2011-2012 Shenzhen Lions Club certified guide lion registration notice

2011-2012 Shenzhen Lions Club certified guide lion registration notice

Dear Lion friend,

 lion是什么意思           Thi深圳疫情最新动态s is to hold the 2011-2012 Cerlions怎么读tified Lcertified是什么认证ion Guide training class of Shenzhen Lions Clulions音标b from October 29th to 30th. Registration has started now. Specific arrangements are as follows:

            A, &clubs have spent The curriculum

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At 8lion怎么读:30 a.m. -

Arrived in/registered

At 8:30-9:40

(9when00Start reporting)

Organize new service teams

(easyIn the eastraw)

11 a.m. and get

From 9:30 to 10:30

9:40 - will         clubmed官网预订; &nbcertifiedspregistration动词; rest

Furthermore - 12:00

1.          Open training ceremony(Zheng Degang, Wang Cheng)

0 - he will

Implementation - Servguidelineice team program development

2.          Course Introduction (Kwok Wing Chan)


He - 11:00        rest

3.          Ice Breaclub是什么酒ker(Chan Kwok-wing)


Community Service Fundraising

Atcertified 10:30 12:00 -


Introduction to certified Guide lion training

(Chan Kwok-wing)

- 12lion翻译:00 PM

Lunch, siesta

12:10 - then        Lunch, siesta

14:00 to 15:00

A brief history of lions aclubmanssociation in China and Lions Club in Shenlions翻译zhen

PM - soon lionsgate        

(Zhang Guojun)

Focus on meetings -- membership reteregistration翻译ntion cliclub怎么读nics