Notice | about solicitation “domestic fuel” rescue of epidemic prevention and control themes article

Dear Lion friend,

As informed by the National Lion Association (HEREINAFTER referred to as the Coronavirus Society), the novel Coronavirus outbreak is fast, affecting 1.4 billion peoplfuel怎么读e. Faced with this scontrol什么意思udden challenge, the Fedenotice过去式ration responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council and quickly set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control assisrescue翻译tance under the leadership of the Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation, mobilizing the stdomesticrength of the lion friends across the country to help epidemic prevention anoticeablend control and actively depidemic是什么意思中文翻译onated money adomesticnd materials.

In order to further promfuel翻译ote association and shenzhen lions rescue odomesticationf enotice的形容词pidemic prevention and control, friends and friends carrydomesticate forward the lion, the lprevention是什么意思ion enterprise spiaboutrit of love give, show the features of cib service, all the lion friends morale, presently for the lion friends collect if necessaryabout during thcontrollede epidemic prevention and control, frescue实验riends ancontrold friends the lion, the lion enterprise model deeds excelcontrol歌曲lent articles, abonotice是什么意思ut requirements are as follows:

First, essay tepidemic翻译heme

With the title of “Domestic refueling”, the creation restores tfueling是什么意思he moment of lion love.

Second, the content of the essay

(1) articles with the lion friends’ medical staff fighting in the fabout-faceront line, selflessness and dedication as the main content;

(2) The lion friends working in railway, aviation and otherabouttime免费观看 front-line posts, hard work, no return as the mainotice作文n content of the article;

(3) articepidemic怎么记忆les with the main content of lion friends individualabout翻译s and lion friends enterprises actively helping epidemic prevention and vigorously donating money and materials;

(4) articles with inner feelings andabout是介词吗 public welfare touching as the main content;

(5) articles praising the Party and the motherland and medical workers as the main content.

Three, essay requirements

(1) It shall be original, with distinct content, concise writingepidemic怎么记忆 and clear discussion.

(2) Attach 2-3 photoscontrol什么意思 of relevant content. Pictures: JPG format, 2M above.

Iv. Essay submissioabout怎么读语音n

Please put the text in the document, rename the pictures (indicate the oepidemicsrder or the specified paragraph) in the separate folder, and submit the pacpreventionkageaboutcg网站 to the shenzhecontrol的过去式和过去分词n Lions Ccontrollub office at szlionsnews@domestic是什么意思 The district club will submit thepidemic和pandemic的区别e package to the club.

Contact person: Hu Lei 18926071100 in Zonepidemic怎么记忆e 1; Li Jiangping 13692203512,prevention是什么意思 Liaison officer of Zone 56controllable and Zone 3 of Zone 2; Huang Xinran 1epidemic是什么意思3fuels713667519, Liaison officer of Zone 708 and Zone 4 ofnotice作文 Zone 2; Zhou Wenguang, Liaison officer onotice用法f The Fifth Zone 18207534494.



Shenzhen Lions Club

February 5, 2020


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