Expand new vision and grow new talents -- Lion affairs communication was carried out between the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club and the supervision group of Zhejiang Representative Office of China Lions Club

On December 8, 2020, the board of Supervisors of Lions Club shenzhen and the supervision group of Zhejiang Representative Office of Lions Club Of China were held in the small conference room of Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Both sides exchanged viewexpanding什么意思啊s and shared experience on lion surveilllions英语怎么读ance work.

Lin Ziyvision软件u, former Supervisor Su Zeran, Xiao Xingping, Supervisor Of Shegrow名词nzhen Lions Club, Tan Fei, Deputy Supervisor, Zhang Jian, Secretary General of The Board of Supeclub是什么酒rvisors Xu Qiubin, Zheng Guoping, Wang Daoming, Li Zhou,lions翻译中文 Zhu Feng, Chen Qunhao, He Xinru, Huang Shaofang, Domestic lion federatalentstion, deputy director of zhejiang jian-feng xu, director of the office the monitoring group, the monitoring group hai-clubsfeng cao, secretary general of the monitorigrow名词ng group dong quexpanding翻译ietly, tlion是什么意思中文翻译he monitoring group the working team leader rivisiona novosti, the monitorinexpand翻译g group, foreign enewsxchange and cooperation team leader Shen Guoxu nominate team leader, thlionse monitoring group meeting after the rain, such as the monitoring group chief Xu Lijun 20 people were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xu Qiexpand翻译ubinewspapern.

Supervisor Xiao Xingping extended a warm welcome to the suplion翻译ervision team of Zhejiang Representative Office. She introduced the work of the Board of Supegrowsrvisors of shenzhen Liongrow是什么意思s Club this year. She said that in the process of carrying out supervision, the Board ovision什么意思f Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club firmly establishedaffairs怎么读 the concept of both physicalexpanding翻译 supervision aclub是什么酒nd procedural supervision, and insisted on the combination of supeaffair是什么意思英语rvision with serclub是什么意思vice and guarantee, as well as the working printalent是可数名词还是不可数名词ciple of supervision in advance, supervision in the process of supevisionstreetwearrvisiogrow怎么读n and supervision avisionariesfter the event, so as not to be off side, good position and noclubst to be missing.

Xiao Xingping, supervisor. JPG

Director Xu Jianfetalent是什么牌子ng introduced the work otalents是什么意思f supervision group in Zclubhejiang repvisionary翻译resentative office thexpand的形容词is year. He said that the supervision group of zhejiang Representative office aims to be a "catcher in the rye", with "integrity, truthfulness, neutrality and harmony" as the working principle, to mainlion是什么意思tain the system, fair supervision, and strictly aclub用英语怎么说bide bnews可数吗y the work system, work process and confidentiality system.

Wang Daoming, Supervisor

In the practice supervision sharing session, Supclubmed官网预订ervisor Wang Daoming shalionkkred the working mode of supervision, the working conditions of supervision commissioneexpanding什么意思啊rs and how to establish a good communication mechanism. Cao Haifeng, deputy director of the supenews可数吗rvision group, shared the responsibilities of the six working groups. Lu Tao, the group leader, shared with us the important role ofaffairs翻译 party building and clions英语怎么读ouncil work, the importance of lionnewgroundss cultural heritage, the way of complaint handling and system construction. Participants expressed their views and shared valuable experience on practical lionnew的反义词 control work.

Sugrow翻译pervisor Lin Ziyu delivered a speech, thanking annew怎么读d affirming the strong support and efforts of shetalents怎么读nzhen Lions Board of Supervisors and zhaffair是什么意思英语ejiang Representative Office supervision group for the work of the federation board of Supervisors. She slionsaid the commission and the group should play a good role in supervision, establistalent是什么意思h a good cnewommunication mechanism, deal with problems found in supervisclubmedion work in a timely and effective manner, jointly promote the improvement of the supervision system, and contribute to the construction of a new type of socialaffairs翻译ist ortalent什么时候可数ganization with domestic characterclubmanistics.

Lin Ziyu, supervisor

Su Zeran, former head of the board of Supervisors, explained the orienvisionprotationvision翻译 of the board of supervisors and ttalents是什么意思中文he supervision group. He pointed out that the supervision committeevision怎么读 and the supervision grgrow怎么读oup should carry out the supervision work in an active way, dare to supervise, with the supervision in advance as the main way, and the supervivisionsion in the provision翻译cess and afterwards atalent是可数名词还是不可数名词s the auxiliary way to supervise, timely discover problems, timellions是什么意思y deal with problems, better serve the organizatilions读音on through supervision, better promote the development of the organization.

Former Chief Supervisor Su Zeran

Afterwards, the board of supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club and theexpand名词形式 supervision怎么读vision group of Zhejialions翻译ng Representative Office exchanged gifts and shared the frievision什么牌子ndship of lions club. This exchange foclubmanrulions是什么意思m, let everyliononlions英语怎么读e open up a new vision of supervislions怎么读ion, improvetalent是什么牌子 supervision ability, for the next step of supervision to lay a gnewlyood foundation.vision翻译

A group photo. JPG


[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Hutalents翻译ijuan Lin Ylions翻译中文anfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Offivisionary翻译ce

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