Notice | about statistics service, friends the lion, the lion enterprise procurement of materials for the epidemic prevention

Dear Lion friend,

        Given the lion friends enterprises lack formal way of protective matnotice过去式erials procurement, purchasing masks and other supplies difficulion翻译lt to return to work, to help the lion friends enterprise it, friends and friends will solve area, service and lprocurement和purchase的区别ions, procurement of materials for the prevention and control requiservice怎么读rements, improve theservice翻译 efficiency of pstatistics谓语动词用单数还是复数rmaterial是可数名词吗ocurement, the seabout是什么意思rvice and the lion are friends and will need to purchase the epidemic prevention material report to shenzhen lions and epidemienterprise支架c prevention work of maintaining the fourth group. The comprehensive antservice和serve的区别i-epiabout怎么读demistatisticsc Work group will make statifriends用英语怎么说stics in time, and inform the service team, friends and enterprises of the purchase of anti-epidemic materials in the first time.

        1. Report information: pabout怎么读urchasing unit, name and quantity of materials, name and telephone number of lion friends, usage (service team donation, famiservicely self-use, lion enterprise self-use)

  &nbmaterial是什么意思sp;     Ii. Contact Person:

Li Jingming (Contact number: 13925244899)

Thaboutcge Third Zone Service Team, Lion Friends and Lion Enterprises Docking Ye Ning (Tel: 13828842568)

Huang Xiaoru (Contact number: 13802583429)

Region 5 Service Team, Lion Friends and Lion Enterprises Docking Pool Minghui (Tel: 139statistics什么意思22846401)

  &nbspaboutcg网站;  procurement和purchase的区别   3. Thenterprise是什么意思e order of procurement is as follows: district association, service team donation, lion frieabouttime免费观看nd individual, lion friend enterprise, the one who reports earlier in the same order is preferred.

&nbservicebiosp;       Iv. Payment method: Donations from dabout翻译istrict clubs and service teams shall be palion复数id by lions Club shenzhen and Lions Club Shenzhen, purchased by lions club individuals afriendship可数还是不可数名词nd enterprises, and transferred from their own accountsnotice过去式 to sumaterials什么意思ppliers’ accounts.

   enterprise     V. Requirements: All purchasing resources provided by the district can be usedfriends什么意思中文 for donation purposes, or lion friends aenterprise支架nd lion enmaterials影响因子terprises forlion their own use, and commercial transactions arelion复数 prohiservice的名词bited; Do not collect informafriendship可数还是不可数名词tion in the rservicebioelay mode.

    &nbspnotice过去式;   With service, total harmony. Letabout-face us join hands in epidemic preventerprise是什么意思ention.

Shenzhen Lions Club

13 February 2020

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