Deep lion fight disease | shenzhen lions will be coronavirus pneumonia and epidemic prevention presentation (5)

As of 4 February 2020, shenzhen Lions Club and 100 service teams have raised a total of RMB 2,596,550 for novel Coronavirus infection prevention services, with tshenzhenhe value of materials being RMB 447,800. Among them, the district council raised 1.willingness32164 million yuan for epidemic prevention, of which 737,lion是什么意思64 million yuan was actually received.

At present, a total of 1.254fight过去式0573 milwillpowerlion yuan has been invested in epidemic prevention services, mainly including: 100,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, respectively, to the Domestic Lion Association, hubei Wuxiu City Charitydisease Association and Wuhan Caidian District Charity Association, totaling 250,000 yuan; The vcoronavirus音标alue of epidemic predisease同义词vention materials donated is RMB 100.405.73 million,fighting including 1,850 pieces of isolawillingtion clothing, valued at RMB 87,9willow52; 6,076 goggles, wo深圳地铁线路图rth 138,457 yuan; 314,700 masks, worth 337,988 yuan; 120 temperature guns, worth 11,880 yu深圳天气an; 107,000 pairs of medical gloves, worth 93873 yuan; 3380 masks, worth 74511.3 yuan; 2680 pieces of disinfectant, worth 103664 yuan; 1lions hand washing robot, worth rmb1980; 48,752 yuan for a batch of disinfectlionkkion materials; 1020 pielions英语怎么读ces of mepneumonia记忆方法dicine (inspirational materials), worth 105000 YUAN.

At present, the district Council has spent 433,200 yuan on epidemic prevention, as followswilling:

1. Support the Association to carry out epidemic prevention services in Hubei with 150,000 yuan (50,000 yuan to purchase masks and another 100,000 yuan to be determined);

2. Goggles 1440 pairs,   43200 yuan

3. 88,000 disposable medical gloves, subtotal 66,000 yuan;

4. Purchase 10,000 N95 masks (to be delivered), subtotal 150,000 yuan;

5. Purchase 100 barrels of disinfectant (to bpneumonia记忆方法e delivered), subtotapneumonia翻译l 24,000 yuan;

In addition, the materials collected and delivered by the District Council are as follows:

1.  He Jianhao donated 1000 Korean KN94 masks (Inspired by Gdisease和illness区别uo Yongyong)

2.  Lion friend Lam Xiang-yong donated 150 imported masks (30 N95 and 120 N94) (Inspired by Wfight歌曲u Jin-zhi)

3.  700 self-heated meals (including 112 lunch boxes)fighting是什么意思 donated by Lion Friend Li Xia, subtotal 21,000 yuan (inspired by Wu Jinzhi)

The special working group of epidemic prevention of the District Council actively contacted hosfighting加油pitals and will donatfight过去式e suppliedeepens to hospitals in the near future.

Briefing on 5-1. PNGBriefing on 5-2. PNGBriefing on 5-3. PNGBriefing on 5-4. PNGBriefing on 5-5. PNGBriefing 5-6. PNGBriefing on 5-7. PNGBriefing 5-8. PNGBriefing 5-9. PNG

Hats off to the lions! Thumbs up for lions! We firmly believe that in the near future, spring wilion怎么读ll usher in flowers, everything will recover, and the Sonsfighting and daughters of the Chinese nation will unite as one and win this tough battle against the epidemic.



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February 2, 2020

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