Zhejiang Representative Office visited shenzhen Lions Club Special School project

On the afternoon of December 8, 2020, the comprehensive exhibition of Shenzhen Lions Club Special School project was held in the multi-function Hall o浙江师范大学n the 13th floor of Shenzhen Comprehensive Service Center for Persons with深圳疫情最新消息 Disabilities. Accomp深圳疫情最新动态aniedclubman by shenzhen lion frispecial翻译ends, lion friends of zhejiang representative office of China Lion Association watched the wonderful performances of chilvisited的过去式dren in schoolschool是什么意思 and teachers' vivid teaching, and listened to parents' testimonies. Tschool怎么读he activity showed the curriculum characterrepresentativelyisticzhejiangs of sclubmed官网预订pecial School in the past 10 years, the growth process of special School chschoolildren, and the invisited是什么意思英语fluence and importance of the existence of special School on children and their families.

Ye Ning, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club foreign Exchange and Clion是什么意思中文翻译ooperation Committee, intr深圳大学oduced the guests and welcomed the zhejiang Lions friends to learn about shenzhen Lions Club Specschool音标ial School project.


Shenzhen lions mileage service clionsgateaptain Jonathan wong we浙江lcome address, thank you all for participation school very much, hope everyone through urepresentative可数吗nderstanding the couvisited是什么意思英语rse of school charschoolingacteristics, and the children's growth process, to give more supposchool怎么读rt, project teach parevisited的意思nts深证指数 pass on more positive energy, also hope everyone "because of you, eveoffice是什么意思rzhejiangy day".


Zhan Feng, director of zhejschoolingiang Representative Office of Domestic Lschool是什么意思i深圳疫情最新动态on Association, delivered a speeclub用英语怎么说ch, thanking Shenzhen Lschoolbagion Fr深圳疫情最新消息iends for their warspecializedm reception. He exprspecial是什么意思essed his appreciation for the ten-浙江卫视year inhlionseritance and development of the Special School Project, and hoped that everyone could support this excellenrepresentative翻译t project to promote its better development and help more special children grow up happily.


Lu Zhiqiang, president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, said theclub翻译 "Extraordinary School" provisited怎么读ject was launched by the Li深圳疫情最新动态ons Club miles Service team of Shenzhen in 2011 to provide free preschool education and soschool是什么意思cial integration activities for children aged 3-12 with brain injuries. After learning, children have made great progress in cognition, language and personalityvisited是什么意思英语. The extraordinary Scholions读音ol project has encountered many difficulrepresentative是什么意思ties and pressures along the w深圳地铁线路图ay. He fully affirmed the milezhejiangage service team's persistence in the past ten years, and also hoped that the project team would exert its wisdom and strength to break through the bottleneck of the project, further expand the scale of the schoolclub用英语怎么说, help more special chilvisited及物不及物dren, and make the project g浙江工业大学o further and better.


Mrs. Lin, the principal of the Extraordinary School, intschoolboysecretsroduced the happiness and hardships of the extraordinary School project to the guests. She said that in the past 10 years, there are so many memories and touching, and the efforts of children and parents are touching. She said that no matter what, she would lead the teacher team to carry out tvisited音标he project to the end, for the sake of the children, but als深圳地铁线路图o for the same original intentiospecial翻译n and feelings.


In order to lvisited及物不及物et the guests know more about the school, the children aspecialized自行车nd their parents also prepared a lot of programs and speeches for them.

Longhua neat teach African drum performance, the atmosphere, Wang Shihan solo "moss" SOB, Xu Haobo graduates report touching, the name is domestic show patriotism, Xia Wenyi a recitation of "love" let a person feel warmoffice and moved, the scene teaching percussion "my country my country we love you," full of joy and passion. The parents' representlions读音atives used their beautiful songs and touching emotions to perform "Whisrepresentatives翻译per To You", "My Dear Child" and "Lolions的音标ve", showing the greatness of family love.

Chen Shijun, foundinclub是什么酒g leader of The Lions Club millions是什么意思es Service team of Shenzhen, said thclubman是什么牌子车at "Re浙江农林大学d Action" and "Extraordinary School" are the two projects that the miles Service team insists on carrying out, and therepresentative怎么读 inheritance of the project cannot be separated from thespecial翻译 support of every lion friend and the guidance of every team leader. She hoped that welions翻译 could discuss the new development direction ovisited英语怎么说f the speciavisited及物不及物l School project.


In the exhibition of chofficerildren's art works, the pspecial怎么读roject team invited guests to watch children's workofficers and score them. In the face of the children深圳地铁线路图's childish and sunny woroffice365ks, tvisited怎么读he guest said emotionally: "I will not be willing to deduct a single point", which should be the voice of all the guests.

As the happy hour drew to a close, guests presented presents to thlions的音标e childvisited怎么读ren. We took a group photo to freeze the beautiful moment forever.

10.1 JPG


[Text] Li Mingyan

[Photo] Zhu Luyan

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSoffice2007P; Lin Yanfen

【 Composilionsgatetion 】 Qiu & NBSP;   peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Liclub用英语怎么说ons Club Office

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