Voluntary blood donation Lions Club proposes to donate blood during off-season

Voluntary blood donation Lions Club proposes to donate blood during off-season
314 peoplblood翻译e donated blood yesterday, confirming December 12 as lion blood Donation Day every year

&clubman是什么牌子车nbdonatesp;           Nandu newbloodcs reporter Lin Yande another year to donclubmed官网预订ate blood off season, shenzhen clinical blood demanddonate用法 than last year increased by 10%. The third Shenzhen Lions Club red Action blood Donation Month kicked off yesterday, with 314 people donating 110,445 milliliters of blood, organizers said. This campaign is expected to mobilize more than 2000 people to participate in voluntary blood donation within two months, which will alleviate the poffer的意思roblem of clinical blood shortage in the off-season of blood donation.

&officialnbpropose是什么意思sp;       &ndonate名词形式bsp;   Yesterday morning,clubs representatives from 31 service teams of Shenzhen Lionduring是什么意思s Club and caring entedonation什么意思rprises jointly read out & LDquo; Red action ” Lbloodborneion Donate Blood month initiative. The blood center mobilized two blood donation vehicles and one blood delivery vehicle to accept on-site blood donation. This event isdonations co-sponsored by Shoffer的意思enzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Center.

              Thisvoluntary的名词 year's Red Action is the largest number of participatioffice激活密钥ng tduring英语eams ever. Yesterdayduring是介词吗, the Lions Club of Shenzhen proposed that Dvoluntary的名词ecember 12 be theclubman是什么牌子车 lionduring英语 Blood Donationproposes Day every year, and December 12 to Febrduring是介词吗uary 12 the next year as the Lion bduring的用法总结lood Donation month.

&donatenbsp;           Dofficeonation of blood During the off-season liodonation什么意思ns Clions翻译中文lub proposes to donate bvoluntary副词lood

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