The promotion meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club for peace poster Contest was held successfully

Lions International peace Poster Contest 2012-2013
The promotion meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club competition acontestantrea was held successfully

      &nbsplions翻译;     On Septembelions翻译中文r 20, 2012, the promotion meeting of lions Club Shenzhen for the 2012-2013 Peace Poster Contest was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. More than 20 people attended the meeting, including Lin Ziyu, the second deppromotionsuty Direposter翻译ctor of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2012-2013, Huang Xiaoling, twashingtonhe chairperson of Peace Poster Comcontest翻译mittee, and representatives of various service tpostern下载eams.
            The eventpromotions was moderated by Ms. Huang Xiaoling, chairperson of the Peace Postepeace是啥意思r Committee. She mainly talkslion是什么意思中文翻译 about this year’s peace poster contest. The theposter英语me of this year ipeace是啥意思s “ Immeeting的音标agine peace ” , the deadline foposter海报r submission is November 5, 2012. The size of the pwashoster works shall be at least 33CM wide andcontest是什么意思英语 50CM long, and shall not be larger than 50CM wide and 60CM long. It is not allowed to be mounte深圳风险等级d or framed. It is especially emphasized that there shalpromotion什么意思中文l not bepeaceful翻译 any words or numbers on the works. This year, t深圳大学herecontest是什么意思 are six awards in shenzhen Lions Club competition area. The grand prize will be RMB 10,000,meetingtencentcom and the work willpeacebird是什么牌子 be sent tclub翻译o Lions Club International to participate in the global finals. Watch the peace poster annouwashncement for detail深圳市最新疫情s. At the promotion meeting, representatives of the service t深圳疫情ealion是什么意思ms asked questions about the peace posters, and Ms. Huang Xiaoling answered them one by one. The atmosphere of the promotion meeting was very warmlions读音. Representatives of eachmeeting selions是什么意思rvice team have said that they will go back to good publicity, and select works to report.
 wasp           Peace Poster is a global peace poster competition organized by Lions Club International sinccontest翻译e 1988. It has been held 2contest怎么读语音3 times so far, attracting an average of 350,000 childrewashingtonn aged 11-1clubman3 from 65 countries and regions to participate in the cpeace翻译ompetition every year. In order to sow the seeds of peace in the hearts of children, we guide children to exprepeace是啥意思ss their peace ideals and good wishes, establish publwashedic welfare ideas and cultivate global concepts by means of paintings and posters.

By Su Zhuaposterngbin

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