Notice | notice about public welfare charity services during the period of epidemic prevention

Service teams:

At present, the novel Coronavirus outbreak has not yet ended, and thnoticee country is in an extraordinary period of prevention and control of novel Coronavirus pneumonia. It is a major task at present to resolutelepidemicy win the battle against the epidecharity和love区别mabout是介词吗ic. It is particularly important for shenzhen Lions Club to do a good job in epidemipublic404html最新网站c prevention and social welfare and charity services. In order to thoroughly inotice是什么意思mplement tnoticeablehe relevantaboutcg网站 requirements of the Party and the state on epidemic prevention, and in accordance with the spirit of the higheepidemicr authorities and the actual situation of Shenzhen Lions Club, we hereby notify the following mpublicatters concerning the lion work during epidemic prevention:

1. Do a good job in protection. Wear a mask at all times during charity service. Shaking hannotice的固定搭配ds or other contact is not recommended.

Second, focus on community service. The movement oservice是什么意思f people increserviceshellases the risk of infection. Itepidemic是什么意思 is hoped that all service teams should focus onduring英语 local areas in Shenzhen, serve the surrounding communities well, and reduce the number of services outsperiodicalide Shenzhen.

Third, avoid peoabout翻译ple gathering. When carrying out publiservices翻译c welfare and charity services, we should not organize too many lion friends to participate in on-sitepublic404html乱 services, and try not to organize donation ceremonies. Material donations are mainly procurement and distriabout翻译bution. It is sugepidemic翻译geswelfareted that servicepublic twelfare翻译eams sserviceshould beperiod1译成中文 supported by service funds and individual representatives shoulcharity怎么读d be selected to participate in the servicwelfare是什么意思e.

Prevention and control according to law, scientific epidemic prevention, please lion friends under the condition of ensuring their own safety, orderly carry out and participate in public service activities.


Shenzhen Lions Club

22 April 2020


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