Zhongzhi chengcheng anti-epidemic party members to donate to show the original intention

On February 28, 2020, the first meeting of all party members of Lions Club Shenzhen was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzheparty英文意思n. In order to actively respond to the call of the Organization Department of the CPC Coriginalentral Committee and implement the requirements of the Party Commi程诚ttee of the Moriginal翻译unicipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, the meeting程琤 called on members of The Lions Club of Shenzhoriginal翻译en to voluntarily donate to the fight against COVID-19 and contribute their strength and love to the epidemic prevention and control work.

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Six party members attended the mepartynextdooreting, includinshowtimeg Li Weihua, the representative of the Domestic Lions Association in Shenzhen and the first Secretaryshow of the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club, Tian Wangxing, the secretary elect of the Panti是什么意思啊arty branch of Shshowmakerenzhen Lions Club and the former president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wu Xiaoming, the former presantiqueident of Shenzhen Lions Club and Du Hengkun, the secretary general. The meeting was presided over byoriginally形容词 First Secretary Li Weihua.

At the meeting, Li Weihua, thparty英文意思e first Secretary of the Party, tian Wangxing, the secretary-desmembersignate, took the lead in making donaoriginallytions, and the particidonate用法pating party members responded positively. After the mdonate翻译eeting, lion澄城县天气预报 Friends, members of the functional Party branches of Shenzhen Lions Club, respondedshowing positively and made donations through wechat anepidemic翻译d other onlishower怎么读ne payment methods, givimembershipng full play to the vanguard role of澄城县天气预报 party mepartynextdoormbers, supporting the anti-epidemic wororiginalk with practmembersmark啥牌子ical actions and mak种植牙多少钱一颗ing modest contributions to winning the battle against the epidemic. Aoriginal什么意思s of March 4, shenzhen Lions Cshow的过去式lub members have donated 16,197 yuan in total.

The donation items, paparty是我家rty branch will be tmembersurnedparty是我家下载mp3 over to the next higher party organization, fight for sympathy in epidemic prevention and control the first line of medical staff, grassroots coriginalityadres, police and community worker masses, alleviate COVID – 19 patients wioriginal什么意思th difficulties in life, sympathshowcasey due to the infection of COVID – 19 died byanti前缀 families and families of officials and the masses of sacrifi程成ce in their struggle against the epidemic preventioanticipaten and control, etc. Let us work together to win the battle oepidemic situation翻译f epidemic prevention and control as soon as posmembersdrcfxcomsible!



【 Text 】 Huang Xinran

【 Image 】 Qiu & NpartyBSP;epidemic situation翻译   peng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP;   peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cluepidemic品牌b Party Branch

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