A new batch of certified guide lions successfully completed their courses

A new batch of certified guide lions successfully completed their courses

          From October 30, 2015 to November 1, 2015, thcourse是什么意思中文e 2015-2016 certified lion guide trainintheir和they的关系g ofcourse什么意思 Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Baotian International Resort & Hot Spring Hotel, Dongguan Luofu Mountainew怎么读n. 46 leading lion friends from various service teams and 6 lion friends from Hainan Member Management Commiguidelinettebatch怎么读e attended the training and successfully completed the courssuccessfully patched是什么意思e.
          The training was organized by Lions Club of Shenzhen and organnew balanceized by Lion Guide, aiming to train more certified lion guidnewspaperes ttheir和they的关系o coach new andbatch什么意思 abnormal service teams. The trainees whocourses怎么读 partlions是什么意思icipated in the tra归德侯府ining were all senior lions who were or are currentcourses翻译 service team leaders. After being certified as a lion guide, they will be responsibbatch翻译lsuccessfully是什么意思英语e for mentoring new and irregular service teams for the next two years until the mentees can develop independently.
          Lions Club shenzhen attaches great importance to this training. Lin Tao, president oguidelinef Lions Club shenzhen 2015-2016, Shi Jianyong, Firstcertified是什么认证 Vice President, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General and Lin Yanjun, Executive Deputy Secretary general attended the tra圭的拼音incourse厦大ing site. This training specially invited su Zeran, vice president of the Domestic Lion Association, Zcourses英语怎么读hang Guojun, chairman of the Lion Foundation, Dai Zhongwei, deputy head of the lion group, Zhang Yan and Haifeng, secretary General Huang Boxiang to attend the lecture or guidance.


          Guide lion group leader Lei Hd introduced the course of this training. Lin Tao President praised this guide lion certification training organization work careful meticulous, currcompleted是什么意思啊iculum design, pragmatic innovation at the same time, the head of ray “sentiment”, “harmonycomplete的名词” put forwardcertified by the hd, “tcourse什么意思he vital qi”, “vigor” team spcourses怎么读irilions读音t said sure, hope that the students can under the guidancbatch什么意思e oguidelinef guicertified是什么意思de lion regiment, improve on the lion’s underscomplete等于什么tanlions是什么意思ding and awareness of the wnew是什么意思英语ork, better to do a good job of conducting the lion.



          In the two days of tr鬼的拼音aining, the guide Lioncourses group arranged rich andlions读音 wocompleted是什么意思英语nderful cbatchat蝙蝠ourses for the stunewsdents. The course of “Organization construction and Develcomplete的用法opment” delivered by Su Zeran,batch翻译 vice president of CIFTU, analyzed the future construction directtheirion and decertified翻译velopment goals of CIFTU. Thsuccessfully是什么意思英语e “Lions Cl圭的拼音ub in China” course, delivered by Zhang Guojun, chairman of China Lions Fousuccessfully造句ndation, made lions fcomplete的过去分词riendcompleted是什么意思啊s understand the development of Lionnew是什么意思s club in China. Daicourse是什么意思中文 Zhongwei, the leader of lion Guide, gave a lecture on “successfully是什么意思Lion Guide Construction”, whcertified是什么意思ich pointelions的音标d out the direction for the development of Liocourses中文n Guide in Shenzhen. The “Lion Affairs Review Course” delivered by Huang Yiqun, execcourse什么意思utive Chairm贵的拼音an of GLTlions怎么读, and the “company” course brought by Li F瑰的拼音eng, deputy heaguided of the lectionary group, as well as the pre-class h贵的拼音omework itheir怎么读语音nterpretation and after-class homework assignment by Wang Cheng, deputy head of the Lion Guide Group, all made participants fully understand the responsibilities and work skills of lion guides. At the same timelion是什么意思, the head teacher Huang Xingmin presided over the group discussion. Through free speech, the students shared tbatchesheir experienbatchingce of lion service as the team leader, and discussed and summarized how tguide是什么意思o be a qualified lion guideguidebook.




Lecture by Li Feng _ copy.jpg


          At贵的拼音 the glionsgateraduation ceremony, Dai Zhongwei, Shi Jianyong and Lei Qingming presented graduation certificates to studtheirselvesents and took photos for them. Mr. Shi thanked the lion Guide for tcompleted怎么读heir hard work and congratulated you on your graduation. After completintheir是宾格还是主格g the certified lion guide work and submitting to Lions Club International, the lion guide who h贵的拼音as completed the course will btheire certified bcourses翻译y Lions Club Internatioguide怎么读nal and become a certified lion gubatch怎么读ide, ancompleted翻译d will play an important rolnew balancee in the new team creation and support work of shenzhen Lions Club in ttheir怎么读语音he future.


          The trainees benefited a lot from the training. They not only cbatchingompleted the course of certified lion guide, but also gained friendship and happiness. We go hand in handsuccessfully怎么读, meet in the pursuit of lion dream on the road all the way.





By Wenjie Turin


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