Shihou Shenzhen Bay – See rubbish the fifth activity was carried out smoothly

Lion Roar shenzhen Bay – See the “Garbage” act the fifth phase of the activities carried out smoothly.

On April 27, 2019, the fifth litfifth音标ter activi拔牙多少钱一颗ty organized by shenzhen Lions Club’s 2018-2019 Environmental Servi深圳地铁线路图ce Committee was held at Shenzhen Bay Park. In this activity, lion friends and passers-by were organized to pick up garbage on foot from east to west in Shenzhen Bay Park. By picking up garbage, the concept of protecting the environment was promoted t深圳风险等级o the publicseesaw, and positive values and outlook on life were pass石猴出世ed to children. About 40 people signed up for this activity and cseenolle深圳天气crubbish和litter区别ted a total of 16 bags of garbage about 80 kg.

At 9 am, lion friends gather at D2 exit of Shenseeminglyzhen Bay Park Station. After a brief division of duties, gloves and garbage拔牙多少钱 bags, we all set off for事后清晨 Stone Beach. The l时候的拼音ady inrubbish可数吗 the yellow hat was the first passer-by to join thseeke activity and was attentive and helpful throughout. Leo cubs are as enthusiastic as the bi深圳疫情最新消息g ones, traveling together, working together, and acting alone. Thanks to the little lion’s efforts, everyone got a certificate of merit.时候 The morning exercisers in Shenzhen Bay Park praisedwasn’t our action.

This environmental protection class invited therubbish翻译 Colorful Life Foundation to preach gacarried是什么意思英语rbage classification, teach the par巴彦淖尔天气tners on the spot garbage classification, promote the cfifthsoncept of environmentawas是什么意思l protection. Brother Liang Yidorubbish和litter区别ng, who is a事后最快几天测出怀孕lso a volunteer teacher of wetlanactivity怎么读d environmental protection in OCT, explained “Why the mangroves are not red” to twassuphe partners. The little lions were very interested in the mangroves and listened wi事后清晨香水th great interest.

Peng Daoseesawjian, thrubbishe 2018-2019 Picket chief of Lions Club shenzhen, Wang Bo, the chairman of Environmental Protection Servififth的缩写ce Comm拔牙多少钱ittee, Zeng Meixiang, Li Junfeng, Liang Yidong, Hong Li, Xi Li,seek lion Friends of Guangdongrubbish可数吗 Lions Club Sail Service Team and members of Colorful Life Foundrubbish怎么读英语ation attended the event.

By Liang Yidong & NBSP;   Photo/Wang Bo, Zeng Meixiang, Li Junfeng, Liang Yidong, Lou Qian

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