Forwarding the “Urgent Notice on the Strict Practice of Economy and Frugality”

Service teams:

In accordance with the spirit of “Urgent Notice on Strict Practice of economy and Frugality” of the Domestic Lion Association, we advocate the seurgent造句rvice teams to hold changing sessions and activities in public service activities. The vestrictnue shalpractice后接什么形式l be a hotel under four stars (inclusive), and shall not be in a scenic spot. It is not allowed to organize banquets and other activities at the changing session and the event site. In new epidemic situation is still grim, each shoupractice-pet-unfoldld keep high alert service, enhancurgent英语怎么读ing prevention security barrier, strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention and control requirements, to minimize peconomy的派生词ersonnel gathered, avoid aggregation risk,economy的派生词 as far as possible use of video meeting, telephone, Internet and other forms, scalenotice的固定搭配 rein conferences and activities, and streamlurgent是什么意思ine agenda, shortening the time of meeturgent前面用a还是anings and activities, Adhere to the hard-won preventurgent前面用a还是anion and control achievements, effectively prevent the resurgence of the epidemic.

The full text of the Notice is hurgentlyereby forwarded as follows. All service teams are requested to strictly comply with the requirements of the notice, further adveconomy怎么记忆ocate turgent翻译hrift and oppose extravagance and waste, strictly observe the requiremeneconomy是什么意思英语ts of epidemic prenoticeablevention and controlstrict怎么读音, and carry out all work in an orderly and pragmatic manner.

Shenzhenfrugality Lions Ceconomy和economic的区别lub & NBSP;  

24 June 2020

Forwarding theChinese Lion Federation [2020] No. 48 – Urgent noticstrict用法e of Chinese Lion Federation on strict frugality in organizing mpractice造句eetings. PDF

Forwarding the1 Notice [2019] 51 of China Lion Federation ourgent是什么意思n forwarding “Specifiurgent是什么意思c Measures for Iurgent英语怎么读mplementing the Spirit of the Eight-Point Regulations of the Curgent名词形式PC Central Committee by the Leading Party Group of China Disabled Persons’ Federation”. PDF

Forwarding the1.1urgent翻译 Annex – Specific methods for the CPC Lestrictlyading Party Group to implement the snoticepipractice的意思rit of the Eight-point Rules of the CPC Central Committee. PDF

Forwarding theAnnex 2. Nurgent是什么意思otice on strengthening the implementation ofstrictly the Rectification work to Advocate thrift and Combat Extravagance and Waste. PDF

Forwarding theAttacstrict的用法与搭配hment 3- Notice of domestic Lions Association on strengthening the service team to practice economy and frugality. PDF

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