Grace Service team: the third regular meeting of the council and members of 2017-2018 was held successfully

Grace Service team: the third regular meeting of the council and members of 2017-2018 was held successfullymembers翻译

On September 12, 2017, the third counmeetingtencentcomcil and membership regular meeting of The yeaserviceabler 2017-2018 was held in Bawang Farm. Aboumembers的中文意思t 15 people attended the meeting, including Wu Yuqiong, chairman of district 6 of Lions Clubteam是什么意思翻译 of Shenzhen for 2017-2018 and founding leader of Tien Service Team, Wang Shuang, chairman of Sregular翻译tudent Aid Committee and Li Zhou, leader of Tien Service Team. Fangservicebio Shilei, chairman of emembersdrcfxcomxternal Exchange and Cooperation Committee, Jiang Guowei, leader of Jingtian Servicemembersdrcfxcom Team, Zhao Annie, leader of Huatian Service Team were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Peservice的名词ng Xing and Hong Jiaqiang.

Pcouncilmaneng Xing rang the bell for a meeting. Captain Li Zhou reported on the project of caring for sanitation workers.service是什么故障灯 Under the support of the leaders of thregularitye distcouncil翻译rict council and the service teams, 25 service teams have participated in the co-operation so far, and the project prepameeting是什么中文意思rationmembers的中文意思 has made gratifying progress. Then, Captain Li Zhou summarized the work of The Team from August to September around thregular的名词e oct Wetlanmeeting是什么意思中文翻译d Park project, the inaservice是什么意思中文翻译uguration ceremony of the change of the term of office of the Team, the jiangxi Education activities sponsoredthird的缩写 by the main association of the team and the fire relief activities sponsored by the Songgang Teammeetingtencentcom.

Guo Liang reported the progress of tgraceful什么意思he preparation for the ceremony of changing the leadership of the steams会议erviccouncile team, discussed with shiyou about the return of 20,000 ygrace翻译uan of the fund sponsored by Zhu Kai, and the process of changing the leadecouncilrship and the specific implementation plan. Fang Shilei was confirmed as thregular反义词e host of the ceremony.

Finally, Captain Li Zhou honored Guo Liang, the outstanding lion friend in August. Lion friends celebrate hu Xiang's birthmeetingday and Xing Wthird是什么意思英语enqiu's birthday together in September. President Wu Yuqiong and captain Li Zhou give thoughtful gifts to Guo Liang, Hu Xiang and Xing Wenqiu respectivelymeeting腾讯会议.

Articmembers是什么意思le/thirdphoto Contributed by Grace Sergraceful什么意思vice

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