Help Rehabilitation International show the spirit of Shenzhen Lions — Shenzhen Lions Club undertook the reception of rehabilitation International Spring 2019 Executive Committee

Help Rehabilitation International show the spirit of Shenzhen Lions — Shenzhen Lions Club undeclubmanrtook the reception of rehabilitation International Spring 2helper019 Executive Coclubmed官网预订mmitspiritual什么意思tee

From April 25 to 29, 2019, the Executive Committee of Rehabilitation International 2019 Spring, organized by China Disabled Persons’ Fedehelp outration, was held in Shenzhrehabilitationen. Abohelpingut 30 members of the Rehabi深圳疫情最新动态litation International Executive Committee from all over the world atteninternationally歌曲ded the meeting in Sheshowtimenzhen. Zhang Haidi, chairehabilitation什么意思rman of China Disabled Persons’ Federation and Chairman of Rehabilitation International attended and chaired the meeting. In order to show the good image of Lions Club shinternational是什么意思enzhen serving the socinternational是什么意思iety and ensure the smooth progress ofundertook是什么意思 the conference, lions Club Shspiritehelpednzhen was深圳地铁线路图 invited to tashenzhenke charge of logistics support such as airport pick-up and drop-off for foreign guests during the conference, combined with the theme work of lions Club Shenzhen providshowing targeted assistance to the disabled.

After receiving tclubmed官网预订he task, President Ma Min immediately set up a preparatory tspiritual什么意思eam, with Secretary General Du Hrehabilitation翻译engkun as the general coordinator and President Li Zhou as the general coordspiritinator. Guests were prepared with a gift with Shenzhen Lions club characteris深圳疫情最新消息tics and a map of Shenzhen in Both Chinese and English.

This time, the foreign guests will come to Shenzhen mainly from 24th to 26th. The earliest flhelp outight will arrive at 5am, and the latest flight will arrive aclubmant nearly 24am. In order to ensure punctuallions的音标 reception of foreign guests, the prepaundertook是什么意思ratory team adopted man-to-man tactishowingcs and arranged professional translators. During the three-day airpspirit是什么意思ort pick up work, lion frienclub翻译ds overcame obstainternational怎么读cles such as flight delay and chaotic time, and succeinternational缩写ssfully coclub是什么意思mpleted the airport pick up work.

Chen Qunhao, Huang Zhaoyi, Huang Haiqun, Zhang Lizhong, Yang Shuijin, Zhou Wei, Zhang Zheqin, Bao Renjie, Ding Xiaolin, Peshow怎么读ng Dayong, Ye Wlions英语怎么读enqin, Yu Hui, Wu Xian ‘an, Liu Qihai, Zhang 瞾 month and other lion friends and office officer Fu Hongqiang. They left a deep impresclub是什么酒sion on the participants with the enthusiasm of Shenzhen Lion friends, passed on the lion spirit of “we servehelp out“, publicized thespirited purpose of “helping others, serving the society”, and won unanimous praise from the guests. The guests were moved by the spirit of Shenzhen Shiyou and thanked shenzheclub是什么酒n Shiyou for the warm and warm reception.

Tan Ronggen, former president of Lions Club Ininternationalcupidternational and Jia Yong, president oshowf Domelions英语怎么读stic Lions Association, spoke highly of Lions Club shenrehabilitation什么意思zhen at the rehabilitation International Executive Committee.

Rehabilitation International (RI for short) is an International non-governmental organundertook是什么意思izclub怎么读ation that has long been committed tspirit怎么读o pr深圳风险等级omoting Rehabilitatiohelp是什么意思英文翻译n and welfare of persons with disabilities. Formehelpfulrlhelpfuly known as the “International Crippled Children’spirit是什么意思s Association” established in 1922, it was founded by American Edgar F Allen in New York. Since then, it has been renamed “The International Society for the Handshow怎么读icapped” and “the International Society for rehabilitation of the Disab深圳风险等级led” twice. It has been the current name since 1lions英语怎么读972. Its founder and first president was Edgar F. Allen of Ohio, USA. On October 6, 2014, Zhang Haidi was elected as thelionsgate new chairman of Rehabilitation Internatiospirit英语怎么读nal.

By Su Zhuinternationalworkers’day怎么读angbin

Drawing/Prspiritual什么意思eparatory Group

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