Guidelines for changing of The Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team

Guidelines for changing of The Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team

       serviceable &nbteam什么意思sp;  In or深圳市最新疫情der to ensure the continuity of lions service and the smooth dev深圳疫情elopment of service activities, each service team should do a good job in the election of the new members of the service team board and report to the Lions Club office in Shenzhen in time.

&nbslions是什么意思p;     &nbclubmansp;  guideline是什么意思英语 &nbclubman是什么牌子车sp; 1. Personnel to be replaced:
          &nclubbsp; Members of the service Cochanging是什么意思中文uncil, in深圳市最新疫情cluding tlions翻译he Captain, first Vice Captain, second vice Captain, third vice Captain, secretary, treasurer, General Affairs, picket and directclubmanor.

         lions怎么读   2. Transition Tguidelines翻译ime:
            Befchangingroomvoyeurore the annual lions Club convention, the club shall elect a new board member and submit the election to liservicebioons Club at the specified time. In principle, t深圳疫情he handover shoul深圳大学d be completed witchangingroomvoyeurhin the first month of the beginning of the new Lion year.

        &n深圳疫情bsp;   3. Handover Contents:
    &nchanging是什么意思bsp;       Members of the Corpsteams Council areservice怎么读 required to hand ovteams手机版er their property an深圳风险等级d belongings.
  &nb深圳天气sp;         Team leader: team leader, servservicebioichanging翻译成中文ce team meeting and service projects, including the progress of unfinished service projteam是什么意思翻译ects, the main person in charge of the project, etc.
           深圳市最新疫情 Secretary: this year’s meeting materials, member information, member achanging roomddress book, mem深圳风险等级ber attendateams手机版nce records, seclubsrvice activitielions是什么意思s, pictures and other relevant documents.
  &changingroomvoyeurnbsp;       &guidelines是什么意思nbsp; Finance: including the following:
(1) Fill in and submit the financial handservice翻译over Rteamproeport Form (Annex 3) and financial income and expenditure Rechanging翻译port Form (Annex 4).
(2) Check the balance oflion是什么意思中文翻译 financial statements and count the cash and bank depoclubmansit transfer balance.
(3shenzhen) Take invchanging是什么意思中文entory of fixed aslions怎么读sets andteams手机版 lion supplies and otherserviceable assets, and make physical hanservice的名词dolion是什么意思ver.
(4) Check and confirm the balance of receivables and payables.
(5) Check the handover of important documents, major project files, meeting minutes and contracts of unfinished projects of the previous year, and determine the source of project funds.
(6) The progress of the impleme深证指数ntservice的名词ation of the balance of the handover service funds, administrative funds anchangingroomvoyeurd the balance of深圳大学 the limited project funds, and the name of the project leader.
(7) Introduction of funds and progress of unfinished projects that need to belions怎么读 continued.
            General affairs: lion articles to be handed over, such as union flachanging是什么意思中文g, national flag, banner, slogan, bell, mallet, lion song disteamc and other union affairs articles and property.
            Picchanging是什么意思ket: Picket tape and other items to be handed over.

            4. Matters needing attention during handover:
(1) When the finlions翻译ancial department transfers the items to the next financial department, the handover repoclub翻译rt shall be countersigned by both sides of the halions怎么读ndover, namel深圳疫情最新动态y the previous team leader, the financial department, the current team leader and the financial Department, with the financial department as the tchangingransfer and receiver, and the team leader as the supervisor for signature confirmatilion是什么意思中文翻译on.
(2) At the time of hateam什么意思ndovechanging翻译成中文r, the handover person and the suservice的名词pervisor shlions读音ould sign on thchanging roome Handclub翻译over Form of Shenzhen Lions Club, indicating the position andlions handochanging是什么意思中文ver date.
(3) The handover report and attachmentsclubman are in triplicate, with each party holding one copy and submitting one copy to Shenzhen Lions Club.

            5. Other Suggestions:
(guideline是什么意思英语1) In order to promote the development of social exchange activiteamworkties between the service teams and reflect the principle of frugality, it is suggested that each service team can hold the ceremony by joint change of tcluberms, and coordinate the certeams手机版emony through the regional chairmen;
(2) The theme of lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 is “Pass on Love”. The logo can be downloaded from the website of Lions Club of She深圳地铁线路图nzhen.
(shenzhen3) In order to ensure that the ceremony conforms to the rules and regulations of Lions Club, each service team is ateamodvised to submit the ceremony pchanging怎么读英语rocedure, guest list and p深圳疫情最新动态ress release (if any) tchanging怎么读o thechanging是什么意思中文 District Club for review 3 working daservice怎么读ys before the ceremony.
(4) If you have any questions, please contact Su Zhuangbin, tel: 25688257, email:

  &nb深圳天气sp;   &changing怎么读nbsp;   &nbsservicebiop; 1. Shenzhen Lions Club Transition survlion是什么意思ey Form
            2. Transition Form of Shenzhen Liolions翻译中文ns Club
      &nbclubsp;   &nbslion是什么意思p; 3. Financial Handover R深圳风险等级eport form
     深圳地铁线路图       4. Service Team Fiteamsnancial Income and Expenditure Reporclubmed官网预订tlion是什么意思中文翻译 form

&nclub怎么读bsp;         &nblions读音sp; &nlions读音bsp; Shenzhen Lions Club
        &nbs深圳风险等级p;                     &nbsplions;                深证指数          club是什么意思 &nservice的名词bsp;               &nbsteams手机版p;   &teampronbsp;     May 30, 2014

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