Notice | shenzhen lions informed about suspended all group activities

Service teams:

In order to further implement the party central committee and the State Council to will be coaboutcgronavirabout是介词吗us pneumonia infection prevention and control work the iabout翻译mportant instructions of spirit, the implementation ofnotice是什么意思 the domestic lion federation and the shenzhgroupby函数en federation of epidemic prevention and control work deployment, avoid disease transmission throughgroup的用法 crowds on activity situation, reseagroup怎么读英语rch decision, temporarily stop this groactivities思维导图up event notabout怎么读ification. Specific requirements are as follows:

1. Shenzhen Lions Club and service tsuspenders复数还是单数eams shalinformed的用法l temporarily stop organizing meetings, parties, service activities and other group activities, and lion friends shall not spontaneously organize some party activities. If you need to disgroup怎么读音cuss matters, you can contactnotice过去式 by wechat or phone. The regular meetings or service activities scheduled by the service teanoticeablem will be postponed untilabout翻译 the epidemic is eliminated. Resolutely prevent cross infection, eliminate all kinds of epidemic深证指数 hidden dangers, and practically guarantee the life safety and health ofgroup的用法 all lion friends.

Second, the current epi深圳市最新疫情demic, hopinformed中文意思是什么e all the lion friendabouttime免费观看s correct understanding and scientific prevention, rational response to the outbreak, strengthen the consciousness of epidemic prevention and control, strgroup是什么意思engthen the self protection, service to others before you do your safety, do not believe a rumor, don’t tale, no release, no comment, dactivities怎么读o not brogroup的用法adcast any without the certification authority and authoritative media epidemic information, and consciously spread positive energy, Active cooperation and scientific participation in epidemiactivities翻译c prevention and control; We advocate all lion friends to enabout翻译sure the healthy and orderlyabout翻译 operation of the enterprise, crsuspended什么意思eate a good and safe working environment for employees, and jointly maintain social harmony and stability.

Notice is hereby given.

         suspended &notice过去式nbsp; &nactivities是什么意思翻译成中文bsp;                       &nabout-facebsp; &nbspnotice的形容词;                    

&nnoticebsp;           Shenzhen Lions Club

February 1, 2020

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