Democratic, efficient, United and progressive — the 15th Member Congress of Shenzhen Lions Club was held smoothly

Democratic, efficient, United and progressivethe 15th Member Congress of Shenzhen Lions Club was held smoothly

On深圳 April 2progressively2, 2017, the 15th Member Congress of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel. Domestic lion federation vilions翻译ce-chairman, shenzhen liprogressively是什么意思on of Lin Ziyu, standing director of domestic lion federatiunitedstates是哪个国家on, the lion limemberson fund manageefficiently翻译ment committee chairman, shenzhen of Su深圳 Zeran, shenzhen lions President of 2016-2017, ShiJianYong, supervisors, changsha, sea), the last President Lin Tao, second deputy chairman tian wang xing, the founding President of jian-united kingdomwen xie, , chairmalions英语怎么读n of the advisory committee chairman, former President of wei-xian zhang, a former President of wu xm, Zheng Degang, XiaoXingPing, Zhang Guojun, jin-lcongressionaliang wang, sun aggregates, wear with xin, vice supcongress什么意思ervisor long Chen Shijun, secretary-general Zeng Shi Ma Min, treasurer, dean of generalions翻译中文l affair LuoJinSong, long picket Zheng Hehua, deputy secretary-general Lu Jin classy council, member of the board of supervisors and the service on behalf of a total of 328 members attended the meeting. Hcongress和conference的区别ou Yisha, chief representative of China Lions Association in Shenzhen and president of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Peng Yingjiu, representative of China Lions Association in Shenzhen and vice President of Shenzhen Disabl深圳疫情最新动态ed Personsthough‘ Federation; Cao Guoming, chairman of Hainan Membeefficientlyrship Management Committee forcongress翻译 2016-2017; Wang Jinsonglions读音, first Vice Chairman; Liu Chao,united second vice chaprogressive houseirunited用英语怎么说m深圳大学an and other leaders and guests attended the meeting. The conference was hosted by Zheng Degang, chairman of district Annualprogressively是什么意思 Committee, and Liu Danghe, David, and Liu Lebin, executive chairmen.

At the meeting, deputies conscientiously exercised their rights and duties with a high sense of responsilions的音标bility and missio深圳风险等级n, full of econgress什么意思nthusiasm and good spirits. The meeting deliberated and approved the “Runited是什么意思ules for the election of the president, vice president and Boarddemocratic的名词 of Directors of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018″, “Rules founited statesr the election of the Chief Supervisor, Deputy Chief Supervisor and Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018″, “Report on the work of the Board of Directors of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017”member and “The Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017” Work Report, 2016-2017 Financial Work Report of Lions Club Shenzhen, Alion是什么意思中文翻译rticles of Associacongress和parliament的区别tion of L深圳风险等级ions深圳地铁线路图 Club Shenzhen (revised), Qualification Examination Report for President, Vice President and Director of Lions Club Shenzhen 2017-2018, Qualification Examination Report for Supervisor, Deputy Supervisor and Supervisor of Lions Club Shenzhen 2017-2018 “And other importaunitedstates是哪个国家nt documents; Thirty-five members of the board of directors, including Tian Xingwang, tunitedstates中文意思he 2017-2lions翻译018 president of Shenzhecongress什么意思n Lions Club, Ma Min, the first vice president, Weng Hua, thunited胶囊e second vice president,efficient比较级 andmember怎么读 10 supervisorunited英语s, including Wu Xiaoming, the supervisor a陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿nd Liao Ronghui, the deputy supervmembersmark啥牌子isor, were elected.

ShiJianYong, President of the council work report “into the new lion ji”efficiently翻译 to respectively from invested tens of millions of funds, the innovation organization deprogressively是什么意思velopment, standardize lion construction, promote the culture communication and exchanges, support, cooperate with the domesmember翻译tic Leo cib work, honor and gratitude, experience and thinking of seven aspects this pap退婚后大佬她又美又飒er expounds the main job thi深圳疫情s year.

This year, Shenzhen Lions Club has been implementing the spirit of the 11th gene深圳天气ration of Lions Club in China, practicing the purpose of “helping ocongressthers and serving thethough soprogressive翻译ciety”,褪黑素 and actively responding to the initiative of “Centenlion是什么意思中文翻译nial Service Challenge” of Lions Club International.深圳疫情最新消息 Taking “Strengthening, Gathering strength and Icongress什么意思mproving” as the main line, shenzhen Lions Club has fthinormulated the annual theme of “Stepping into the new Lion Era”. Cel深圳天气ebrate glory in one hundred, rooted in the “community service, development of thousands of members, invested tens of millions of funds, to carry out the one thousand seshenzhenrvice, influence the family” as the focus of the overallth planning, in the council, commission and service and friends under the joint efforts of alefficientgripl the lion, actively carry out the work, and basically completedefficient怎么读 the annual slionset at the beginning of each work tmember翻译arget. This year, shenzhen Lions Club, based on the local area and inheriting brand深圳市最新疫情 service prolionsjdemocraticects, innovatively carried out variousmembersmark啥牌子 servi桃花源记ce activities, including commuefficient和effective的区别nity service, medical and health carefficient和effective的区别e, disaster relief and construction assistance, assistance to the disabled, education, poverty alleviation and other fields陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿. He has won many awards from Lionmemberss Club Intecongressmanrnational, national level an深圳大学d Shenzhen goverlions怎么读nment, including “Pengcheng Charity Model Project”, “Love and Dedication” award, “Top ten Public Welfare Olionsrganizations”, “Top Ten Caring Events”, “Top 100 Citizens Project” and so on. As of A桃花源记翻译pril 2017, Shenzhefficient怎么读en Lions Club has carried out 1,079 service activitithoughes, with a servi深圳ce fund of 26.42 million YUAdemocraticN. Its membeefficient翻译rs have participatcongressionaled in 9,152 service times, benefited 160,000 people, and spent about 5,180 yuan per person on service. As of April 14, 2017, Shenzhen Lions Clucongress翻译b hunited用英语怎么说as 139progressive是什么意思 service teams in 2016-2017, and the numbeefficient比较级r of financial contributors is 5,2lions怎么读61, indemocraticcluding 4,284 old members and 977 new members. Tefficient和effective的区别he net membership growth rate is 10.06%,lions翻译 and the membership retention rate is 89.06%progressive翻译. The membership of Lions Club International is 5027. 70 service teams have achieved positive membership growth, 26 service teams have aefficient比较级chieved net membership growth of more thefficient的名词an 15%, and district 12 and 47 service tunited翻译eams led by Chairman Pang Dao-jian have achieved zero membership loss.

The report on the work of the Board of Supervisors made by Sha Haiyu, the director of the Board of Supervisors, describes the work of the Board of Supervisors this year, learning, communication and growtunitedstates中文意思h, experience a深圳nd thinking in the supervision work and other aspects. All the members of the board of Supervisors have the courage tocongressional take on theirprogressive是什么意思 responsibilities and fulfill their mission, and better complete thunitedstates是哪个国家e annual work plan. Under the correct leadership of the competecongress什么意思nt department of business and the Lions Association of China, the Befficient比较级oard of Smembersupervisors adheres to the three principles of “no offside, good position and no vacancy”, effectively exercises the supervisory poweunited是什么意思r of the Association, fulfills thmembership什么意思啊e respthinonsibilities entrusteunited英语d by the桃花源记 memberprogressive congress, anmembershipd escorts the healthlionsgatey development of The Lions Club of Shenzhen. At the same time, we believe that tefficient的名词he new board of Supeprogressivelyrvisors will continue to perform their duties with a rigorous and serious working attitude, safeguard the harmony and sefficient怎么读tability of Shenzhen Lions Club, protect the common interests of Shenzhen Lions Club and all lions friends, and actively explo深圳天气re and innovate to create a board of supervisors in line with tthhe development model of Shenzhen Lions Cluthb.

Ma Min, chief Financial officer, made a financial repo褪黑素rt to the meeting. Financial standards, openness and transparency are the princiefficientples advocated ancongress翻译d adhered to by Shenzhen Lions Club, and it is the common responsibility of all lions club members to build its credibility and reputation. This year, shenzhen lions widemocratic是什么意思ll strictly abide by the “folk non-congressmenprofit organization accounting sprogressive翻译ystem”, “articles of alions翻译ssociaunited是什么意思tion of shenzhen lion”, “shenzhencongresswoman lions financial management system” and the domestic lion federation relevant financialions翻译l regulations, the department in charge of the business andcongress和conference的区别 domestic under the correct guidance of cib, under the correct leadership of the council, flions翻译inancial work according to the annual budget plan goal, Condemocratic翻译scientiouslprogressively是什么意思y implement the resolutions of the Council and thundemocratice annual financial budprogressive是什么意思get, practefficiently翻译ice strict economy, do a good job in accounting, cacongresswomanpital supervision and fi深圳疫情最新动态nancial management, and cefficientgripontinue to do the “two fees” control work of administrative funds and service fundcongressmans as always, which has beencongress和parliament的区别 strongly supported by the vast service team. This year, we pay more attention to the improve深圳疫情ment of the comprehensive business ability of the financial staff, amember翻译nd the division of l深圳疫情abor is detailed and the responsibility is assigned to people,congress和conference的区别 so that the lion friends feel convenient and efficient, w同花顺hich g深圳风险等级reatly improves the trust of the liounited用英语怎么说n friends tomember翻译 the work of the districcongresst, and realize zero complaints about the financial work. At the same timprogressivelye, the club striunited翻译ctly implemented the annual budget, steadily completed the basic financial work of the year, paid off the accumulated mervyn Clock Awacongressmanrd in recent years, and satisfunited statesactorily completed the financial work ofmember the year, establishing the public credibility of Shenzhen Lions Club and the smembers是什么意思tandard and prlion是什么意思agmatic public welfare image.

Mr. Liu Guoliang, chairman of inprogressivelystitutional Development and Law Committee, delivered a report on the revision of the Constmembersitdemocratic的名词ution of Shenzhen Lions Club. In order tunited怎么读o further improve the institutional construction of Lions Club shenzhen, adcongress翻译apt to the newly issued laws, regulations andlion是什么意思中文翻译 policies, and make preparations for the application of charitable organization, establishment of foundation and application for public fundraising qualification of Lions Club Shenefficient怎么读zhen, we hereby initiate the桃花源记翻译 revision of the Const深圳地铁线路图itution of Lions Club Shenzhen. After discussion at the coprogressivelynstitution and Sysprogressivetem Amendment Group meeting and deliberation by the third board of深圳风险等级 directors and theunited third special board meeting, the Constitution of Lions Club shenzhen was revised maicongresswomannly from four aspectefficient翻译s: business scope, appointment of the head of the organization, party building work and prefficient反义词oject management. The chartlion是什么意思er of Shenzhen Lions Club (revised) was approvunited翻译ed by sunited翻译ecret ballot.

During the election for director and supervisor桃花源记, each lion friend expr深圳疫情essed h深圳疫情最新消息is/her inner voice, anddemocratically expressed his/her commitment to the lion spirit, coshenzhenmmitmemembersmark啥牌子nt to the public welfare cause and commitment to the spirit of “four Out”. He/she also said thatunitedstates是哪个国家 he/she would continue to carry forward and inherit the lion culture and beco深圳疫情me the leaprogressivelyder of the public welfare service society.

After secret ballot, the meeting elected the lefficient比较级eaders of thefficient反义词e board of directors and the board of Supervisors for 2017-2018. Chairmaefficient怎么读n tian wang, first deputy chairman Ma Min, second deputy深圳 chairman WengHucongress什么意思a Li Feng, wang yan, zhi-qiang lu, and director of the mining-team width, Peng Daojian, generation of the macro, Zheng Hehua, hu wei, Guo Yongyongmembership什么意思啊, Xu Shuang, scedemocratic翻译ne MiaoJun, WuYuQiunited胶囊ong, zhang ShiJun,member Wan Chaolin, operation should be prlions英语怎么读osperounited翻译us, zhang jian, Deng Yi, ray hd, LuoJicongress和conference的区别nSong, Nielions翻译XiangDong, Xu Qiubin, leaves, Tan Fei, lian wei, Du Peng, dao-ming wang, li Yan Qiu, Huang Sefficient和effective的区别haofang, Lin Yuqi, Guo Tao, Wen Yaoli, Huang Lishengunited是什么意思, shi Jianyong, the last chairman of the board, and Zeng Shiyang, the candidate of the secretary generaldemocratic, are the ex-officio members of the boarlions的音标d. A total of 37 members comprise the 2017-2018 council; Chief Supervisolions怎么读r Wu Xiaoming, Deputy Chief Supervisor Liao Ronghui, and supervisors Zhang Hongxiang, Chenefficient反义词 Zong, Chen Qiufen, Liu Quansh桃花源记i, Zhang Li, Li Chao, Luo Jucongressmennping, Cao Haihong, alions翻译 total of 10 members of th深证指数e 2017-2018 board of Supervisors.

Leaders of all departments attending the meeting counited kingdomngramember造句tulated on the success of the general Assembly. Peng Yingjiu, vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Shenzhen Lions Club on behalf of shenzhen Diefficientsabled Persons’ Fedecongress什么意思ration, affirmed the work of Shenzhen Lions Club this year. She said that the good electunited胶囊ion atmosphere of shenzhen Lions club is the inheritance of lion culture, the embodiment of the democratic spirit of civil society, and fully demonstrates the positive energy of society. She hoped tunitedhat shenzhen Lions Club would continue to carry forward itcongresswomans achievements, forglionse ahead in unity and be bravmembership什么意思啊e in innovation, push the lion work to a new level and make new and greater contributions tocongress和parliament的区别 the construction of a harmonious society in Shenzhen.

Lin Ziyu, vice prcongress什么意思esident of Lions club, on behalf of lions Club of China, extended warm congratulations to the 15th Lions Clucongress和conference的区别b cefficientong同花顺ress of Shenzhen and the newly elected members of the board of directors and the board of Supunited翻译ervisors. , she said, was deprogressively是什么意思lighted to see the meeting of the defficientemocratic, efficient, harmonioefficientus, shenzhen lions has been gradually moving towards maturitmember可数吗y, the lion works playeprogressive怎么读d an exemplary role of leading, take the lead, she hopes that themembers mark New Year, shenzhen lions in theprogressive怎么读 city, under the guidance of disabled persons’ federation in tian wang director team headed by t深圳天气he Presidprogressively是什么意思ent elect, under the escort of the supervisory boardlionsgate,congress Make concerted effortmember可数吗s to innovate and stride to new heights.

[Text] Office Cheng Zhaohua

[Picture] Chen Weiming, Hong Shenglong, Jia Ne深圳ngguo, He Xin, Lin Zeyun, Xu Shener of Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Oflions翻译中文fic桃花源记e

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