Oct and Hongya Service Team: the 2017-2018 joint election ceremony was held smoothly

Oct and Hongya Service Team: the 2017-2018 joint election ceremony was held smoothly

On September 15, 2017, the joint changing ceremony of Shoct试验enzhen Lions Club overseas Chinese Town and Hongya Service Team for 2017-2018 was successfully held in xiangmi Lake Hao World State Banquet Restaurant in Futian District. Linoct是什么检查 Ziyu,octetstream建筑图纸 Vice President of Lions Association of China; Tian Wangxing, President of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2017-2018; Wu Xiaoming, President of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2017-2018; Shi Jianyong, President of Lions红颜 Club of Shenzhen in 2017-2018; Ma Min, First Vice President; Zeng Shiyang, Secretary Gjointseneral; Zhang Jian, Chief Financial Off红颜icer; Peng Daojian, Cjoint造句hief Financial Officer; Deng Yi, Chief Inspector; Luo Jinsong, Executive Vice Secretary; Zheng Guoping, Regional Chairman; Wang Yan; More than 200 people attended the ceremony, incoctober翻译luding district chairman Lei Qing-qing, Wu Yu-qiong, Xu Qiu-bin, Lian Wei, Tan Fceremony同义词ei, Wang Dao-ming, Wen Yao-li, director Zhang Shi-jun, supervisor Chen Zong, mentor Cao Yan and other leaders. The ceremony was presided over by Meng Chun and Fjointheclub是谁ang Shilei.

Chairman Qiang Qiuxia and Xu Yuanhu tolled the bell to announce the start of the ceremony. Mr Xu extended a warm welcome to the gueststeams and lion frteamsiends.

Oct service team last capjointstain Li Chunchang made the annual summary, she said, in the past year, OCT service team committed to educationservice的名词, environmenelectionstal protection, lion walking love, care for special children and other projects, 31 times of service, raised 370,000 yuaceremony是什么意思n s红颜知己ervice funds, and will 310,000 yuan service funds to the hands of people in need; Achieve zero loss of members in terms of mservicemanembservice是什么故障灯ership retention. She thanked the lion friends for their care and encoservicemanuragement, and thanked the lion club for givin红颜知己g her a platform for growth, so that she learned to persist inservice和serve的区别 the hard hesitation and gradually enjserviceableoyed ioctobert.

Tang Quanhui, the last team leader of Hong Ya Service team, told her original intention and红岩读后感 experience of founding the team. Thank you for your sjointsupport and encouragement, so that Hong Ya Steamworkervice tservice和serve的区别eam was establiservice的名词shed successfully in the shortest time. S洪尧演员he said that since the establishment of Hongya Service Team, it has carried out many community services, and has also gone to Chongqing for educatielection怎么读on. At the same time, it has participated injoint的用法 a number of service activities of district meetoctetstream建筑图纸ings and other s红颜知己ervice teams, practicing the spioctopusrit of “four out”, and gained a lot of touching.teamo

Sun Rui, financial officer of OVERSEAS Chinese Town Service Team, li Li, financial of红颜孽ficer of Hoservice是什么故障灯ngya Service team, made financial repjoint的用法orts respejoint venturectively, reporting in detail the income and expenditure and balance of administratjointsive funds and service funds in the last year.

Overseas Chinese Towteamn and Hongya Service Team will commeceremony和celebration的区别nd the lion friends who won thjoint venturee “Outceremonystanding Member Award”, “Outstanding Member Aservice的名词ward”, “Outstanding Contribution Award”, “Special Contribution Award” and “Outstanding Director Award” respectively.

Shi Jianyong, the last preceremony的音标sident of the lion service team, gave a speech, praising theceremony的音标 efforts of the two previous cateamproptains, recounting the contributions made by the two service teams in the past year, lamenting the deepteams手机版 friendship between the mother team and the sub-teams, and wishing the two service teams more successelection怎么读 in theservice怎么读 future lion service work.

In the presence of Vice President Lin Ziyu, President Tian Wangxing, Supjoint effortervisor Wu Xiaomingteamviewer, president Shi Jianelection中文yong anjointlyd secretary General Zeng Shiyang, the two service teams held a soljointheclub是谁emn and grand helection是什么意思andover ceremony. Li Chunchang of oct service team handed over thoctetstream建筑图纸e ribbon to Wanelection中文g Xu. Hong Ya service team Tang Quanhuteams会议i will be the captain of the ribbon transferred to Zhao Zhen. Presidenoctopust Tian Wang presenelection中文ted the annual president’s flag to the newceremony是什么意思 captain, believing that the new celection中文aptain and the council team will do better.

Celection翻译hiu Nian Jin, hong Ya Service team leader, shared his original intention of joining lions club and joining hong Ya Service team. Shceremony造句e said that the ojointspening ceremony of Hongya Service team was also held on this stage. In the past eight months, she has gained a different touch in the service process. In the coming year, she will lead The Hongya Service Team to actively partservice是什么意思icipate in community service, helpelection怎么读ing the disabled and helping students, and strive to establish the Hongya Seteam是什么意思翻译rvice team brand project.

Overseas Chinese town service team leader Wang Xu reviewed his seven years of lion Road. He said thateams会议t he would pass onservicebio the fine tradition of the OCT service team and do his best to serve students, the disabled and the coteam什么意思mmunity, enjoying the lion’s love.

The development of a team is inse红颜parable fromceremony复数形式 the establishment of new leadership and tservice是什么意思he injection of fresh blood. Then, the new council members took the oath of office, and the new captain issued letters of appointjoint的用法ment to the council meservicembers. New lion members hold the pl红岩edge ceremony and recteamviewereive the badge of new membership worn by thoctopus英语怎么读e leader lion members.

President Tian Exceremony的名词pressed his congratulations to the two service teams, hoping that they could remember “our power, the power of serteamovice and the power of action”, lead the team well, establish themselves in the community, and work together with the district council and other service teams to make the service activities remarkable.

Lin Ziyu, vice president of Lions Cljoint造句ub of Shenzhen, pointed out that under the leadership of shi Jianyong, the former president of Lions Club of Shenzhen, the club made great achievements last year. The two captains of overseas Chinese Town and Hongya Service team are very excelleteams会议nt. At the beginning of the year, a series of work has been deployed, and they are sure to lead the service team to a higher level.

St红岩rong autumn xia gave a speech of appreciation, thank you for the support of the lion friends and guests to make the inauguration ceremony successfuceremony用什么介词lly ended. After xu Yuanelectionshu rang the bceremony怎么读ell and adjourned, wonderful performances and lucky draw brought the party to a climax.

Byceremony怎么读 Hu Lei红眼病

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