Stick to stick to move happy — Sidelight of the 10th anniversary celebration party of Yitian Service Team

Stick to stick to move happy — Sidelight of the 10th anniversary celebration party of Yitian Serviceparty是派对的意思吗 Team

  &nbsanniversarypstick过去式和过去分词两种形式;       “Mother, I see you, I see the sparty怎么读英语un, I see the light!” Nine-year-old blind girl Jingjing cried with joy, everyone’s mind gate was broken open, moved tears gu同花顺shing down.
    &nbspyitian;     On tanniversary可以表达生日吗he evening of September 6, 2015, the stage play written and directed by Yitian Shiyou reenac一天抽多少烟算正常ted the unforgettable momenthappy的比较级 when jingjing regained her sight through the Ruilin Ophthalmic clinical assistance program of Shenzhen Lions Club Yitiahappy的比较级n Service Team at the 10th anniversary c倚天屠龙记之九阳神功elebration and the annualmove翻译 chstickerange ceremony of 2015-2016.
          At the ceremony, the president of the National Lion Association You Hong Shijie sent bleshappy张江sings, and hparty怎么读英语ighly praisedcelebrations Yitian’s ten years of dedication and the spirit of lion love; Sheanniversary是什么意思英语翻译nzhen Lioncelebrationss club 2015-2016 presiparty英文意思dent Lin Tao Shi s陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ister affectionately reviewed the yitian ordinary but extraordinary ten years, she said, ordparty模式inary is Yitian lion friends ten years as one dacelebrationy silently pay and dedication, ext褪黑素raordinary is Yitian lion friends ten years of adheren桃花源记翻译ce andcelebrationmk10 proud achievements.


        &nbsphappy翻译; In the past ten years, witmove是什么意思英语h their practical actions and great love, Yitiahappy怎么读n people have raised nearly 15 milliohappylambbarnn yuan for charity, participatsticker翻译ed in hundreds of services, donated 5 lion primary schoolshappy的反义词, and saved more than 1400 eye patients… Under the leadership of ten captains, Yitian people have traveled all over the country to help students, save the blind and relieve disasters. The decade of Yitian people is a decade of pparty是什么意思assion. Their passion has blossomed in China and influenced groups of caring people to join in and contribute to public welfare.
  &nbyitiansp;       The桃花源记 two leaders of the service team completed the solemnthin and sacred handover ceremony with the witness of the lions Club’s 2015-2016 president Lin Tao, supervisor Sun Yun, second Vice President Yu Qian, and form一天一袋牛奶的好处er presidents Xie Jianwen, Su Zeran, Xiao Xingping, Sha Haiyu and Dai Tostick过去式ngxin. The last capthappy的比较级ain Dai Chuanxcelebration是什么意思英语ing full of emocelebrations是什么意思tion reviewed the一天喝多少水 lion road course of a year, the退婚后大佬她又美又飒 curcelebration是什么意思英语rent captain Qu Zhangliang solemn commitment, wilcelebration怎么读l lead the Yitian service team to continue to love to serve thestick的过去式和过去分词 society, continue to inherit the spirit of lion love, set foot on the new journey of charity service.



     anniversarycelebration什么意思     The proud! Yitian “, “run to it, the lion”, “carnival, yitian”, the redemptionstick out in the wind and rain, heart homemovement翻译 on the road of the decastick的过去式和过去分词de “program, eacparty模式h a wonderful is yitian person with the most real language, tells the ststickpngory of hanniversary中文翻译is own, share the love lion on the road of happimoveness, hardships, lofty sentiments and ststick outrength, set off a climax after another for the party.



    &happy什么意思nbsp;     When “altiplano red” warm plan in screen slostick outwly pulled open, sm (2015-2016 shcelebration是什么意思中文翻译enzhen lion Wu Zewei to the lion lion brothestickr friends and guests of the Tibcelebrations是什么意思etan plateau are introduced the children lack ofhappy的副词 nuthappy的比较级rition, clothingstick是什么意思 lack and the cu倚天屠龙记之九阳神功rrent situation of lack of teachers, and announced that yitian will serve as the project sponsor, launch warmove什么意思mer wistick怎么读nters schemes, warm stomach, warm heart, called for the teams to participate in, For the children of the plateau to warmmove什么意思, warm Yushu, warm plateau.
          Brother wusticker翻译 lions moving speechthin in someone’s heart, deeply impressed by shenzhecelebrationmk10n lam pharmaceutical companies of the fifth donated 1 million yuan special eye relief funds, yitian 37 members in just 1 hour raising money 1.1 million yuan, at the same timeparty模式, the presence of all the listick的过去式和过去分词on friends and guests have also generous, 236 people to the party,celebration A total of 161 people donated 457,000 yuan, making the total amount donanniversary是什么意思英语ated at the party more than 2.55 million yuan.



        &nbpartynextdoorsp; The panniversary周年纪念reparation time of this 10th anniversary celebhappy birthdayration partparty英文意思y is more thanhappy birthday three months. It ethinmbodies the countless efforts of 37 lion friends and reproduces thhappy翻译e spirihappy张江t of yitian lion friends to adhere to,happy怎么读 adhere to and firm. A new decade, a new starting point, yitian servi同花顺ce team under the leadership of the tenth captain, will embarcelebrations是什么意思k on a new jour一天最容易发胖的3个时间ney of lion love!


                              &nstick的过去式和过去分词bsp;     &stick翻译nbspanniversary周年纪念;          一天最容易发胖的3个时间         &退婚后大佬她又美又飒nbsp;                     &nbsparty复数p;     &nbmove怎么读sp;                 &nbsp倚天屠龙记之九阳神功;                     &nbmove的过去式sp;      一天一袋牛奶的好处                 &n一天抽多少烟算正常bsp;     &nbspmove的过去式;              party是我家下载mp3     1444792300231597.jpg

  Wu Zewei, Wang Bin, Song Yuhong

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