Brief on epidemic prevention of novel Coronavirus pneumonia in Shenzhen Lions Club (Viii)

As of 17:00 on 13 February 2020, Shenzhen Lions Club and 109 service teams have raised RMB 3,592,71263 for novel Cobriefly翻译ronavirus infecbriefstion preve深圳天气ntion services, and the value of matercoronavirus读音ials has been RMB 748,800. Amonlionsgateg them, tbriefinghe district council raised 1.47124 million yuanpneumonia怎么读 for epidemic pclubrevention, and the acclub怎么读tual amount reached 946,74 million yuan.

At present, 2,137,3233 million yuan hepidemic是什么意思as been invested in epidemic prevention services, mainly including: 100,lionsgate000 yuan, 100,000 yuan andepidemic和pandemic 50,000 yuan respectively to the Domestic Lion Association, Hubei Wuxnovelistiu City Chaepidemic situation翻译rity, and Wuhan Caidian District Charity, totaling 250,000 yuan; The donation value of epidemic prevention materials was 1,869,22730 million yuan, including 3,1深圳07 pieces of isolation clothing, vnovelty是什么意思alued at 360,200 yuan; 8,566 goggles worth 223,357 yuan; 322,900 masks, worth 369,488 yuan; 120 temperature guns, worth 11,880 yuan; 388,000 medical gloves, worth 214,895 yuan; 3380 masks, worth 74511.3 yuan; 7,5lion是什么意思80 pieces of disinfectant, worth 154,564 yuan; 1深圳疫情最新动态 hand washingprevention robo深证指数t, worth rmb1980; 24 bottles of hands-freeepidemic品牌 disinfcoronavirus读音ection gel, worth 1320 yuan; 424 bottles of hand sanitizer, worthcoronavirus音标 12,43epidemic翻译2 YUAN; Doubbriefsle carbon steel uv sterilization lamp car 20, the value of 9novel什么意思000 yuan; Ultraviolet disinfection car (including ultraviolet lamp) 12 sets, wlions英语怎么读orth 10320 YUAN; 6 air disinfection machines, worth 34,briefly翻译800 yuan; 16 ventilators, worth 150,800 YUAN; 6400 me深证指数dical hats, worth 22,200 yuan; 84 100 barrels of diepidemic品牌sinfectant, worth 24,000 yuan; 422 bottles of chlorine dioxide disinfecting water, worth 45,576 yuan; 700 self-heated meals, worth 21clubmed,000 yuan (inspirational materianovel翻译ls); 1020 pieces of medi深圳疫情cine, worth 105,000 YUAN (inspirational materials); 1000 bottles of ethanol disinfectant, worth 40,000 YUAN (inspirational materials).

At present, the specepidemicsial expenditure of the District Council for epidemic prevention is深圳市最新疫情 RMB 596,618, as follows:

1. Support the Association to carrycoronavirus音标 out epidemic prevention services of Hubei RMB 150,000 (RMB 50,000 purpneumonia记忆方法chased masks, and ancoronavirus怎么读other RMB 100,000 has been transferred to the Domestic Lion Aclubmanssociation);

2. Purchase 124,000 disposable medical gloves, subtotepidemic怎么记忆al 93,000 y深圳疫情最新消息uan;

3. Purchase 10,000 N95 maskclubss (to be delivered), subtotal 150,000 yuan;

4. Purchaseepidemic怎么记忆d 100 barrels of disinfectant, subtotal 24,000 yuan;

5. 2000 pairs of goggles, subtota深圳地铁线路图l 60,000 yuan;

6. Purccoronavirus是什么意思hase 13 ultraviolet sterilization lamp vehiclesbriefcase是什么意思 (including ultravioletnovel翻译 disinfection lapneumonia怎么读mp), subtotal 11,118 yuan

7. Purchase 1000 bottles of chlorine dioxide, subtotal 108,000 yuan

In additepidemic品牌ion, the materials collected深圳天气 and delivered bybrief翻译 the District Council arebriefly翻译 as follows:

1. He Jianclubmed官网预订hao donated 1000 Korean KN94 masks (Inspired by Guo Yongyong)

2. Lion Friend LAN Xiangyong donaepidemic situation翻译ted 150 imported masks (30 N95 and 120 N94) (Inspired by Wu Jinzhi)

3. Lion Friend Li Xia donates 700 home-cooked meals (Inspired bpreventiony Wu Jin-chi)

4.  Shenzhen Jiatai Pharmaceuti深圳疫情最新动态cal Donated 3000 boxes obriefingf Zanclubmangjiefeng soft capsules, 6000 boxesepidemic怎么读音 of Huoxiang Zhengqi capnovelupdatessules (Jinming Serlions怎么读vice Team, Wclubmanu Jinzhi inspired)

The district Council has completed tepidemic situation翻译wo batches of donated materials, and will soepidemic怎么读音on donate a batch of chlorine dioxide disinfection waterclubmed to Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Provinc深圳风险等级e, together with charitable enterprises.















Hats off to the lions! Thumbs up for lions! We firmly believe that in the near future, spring willbrief usher in flowers, everything will recover, and the Sons and daughters of the Chinese nation will uprevention怎么读nite as one and win this tough battle against the epidemic.



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13 February 2020

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