Tender Notice for travel agency to attend the 52nd Far East and Southeast Lions Convention in Singapore

Tender Notice for travel agency to attend the 52nd Far East and Southeast Lions Convention in Singapore

      &nbattend的用法与搭配sp;     The 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Convention will be held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapoeasterre from November 7 to 10, 2013. In ordagency的名词er to arouse more lion f尿毒症riends to participate in the bidding, we hereby issue a public bidding annotravel是什么意思uncement to thesoutheastern怎么读 public, and hope that more competent, responsible and qua你打算萌死我吗lified travel agencies will actively particiattend名词pate in the bidding, and hope that the majority of lion friends will actively recommend.

            Aattending, & hatravelledve spent Schedule requirfarm是什么意思ements.

            1.   independent travel Booking international air ticfarewellkets and hotels for four antravel翻译d five star hotels. Airport transfers. Visa agent.
      &nb你打算萌死我吗sp; &nbsoutheast是什么意思英语sp;   2.   A four-day trip to attend the con能的拼音ference alone. Hotels aresoutheast翻译 rated fotraveledur and five stars, including one-day Tours and other fees. The schedule of the ieaster英语怎么读ntereaster是什么意思英语national Conference is attached.
            3.southeast   You suggest a more reasonable itinerary to recommend to guests.
     attend翻译       4.   A detailed itinerary is required, including citraveledties, attractions, transportation, accommodation, meals, guides, etc.

            Second, & have spent Quofarmertation requirements.

&nbsoutheast怎么读sp; &nbspeaster;         1, & have spent Transportation. Infarcluding airlinesagency中文, class, flights, tour buses, etc.
    &nbsptravel;       2, & have spent Accommodation. Hotel name and lonoticedcation. Ask to be near the meeting place dtenderlyuring the meeting. (Please refer to the room reservationsoutheastern是什么意思 of the association)
            3, & have spent Meal. The dish. Restaurant location. Chinese food and westernnotice翻译 food. A few dishes and soup, meat and vegetabeast翻译lesnoticeable.
      &nbsfarmerp;     4, & have spent Seastertandards for the number of team leaders and local escorts.
          &nbagency怎么读音英语sp; 5, & have spent Desoutheasternsign itinerary and quote individually according to guest’s special requirements.

            Three, & have spent Basic qualification requirements for travel agents.

   能的拼音        notice 1, & h尿毒症ave spent All four certificates are complete. (License, perm发如雪mv女主是刘畊宏老婆it, code certificate, tax certificate), copy with official seal. Power of attorney of legal representative.
            2, & have spent The southeast Asia department of the travel age能的拼音ncy headeast是什么意思翻译quarters with exit qualifiagencycation will operate, and the contractingtravel or affiliated travel agency departments or bnotice用法usiness departments will not be accepted for bidding.
            3, & have spent Shenzhen city travel agencies onoticedr legal agencies in Shenzhen.
   tenderness中文意思         4, & hagency什么意思ave spentravel是什么意思t Company profile, size, advantatravel翻译ges in organizing southeast Asia Tours, experientenderness网名啥意思ce in organizing large-scaleattendant conferences or business trips.
            5, & have s能的拼音pent The importance of the company to this tender. What tea法人m is planned to track the service. Quality and service of operators.
  &nbstender翻译p;       &notice是什么意思nbsp; 6, & have spent Have you been involved in any lions club projects? Do you know anything about lions International convention?

            Four. Program and time.

 eastmoney手机版           1. Deadline for bidding: 17:00 on September 16, 2013.
        &attend的用法与搭配nbsp;   2. Bid invitation units should send se那的笔顺aled bid documents and information to Miss Zhou of Shenzhen Lions Club at tel: 25688576.
    &nbsndp;       Mailing address: 13th floor, Building D, Huaqing Yuan, No. 38法人, Luosha Jeaster是什么意思英语inger Road, Luohu District, 518003

       farm是什么意思     Attachment:

            Schedule of the 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Annual Conference

    &nbspattendant;                     &nbnotice过去式sp;那的笔顺           &nbs宁德时代p; &nbeast是什么意思翻译sp;                 &nbsp娘道;                           Shenzhen Lions Club
Chairman of the International Convention Committee: Dong Shige
  &nbspfarm是什么意思;travelled     &n那的笔顺bsp;                       &nb宁德疫情sp;         &nbattendsp;                           Executive Chairmen: Songsoutheastern Fang, Zhou Haisong, Xu Gang
&east怎么读nbsp;   September 5, 2013

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