed. Moment, she says, to do a good job in the board of supervisors should strengthen l深圳大学earning, clear responsibilities and stance, advancing with The Tidisabled的形容词mes to perfect the system construction, keep in mind, matter and afterwards "advance" three supervision mode and "not absence, good place, not ofdisabled的形容词fside" basic working principle, in under the premise of persistlions读音inpersons和peopleg the principle, with the method of "negotiation" to deal with revisited翻译lated issues.


Li Weihua, first Schina翻译ecretary of the Party branch of Shenzhen Liovisited怎么读ns Club ivisited是什么意思英语ntroduced the organization and construction of the party branch, the malionsgatein work, the characteristics of the party constchina意思ruction work and the currenclubst problems. He said that under the strong leadership of Chiclub怎么读na Disabled Persons' Federation, China Lions' Federation and Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club will achieve full coverage of orgleadersanizations, full registration of party members, fuchina意思ll plionsgatelay of roles and full occupation of positions in accorda深圳nce with the deployment requirements of this survey by Vice Director Jia Yong and the actuclubmanal work of Party building of Shenzhen Lions Club. We willlions翻译中文 give full play to the role of political guidance, policyvisited怎么读 control and lion service in the party building work of social organizations, and strive to play its due role ileadership的四种类型n the healthy and orderly development of Shenzhen Lions Club and fullionsfill its own responsibilities.


Afterwards, the participants spoke freely and put forward their opinions and suggestions on how to promote the healthy and orderly development of Shenzfederation翻译hen Lions Club.

Zhang guojun, director ofchina翻译 Shenpersons怎么读zhen Lions Club, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the domestic Disabled Persons' Federation for their care, love and attention to shenzhen Lions Club. He told the disabled persons' federation about domestic to pleaders是什么意思英语romote healthy and orderly development of domestic lion federation opinion (draft) "of congratpersons和personal的区别ulations, think it reflects the nationclub是什么意思al disabled persons' federation of lions work seriously, straighten out the relationship betclub用英语怎么说ween domestic disabled persons' federation and local disabled pelion是什么意思中文翻译rsons' federation, hfederationas been cleclub怎么读aclubsr about t深圳地铁线路图he business department in cdisabled怎么读harge ofpersons和personal的区别 the overall requirements ofclubmed官网预订 liovisited英语怎么说ns, strengclubthened the confidence of the local disabled peleadership翻译rsons' federatileadershipon management lion, It is of great gudisabled是开启还是关闭iding significance to the lions association in China and other regiodisabled是开启还是关闭ns. Zhang guojuclubmedn, director of Lions Club, saperson是单数还是复数id thatleaders什么意思 shenzhlionsen lions Club has gone throughpersons怎么读 18 years ofleaders是什么意思英语 extraordinary develionsgatelopment, won many honors, anddisabled造句 made a lot of contributionsclub翻译 to the development ofleaders是什么意思英语 lions club inleadership翻译 China. He said that the new era carries new missions, new goals and new tasks. Shenzhen Lionsvisited Club should take the initiative tclub翻译o accept the supervision and guidance of the business authclubsorities, rclub用英语怎么说eflect the civilian nature in itdisabled是开启还是关闭s development, and strengthelions怎么读n team building by introlions英语怎么读ducing high-end talents, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the organization. He hoped that all lions club members in Shepersons和peoplenzhen深圳天气 would stay true to tclubsheirlions的音标 original aspiration and work together to establish the spirit of lionsleadership英文解释 club in the new era.clubman是什么牌子车


Lindisabled怎么读 Ziyu expressed her heartfelt thanks to Jdisabled怎么读ia Yong, vice Chairman opersons是什么意思英语f the board of Directors, foleadershipr coming to shenzhen lions Club to guide the wlion是什么意思ork,leadership是什么意思 and gave full recognition to Lu Zhiqiang,club Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Xiao Xingping and Li Weihua, first Secretary of the club for their wonderful and comprehensive work report. She said that shenzhen Lions Club has made great achievements in the past 18 years, and has played an active role in implementing the rules and regulations and work requirements of the Lions Club in China. She points out that in the current domestic chleadersaracteristic importanclubst stages in the transformation of lions, lions facing some difficulties and challenges in shenzhen is inevitabpersons和personal的区别le, but she believes that, unde深圳地铁线路图r the shenzhen federation of concern and supplions翻译ort, under the guidanchinace of previous President, in director team headed by zhi-qiang lu President, shenzhen lions will have grasped the nettle, again.


Lclub是什么酒iao Manxiong, vice pclubman是什么牌子车resident of Lions Club, saileadership翻译d that after 18 years olionsf development, with the efforts of previous presidents, Shenzhen Lions Club has made brilliant achievements in party building, organization, management, organization development, social service and cultural inheritance, and has also madisabled造句de positive contributions to the develleadership翻译opmentchina意思 of lions Club in China. He pointed out that Chairmvisited用法an Lu zhiqiang's work report this year has clear thinking, full of innovation an深圳疫情d effective implementation. He thanked shenzhen Lidisabledon Friends for their support and shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federchina翻译ation f深圳天气or their guidance and care. At the same time, he also hoped that Shenzhen Lions Club could help hainan representative office in pairs to promote the healthy and orderly development of the domestic lions Club family.


In order to promote the healthy development of Shenzhen Lions Cperson所有形式lub, Vic深圳市最新疫情e President Zheng Degang put forward three suggestions: first, innov深圳风险等级atileadership的定义on management, strengthen innovation in lion management, party building and otheclub用英语怎么说r avisited怎么读spects; Second, to create a brand, on the basis of inh深圳市最新疫情eriting excellent projects to create new and influential brand projects,person是什么意思 such as "Save by your Side"; Third, to create unique features. In shenzhen, a diversified city, I dare to innovate, actively create my own highclub怎么读lights and characteristics, and play a v深圳大学anguard and exemplary role in the National Lions Club.


Former supervisor Su Zeran said that Lions Club shenzhen has been playing a positive role iperson是单数还是复数n social service and leading the service idea of lions cdisabled怎么读lub nationwide, but it also faces some problems in membership development. He suggested that the domestic Lions Associleadership英文解释ation shvisited怎么读英语ould properly open its membership quota and accept new blood to add new strength to the development of the organization, so as to promote the orderly inheritance of the Lion club under lunzhuang culture. At the same time, Shenzhen Lions Club should set a certain threshold in terms of membership admittance, evaluate the members who apply for membershidisabled翻译p and select the best ones to join the club, so as to constantly improve the overall quality of the mevisited翻译mbers and show the good spirit of Sclub翻译henzhen Lions Club.


Secretary Tian Wangxing mentioned that he hoped that the Domestic Lions Association wclub是什么意思ould further clarify the relationship between the party branch, the council and the board of supervisors, and form a unified standard foclub怎么读r the reference and implementationdisabled的形容词 of the Shenzhen Lions Assoc深圳疫情最新消息iation. At thedisabled造句 same time, he hoped that the federation would further standardize financiadisabled怎么读l issues such as the exchange rate fopersons怎么念r the Mervyn Award.


Jia Yong, member of the Party group of the Domestic Disabled personsdisabled的形容词' Federation, vice president and president of the Domestic Lion Association, gave instructclubmed官网预订ions. He poi深圳地铁线路图nted outperson所有形式 that as the first lions club in nclubman是什么牌子车ew China, shenleaders什么意思zhen Lions Club has accumulated profoundvisited英语怎么说 history and profound cultural deposits after 18 years of development, and has also playedvisited音标 an important role in the incubation and development of other representative off深圳疫情最新动态ices. He said that the release of the opinions of the China Disabled Persons' Federation on promoting the healthy and orderly development of the Domestic Lion Assoclubmed官网预订ciation is a milestone in the rectification of the domestic Liolions的音标n Association anleadership英文解释d is of great significance to strengthening the management of social organizations and promoting the construction of a social godisabled的形容词vernance system.


Jialions读音 Yong, vice chairman of the board of directors, pochina翻译inted out that tdisabledhe development of the lofederation翻译cal lion association today ipersonss inseparable from the dedication and responsibility of the leaders of lioleaders是什么意思英语n friends, but there is still a long way to go to promote the corporate governancevisited怎么读 oleaders是什么意思英语f the Domestic Lion Association, and the task of cleaning up the domestic Lion Association is still difficult. He stressed tchina意思hat all leaders should take promoting the healthy develoclub怎么读pment of the FEDERATION in accordance with laws and regulations as the tvisited音标op priority,leaders have a correct grasp and understanding of the ideology, strictly regulate the development, effectively play a key role, transmit positidisabled造句简单ve energy, and lay a solid foundation for promoting the high-qualitydisabled电脑启动项 developdisabled造句简单mepersons是什么意思英语nt of social organizatiovisited及物不及物ns深圳疫情最新动态 with domestic characteristics.



[Text] Lin Yanfen

Su Zhuangbin Livisited英语怎么说n Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Qdisabled是什么意思iu & NBSP;   penleaders翻译g

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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