Notice | shenzhen lions about adjusting part of the 18th annual member representative assembly election preparations for arrangement of notice

Dear Lion friend,

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has issued a notice on suspending all group activities in accordance with the requirements of the Domestic Lions Association and shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation on epidemic prevention and control, in order to avoid the spreamembers markd of the disease through crowd activities. In onotice翻译rder to ensure the smooth progress o深圳地铁线路图f the election of the 18th Lionsnoticed Club Co同花顺ngress of Shenzhen, we hereby inform you of the adjustment of part of the preparatory work for the election of the 18th Lions Clubpart Congress of Shenzhen after consultation as follows:

I. According to the current situation of the epidemic, the preparations for the election of the 18th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen will be cparticulararried out accoannual同义词rding to the original schedule. Further notice will be given if necessary.

2. The deadline for the registration of qualishenzhenfied capartnerndidates for the boarpartd of Govabouttime免费观看ernors and tabout怎么读语音he board of Supervisorslions remains unchanged, remaining before 4pm on February 24.

Iii. Prepare materials for the convenience of the lion friends who register for the elshenzhenection, and simplify the application procedures. The recommendation letter of the servicnotice作文e team can be taken from the scrthougheenshots voted by the wechat group meeting of the service teamnotice的固定搭配 leader as the recommethndation opinions of the team leader. More thanparty英文意思 two-thirds of the team leader’s team members are still required to aaboutpprove the recpart是什么意思ommendation.

4. Scanning copies can be provided along with the originlions怎么读al documents sshenzhenubmitted. The origadjustinginal dthocuments should be sent to the office by express, and the scanned copartlypies shadjusting是什么意思oupartlyld be sent to the email aannualddrepartynextdoorss of the District Council before 4pm on February

Council informati桃花源记翻译on collection Contact personannuals: Lin Yanfen, tel: 0755-25688195, 15712177101.

Board of Superlions翻译中文visors information collions翻译中文lection Contact pmembersmark啥牌子erson: Zhou Weabout翻译nguang, tel: 0755-25about688930, 18annual同义词207534494.

5. The working meeting of the qualification Examinaparticipatetion Group will be held on themember造句 afternoon of February 26. In light of the changing situation of the epidemic situation, if the meeting cannotparty英文意思 bmember造句e held onotice的形容词n site, it will be held by compartlymunicationannual同义词.

Vi. The fourth board meetingnotice是什么意思 will be held on March 7. Ilions怎么读n light of the changing sit童话故事uation of the epidemic situation, if the meeting cannot be held on site, it will b深圳e he童话故事ld by communaboutication.

Please arrange your work well, prepare yolions英语怎么读ur materials according to the notadjustingice and sub深圳mit them on time. Please prepare for the meeting.

Let us work together in a scientific way to protect ourselves and our familiesmember造句. As a team, we will strive for a comember怎么读mplete victory in the battle againstmembership什么意思啊 the epidemic.

Noticelions读音 is hereby given.


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February 2, 2020

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