Notice | Notice from Shenzhen Lions Club on recommending the 13th Shenzhen Caring Action Model of caring

Notice | Notice from Shenzhen Lions Club on recommending the 13th Shenzhen Caring Action Model of caring

Servilions英语怎么读ce teams:
          Answer the civilizshenzhenation office of shenzhen on the recommendatclubmedion of the 10th shenzhen love action love typical notification (deep civilinotice是什么意思zation office [2015] no. 52), notlion是什么意思ice, to elect, sets up a new batch of shenzhen love love typical action, rewarding good deeds, to carry forward the socialist core values, shenzhen, shenzcaringlyhen love do officially launcheaction下载d the 13th carmodelmediaing action series selection activities. In order tmodelmediao pr退婚后大佬她又美又飒omote the smooth development of the selection activimodel是什么意思ties and ensure that the recommended models are represenclub用英语怎么说tative and d桃花源记翻译emcaring是什么意思中文onstrative, th深圳疫情最新动态e service teams are requested to actively remodelcommnoticeableend caring figures, caring families,lions怎么读 caring enterprises and caring communities. The relevant notlions怎么读iclions读音es are as followclubss:
  &nbspclub翻译;   &nbsplions怎么读;     I. Recommendation categories
            (1) “Top ten Caring Characters” & NBSP;
          &nbslionsgatep; He has beenmodel3 enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings for a long time, and hnotice的固定搭配as made outstanding contributions in disaster relief, helping the elderly, helping the disabled, helping orphans, helping the poor, helping students and helping doctors. Or whose personal deeds are pacaring是什么意思rticularly touching, reflecting the traditional virtues of China or the spirit of The Timemodel翻译s, and playing an execlubmanmplary role in promoting the spirlions怎么读itmodels多少钱 of caring, building a harmonious society and promoting the development of caring; Or doing voluntary acts of courage, selflessly helping others, and showing outstanding performance in rescue and disaster relief.
  &nmodelmediabsp;       (2) “Tclubmedop ten Loving Famlionsgateilies”
            He is enthusiastshenzhenic about public welfare and dedicates more love to otheraction对魔忍s and the solions读音ciety.shenzhen He is charitable and has helped the poor and the weak for a long time, which has moved and influenced the families around him.
          (3) “Top Ten Caring Enterpcaring是什么意思中文rises” & NBSP;models多少钱
            Abide by national policies, laws and regulations, care about the life of employees,lions graduamodellly improve the working and living conditions of employees, improve their welf退婚后大佬她又美又飒are benotice翻译nefits, protect their rights and interests, and timely solve problems for employees; Paying attention to humanistic care, harmonious labor relations, and remodelmarkable achievements in spiritual civilization constr深圳疫情最新动态uction; Actively partiactionablecipate in shenzhen cthoughare action and other social welfare undertakings, poverty alleviation, cthinharity, fulfnotice过去式ill social responsibility outstandinclub翻译g achievements of enterprises.
            (4) “Top ten Caring Communities” & NBSP;
            Good public security, standardized management, rich community cultural and sports activities; Actively respond to shenzhenmodelsim care action, respect the elderly, care for the young, family harm深圳疫情最新消息onlionsgatey, neighborhood harmony, take good care of publicaction下载 property, protect the environment, poverty alleviation, voluntary courage is the trend of the community.
          Two, recaring怎么读commendation requirements
&nbmodel翻译sp;           (I) Typical deeds of love mainly happened incaring翻译 the daily activities period of the 12th Shenzhen Care Action (April to December 2014), but not limited to taction翻译his pmodeleriod.
            (2) The “Most Caring People” and “Most Caring Families” elected by previous years will not participate in the “Tonotice的固定搭配p ten Carinnotice同义词g Peoplemodelbeauty4k” and “Top Ten Caring Families” selection this year.
            (3) Please fill in the application matnotice的固定搭配erials and submit them to the Lions Club office of Shenzhen before October 18.
    &n深圳天气bsp; &nbsp桃花源记;     (4) Shenzhmodel是什么品牌en Lions Club w深圳地铁线路图ill hold an executive boaction翻译ard meeting to select 3-5 typical volunteers and submcaringlyit them to the Municipal Civclub是什么意思iliznotice的固定搭配ation Office.

          Contacnoticedt information

   action对魔忍       Contac深圳天气t: Su Zhuangbin 25688257, Email:szlions通货膨胀下什么最保值

    &nactiongirls女兵人bsp;     Notice icaringlys hereby given.


 深圳风险等级         1. Recommendation form of the 13th Shenzhen Caring Action Top Ten Caring Figunotice同义词res


          2. Recomme深圳地铁线路图nded Application Form of the 13th Shenzhencaring是什么意思中文 Care Action Top Ten Caring Families


  &nbspnotice是什么意思;       3. The 13th Shenzhen Care Action Ten Best Caring Enterprises recommended declaration form


Shenzhen Lionscaring是什么意思英语 Club
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