Happy Sports and Healthy Life - The 2nd Shenzhen Lions Club Lion Love Carnival fun games for visually impaired people was held successfully

Happy sports & NBSP; A healthy life

-- The 2nd Lions Club shenzhen Lion Love Carnival fun Games for the visually impaired was held successfully

On December 9th, the second lions Club of Shenzhen held tclubhe visually impaired sports meeting你打算萌死我吗 in shenzhen Comprehensivhappy什么意思e Service Center for the disaclubmanbled.

Ma Mhealthyin, the first vice President of Lions Club of Shenzhen folion是什么意思r 2017-2018, expressed hlion复数er heartfelt gratitude to the visually impaired people who came frclub是什么意思om far away and to the units and service teams who strongly supported the event. She said that wen Xin Lion Love Sports carnival series activitielion复数s are committed to p能的拼音roviding a plathappy怎么读form for disabled friendslion to show themselves, show their expertise, enhance their深圳疫情 conclub怎么读fidence to love lifehealthy怎么读, and create more value for the society.

At the event, disabled friends brought colorful talent shows. Fukang vlifeisually impaired belt team presented a wonderful ball aerobics for e你的名字veryone. After two months of ha深圳风险等级rd trasportsmanining, the visually impaired performers completed the performance under the careful arrangement and patient guidanclion的音标e of the team teachers. Zhou Huaying's song "The Bay Sea" won rounds of applause for her msportswearelodious singing and professional musical qualisports怎么读英语单词ty. Friend Guo Yalin played fenugreek bamboo under the moonlight, the charming melody, giving people a feeling of relaxation and happiness; Chen's friend played深圳疫情 the guitar and sang "Rice Shop" for everyone. The deep singing revealed the calm that has been deposited through the baptism of time. I could not tell that it was a 17-year-old boy's performance. Xu Jing recited "Ode tlion的音标o Sports" with music. Her recitation was loud and powerful, which contained beauty, justice, courage, honor, heaclubmanlth, progress and peace. Finally, the Fukang Visually impaired African Dru深圳地铁线路图m Team phealthy2官网入口resented the Africahealthy名词形式n drum performance, whose sonorous and powerful drums, sometimes radical and somehealthy反义词times slow rhytlifestylehm, andhappy什么意思 the smiles on the faces of the members sclub怎么读hocked the audiencclub怎么读e.

After the wonderful performances, the exciting fun games began! Thehappy的副词 fun games will be carried out by groupinghealthy2官网入口 and accumulating points. Volunteers tied ribbons of different colors on the w深圳疫情最新动态rists of the visually impaired to form five teams, including The Ares Te深圳疫情最新动态am, The Take-off Tlioneam, the Beyondclub是什么酒 Team, the Brave Team and the Heroes Team. Each team consists of 10 visually impaired people, 10 volunteers and 2 lion李锋张雪弃少隐龙 friends. In cartoon relay racehealthy, executing orders, hula hoop aclubmed官网预订ndlions other links, the visu娘道ally impaired people cooperlion的音标ated and actively interacted with the on-site volunteers and lion friehappysugarlifends, fully showing their sense of coordination ability. Then thealthy的比较级he tug of war competitlifestyleiolions英语怎么读n深圳疫情最新动态, each team fierce competition for collective honor, enhance the collectisportsve sense of honor and thlions英语怎么读e spirit of unity and cooperation, but a你打算萌死我吗lso cultivate their indomitable spirit and positive athappytitude towards life. Shouts and chee李菲儿rs rose frhappy的反义词om the scene.

Later, e深圳ach team gave full play to their imagination, division of labor and cooperation, and used cartoon clothes and ribbosports怎么读ns to arrangelions是什么意思 a variety of interesting formations, such as thousand-hahappy birthdaynded guanyin, flying wi李锋张雪弃少隐龙ngs, smiling faces and other shapes. Their comprehensive response ability makes people forget that this is a special games.

In accordance with深圳 the results of each link, the brave team won the fhappy的反义词irst plasports怎么读ce, the Takeoff team and the Heroes team wclub怎么读on the second place, the Ares team and the Transcendence team won the third placeclub是什么意思. Du Juan, chairman of the Low Vislion是什么意思ion Project Commit深圳风险等级tee, He Yuanzhen, chairman of the executive Chairman, and other lion friends presented awards, gifts and took photos for each winnin宁德时代g group.

"When God closes a dohealthy名词形式or for you, he willsports用英语怎么说 open a window for you." The visually impairelionsgated may need assistive devices to see clearly, or even not seehealthy的副词 at all, but they are as well developed in ot你的名字her ways as anyone else. They interpret their love of life withhealthy怎么读 practical actiosportsmeet翻译中文ns and strive to create their own wonderf深圳疫情最新消息ul life. May thlionse lifesports翻译 of all visually impaired fhappy什么意思riends belions怎么读 full of sunshisportswearne. Ma尿毒症y flowers and applause be wshenzhenith them. May they be healthy and happy in the coming days.

This activity was organized by Shenzhen Disabled深圳疫情 Persons' Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Comprehensive Service Center for Disabled Persons, Shenzhen Volunteer Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club Low Vision Projelionsgatect Committee, Hualin, Songminglions的音标, Huayue, Longcheng, Yantian, Zhuhui, Fuai, Gaoland, Shealthy反义词onggang, Tilion怎么读en, Oriental Rose, Blue Sky, Mission Hills, Jinxiu, Bagualing, linkedin, Longhua, Baibei, Hongli, Mile and other 20 service teams jointly ulion复数ndertook theclubs project.

Shenzhen Huang Qun, deputy dclubmanirector of the comprehensive service center for the disabled (2017-201深圳风险等级8 shenzhen lions first vice President of Ma Min, secretary-general Zeng Shi raise, dean of general affair Peng Daojian, chairman of the sixteeclubnth partition Lin Yuqi, assihealthy2官网入口stive se能的部首是什么rvices committee chairman deng jun, executive chairman of Chen Xuan bin, low vision project committee chairman hanley He Yuanzhen, execlion的音标utive director, Chen psports和sport的区别aid, Li Xiang, chairman of envirolions怎么读nmental Protection Service Committee and coordinator oshenzhenf GST Shenzhen region, Ren Guihua, executive chasports翻译irman of Lion Friends Care Committee, representatives of lion friends from various servicesports怎么读英语单词 teams, volunteers from municipal Volu娘道nteer Federation and vhealthy2官网入口isually impaired friends, all attended the event. The evelions英语怎么读nt was hosted by Ren Guihua, Huang Yuehong and Li Zhigang.

[Text] Wang Jiapeng

[Photo] Yang Xin

[Edit] Ma Huijuasports用英语怎么说n, Yang Xin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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