Standardized procedures for the changing ceremony of The Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team


Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team changing Ceremony
Standardized process
(Draft proposal)

           I. Basic tips:service翻译
            1, & have spent Confirm venueclub是什么意思 and ceremony time: Pleas深圳疫情e communicate with the shenzhen Lions Club office in advance to confirm the time schedule of the executive direservice是什么意思ctors and select theteamviewer appropriate date to ensclub怎么读ure the attendance raclubste of the president (service是什么意思中文翻译director) and the executive directors;
            2, & have spent Make invitations and send notices: Please send at least 10 days’ notice (written invitation, email or SMS) and arrange one weeservice是什么意思k in advance to follow up the invited participants. Inform the spec深圳天气ific time and venue of the ceremony;
        &n深证指数bsp;   3, & have spent Materials preparation and venue lalions怎么读yout: Thrprocedures是什么意思ee days in advance accorlions翻译中文ding to the numb深圳疫情最新动态er of participants, and appropriate reservation of seats (it is su深圳市最新疫情ggestlionsed to add one to the reservation base or reserve two).teambition The background board and other party series documents should reflect the annual theme and LOGO of the深圳大学 two yea深圳地铁线路图rs. Arrange alions是什么意思coustics (must not make do, acoustics is the prerequisite for the success of the ceremony), ready for the projector, computers and data of photographic camechanging用英语怎么说ra equipmenprocedurest, two days in advance of the ceremony made ceremony backgchanging翻译round banner, andclub怎么读 six hours bclub用英语怎么说efore the latest installation in place prior to the ceremony, arranged at the same time the national flag, flag, speecteamviewerh, gifts, MEDALS and put the position;
    &changing翻译nbsp;       4, & have spent Seat ordering and precautions: Iproceduresn accordance with lions convention, domestic custom should be taken into account if official officials are present. Left for honour & throughout; Seating arrangemeteams会议nts); If no official is preceremony的名词sent, the ranking goes tprocedures怎么读音发音o “ Right for honour & throughout; ;
            5, &changing是什么意思英语 have spent Inspection and confirmation of ceremony supplies: National flag (standardized是什么意思national anthem preparation), conference flag (conference song preparation), conference bell, belshenzhenl hammer, background plate (banner), a深圳疫情udio, background music, wireless mic, projector, cclub翻译omputer, information, gifteamots, Mclub怎么读EDALS, etc.;
    &nbspchanging room;      6, & have spent Meeting chair and personnel arranceremony怎么读gement: Conference chairman, executive chairman, host and script preparation (pay special attention to the accurate and sequence of guest introduction, before the opening must ask the host to submit the guest list to the chairman ofchanging翻译成中文 the conference for its unit, position, name for verification).
           Ii. Basic Process:
      &nbslions是什么意思p;     1, & have spent[Opening music]Host on stage opening remarks
            2, & have spent Invite the chairman to the stage[Entrance Music]
            A. Introdstandardized翻译uceteams手机版 the guests in accordance with the rules and regulations of Lions Club (the new first Viceremony造句ce Captain will be the president of the convention, if the chaprocedure什么意思啊nge is joint, all the first vice captains are required to appear on stage)
      &nbceremony是什么意思sp;     B, The chairman oflion是什么意思 the conceremony复数形式ferclub翻译ence delivered a welcome speech
            3, & have spent The chairman of the meeting tolled the bell
   深圳市最新疫情         4, & have spent The National Anthem of the People’s Republic of Chinlions是什么意思a
          &nbspteams会议; 5, & have spent Play the Lions Club song (omitted if official)
            6, & have spent Summary of team leader work in 2013-14
      &nbteamviewersp;     7, & have spent 13-14 Financial Reporting (Administrative and service expenses)
(If several will be jointly changed, each willstandardized翻译 be in orderservice怎么读)
            8, & have spent Honor: & have spent
            A, & have spent Member recognition;
   lion是什么意思中文翻译         B, & have spent Thanks to the Brothers Service team and the rest of the community and businceremony用什么介词esses
(The position of the grprocedures怎么读音发音oup photo: pay attention to the right side of the platform, facing the platform)
(Signed name of the thank-you note: Shenzheceremony用什么介词n Lionlion是什么意思s Club *** Service Team, signed by the leader of tprocedures怎么读he year 13-14)
&changing是什么意思中文nbsp; &nceremony复数形式bsp;         9, & have spent Spechanging怎么读ech by president (Director) for year 13-14
    &nblions翻译中文sp;       1service是什么故障灯0, & have spent Handover Ceremony & NBSP;
            A, the first ribbon, the second bell hammer
     ceremony和celebration的区别       [Captain of the year 13-14 and 14-15 took the stage at the same time; President (director) of the year 13-14 and 14-15 took the stage at the same time to witness]
            [Photo standing position: Left on the platform of president (director) and Captain (13-14), right on the platform of President (director) and new Captain (14-15)]
            B. Work handover ceremony of the serlions翻译vice team: signing hstandardizedandover forms of personnel, financial, material and service activities
      &nbspclub是什么酒;     [President (Director) witness group photo, 13-14 President (Director) and 13-14 Captain platform left, 14-15 President (Director) and new captain station right]
            C. Compliments to the team leader and all members of the Council for the year 13-14: applaustandardizedse, flowers and gifts
          &nteams会议bsp; 11, & have spent New team leader’s speech: work plan and outlook; Introduction of members of the Corps Council for the year 14-15; Statements by counciservice是什么意思中文翻译l members (rceremony同义词epresent深圳疫情最新动态atives); Leo congratulations.
            [Group photo: 14-15 Year President (director) and 14-15 year Service Team directors on stage]
      &lionsgatenbsp;     12, & have spent New members pledge: the new (waiting) vice presteamsident (governor) will lead the way, the new (waiting) president (governor) and the pre深圳疫情vious president (governor)team will celebrate the ceremony, old members will give new members badges
      &nbspclub怎么读;     [Standing position: New members face the audience, on the right side of the platform, vice president (director) standing on the left side, president (director) standing on the right side.]
&nclub怎么读bsp;           13ceremony翻译, & have spent The new president (governor) maprocedures翻译de a speech
            14, & have spent Leaders of other units, enterprise representatives,clubman是什么牌子车 etc
&nbsteamop;          teamo 15, & have spent Members take photos with guests
        &procedures怎么读音发音nbsp;   16, & have spent The president of the conference glions怎么读ave a speech of appreciation, rang the bell and adjourned the meunstandardizedeting (all the presidents of the conference took the stage together with the深证指数 ch深圳天气ange of term)

            A. In c深圳疫情最新动态ase of joint tservice的名词ransition, all projects shall be completed accceremony复数形式ording toclub翻译 their respective service teams.
            B, stage hosts and speakersteams会议 standardize language: Domestic Lions Association, Shenzhen Lions Club, service team and so on.
            C. Unified text and logo of backchangingroomvoyeurground banner and meeting agenda.

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