Lions on conducting will notice | shenzhen coronavirus prevention and control situation investigation

Service teams:

To strictly implement the start of guangdong province major public health深圳地铁线路图 emergencywilliam responcoronavirus翻译scontrol的过去式和过去分词e requirements, cooperate with shenzhen disabled persons' federation to will be coronavirus pneumonnotice的形容词ia epidemic prevention and control work, minimize the spread of disease, guarantee all the lion friends healthy body, all senotice是什么意思rvice actively cooperate witsituation什么意思h shenzwill的过去式hen lions epidemic investigation work, specific requirements are as folnotice翻译lows:

I. Investigation contents: a深圳疫情ll lion friends' renotice过去式cent t深圳大学rips, whethsituationshiper they have traveled to and from Hubei and Wuhan, whecontrollablether they have contacted people from Hubnotice用法ei province, whether tnotice翻译heprevention怎么读y, their family members or employees of the company have suspected symptoms, etc.

2. Acontrolledpplication Requirements: Members should fill in thcontrollede "Shenzhen Lions Club Sur深圳地铁线路图vcontrolsey on Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control" (notice用法see attachment), collec深证指数t the information by the secretaries of each service tcontrol键是哪一个eam, and send it twillingnesso the email of Shepreventionnzhen Lions Club office or wechat to the liaisprevention是什么意思on officers of each area bwill的过去式efore February 5th.

Iii. Contact Person:

The First Zone Hu Lei 18926071100; Li Jlionsiangping 13692203512, Liaison officer of Zone 56 and Zone 3 of Zone 2; Huang Xinran 13713667519, Liaison officer of Zone 708 and Zone 4 of Zone 2; Zhou Wsituation什么意思enguang, Liaison officer of The Fifth Zone 18207534494.

Epidemic prevention and control is the current top prioprevention怎么读rity, all lion friends should consciously enhance the sense of responsibility and the overall consituation怎么读cept, assumsituation怎么读e the main responsibility ofcontrol翻译 epidemic prevention and cowilliamntrol worcontrollingk, fulfill due social obligations. Let us work together to prevent and control the epidemic in accolion是什么意思rdance with the law and in an orderly mawillnnnoticeder, win the battle against the epidemic and protect ournoticeable beautiful homesituation怎么读英语.

Notice is hersituation什么意思中文eby given.


Attachment:Shenzhen Lions Club scontrol的过去式和过去分词urvey on Novel Coronavirus Prevention and control



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February 3, 2020


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