The third Huashi Festival carnival party was held

The third Huashi Festival carnival party was held

On April 1st, the night of Haitou Sweet potato, "Walk wthird的缩写ith love, get together with Huasheng", the 3rd Huasheng Carnival party of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Shenzhen Tennis Center. Hou Yisha, chief representative of The National Lionsthird-party Associwasteation in Shenzhen and presidenhuashit of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation; Zhang Guoyun, former executive viccarnival游戏e President of the National Lions Association and former president of Shenzhen Lions Club; Wang Lizong, standing Committee member of guangdong Provincial CPheld过去式和过去分词PCC and sppartyokesperson of welfare anwasted social security sector of the Provincial CPPCC; Danzhou jui-hunthird的基数词g hsu, chairman of the board ofestival英语怎么说f the agriculture development co., LTD., shenzhen sports center, deputy gheld的意思是什么eneral manager wang wei, shenzhen sports center operations management departmentthird什么意思 minister shen wei fashion magazine, President of shenzhen lions in 2017-2018, tian wang xing, secretary-generalcarnivalito wu xm, the last President ShiJianYong, first vice President of Ma Min, congress President, second deputy chaithird-partyrman WengHua, former Precarnival起亚什么车sidentparty复数 of Lin Tao, Secretary General Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officer Zhang Jian, Chiparty的中文ef Affairs Of滑石粉ficer Peng Daojian, Chief Inspector Deng Yi化石, Deputy Secretary-held的原型general Luo Jinsong, Executive Chairman Zheng Guoping, Li Feng, Huang Lisheng, Wupartynextdoor Jian, general coordinator Dai Jihong and other members of the board of Supervisors, committee chairmen and reparty的中文presentatives of various service teams attended the party. The evening party was hosted by Meng Chun and Wheld怎么读的ang Ziheng.

Hua Shi Festival is a festival of sharing, recognition and cohesion. It is set up t花事了o recognize and commend the lion friends and service teams who have pledged to donate "Hua Shi Award". To celebrate this festival, s滑石粉henzhen lion lion festival held the third China table tennis, claw, tug of war, captheldain BBS, hundredsthird的基数词 of meters longparty的中文 lion frcarnival是哪个国家的iends calligraphy show, "the mthird的基数词ost beautiful moment" theme photo contest and a series of colorful actfestival前用on还是ativities, creating fitness for lion friends, social communication and platform to display their talent, fully improfestival前用on还是atve thheld中文e shenzhewasten lion's cohcarnivalesive force.

Hundred-meter scfestival怎么读语音rollpartynextdoor with "Love" written on it

Before the party, the lion friends splashed ink and wrote "lheld的意思是什么ove"festival on the 100-meter long scroll, paying tribute to the donors of "Huashi Award" with vcarnivalarious styles and forms of "love". Thparty是我家下载mp3ere are many ways to express love, different people have their own different ways to express love, whether it is beautiful and clear, orthird的缩写 close and steep, all express lion fthirdlyriends' great lovewashed and dedication to public welfare and persistence.

Capta画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥in forum to share "New Ideas"

Captain on the BheldenBS, JiKeLin, Sun Chuanxiang, Cui Weiying, zhang ShiJun, ray hd, guang-xi Chen, Wan Chaolin respectively by "organizational norms", "serviccarnivalito奥尔夫音乐e innovation", "stable forward", "services", "memberfestival前用on还是at development", "service", "the lion service specification" as the theme for sharcarnival手表什么牌子ing, Li Feng made "out - love libra" keynote speech. The forum also interviewed former Executive Vice President Zhthird怎么读英语ang Guoyun, President Tian Wangxing,carnivalito奥尔夫音乐 First Vice President Ma Min and Chairman Xu Ruihong in the form of花事了 focus interviews. The four guests shared their own business management, the concept and spiritfestival英语怎么说 of public weparty模式lfare service, and the developmthird的缩写ent of the organization. Guests and lion friends share, won bursts of applause. Atparty是什么意思 the same tiparty的中文me, certified lion guiheld是hold的什么形式des receive a lion guide certificate issueheld怎么读的d by Lions Club Internatiowashednal.

Carnival brings lion love

The red songs from the five regions kicked off the carnival party, adding a lively anpartyd festive atmosphere to the wholecarnival游戏 activity. Conference, executive chairparty模式man offestival是什么意思 Zheng Hehua introducecarnival怎么读 present leadership lion members and guests. Weng Hua, the pwashresident of the conferencehelden, on behalf of the organizing committee of the conference, expparty怎么读英语ressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the leaders and guests attendcarnival起亚什么车ing the event. He said that the oparty是我家rganizing commparty怎么读英语ittee members had worked together to pwas是什么意思lan a swas是什么意思eries of wonderful activities for the festival, aiming to carry forward the oricarnival怎么读ginal intention of the festival and pay tribute to the dupheldonors of tparty的中文he "Lion Award" anheldbackd the lion friends who have contributed to the vigorous development of the Shenzhen Lions Club in thcarnivale past 16 years. He thanked all lion friends awas怎么读nd caring enterprises for sponsoring the party and wished the party a comthird的基数词plete sucarnival起亚什么车ccess.

Mr. Tian expressed his congheld的中文意思ratulations to shenzhen Lions Club on its 16th anniversary on the occasion of the thircarnival1986手表价格d Lions Day carnival. He expressed his high respect to the lion friends and service teams who had pledged to donate the "Hheld的意思是什么ua Lion Award", and urged other lion friends and service teams tcarnival什么意思o donate to spread warmth in their charitable deeds. He hoped that the lion friends will not forget their originheldbackal aspiration, continue to uphold the purpose of "we serve", actively carry forward the spirit of "four out", and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society.

On behalfheld是hold的什么形式 of shenzhen Dwasisabled Persons' Fthird什么意思ed化石eration, Ms. Hou expressed her heartpartynextdoorfelt thanks toheld的中文意思 all the leaders and people who have been caring and supporting the work of Shenzhen Lions Club for a long time, and extended warm congratthird怎么读英语ulations to the 16th bwasirthday of Shenzhen Lions Club. She saparty是我家id that with the support from all walks of life and the cupheldareful organization of lions club members, the Festival fully demonstrated the kindness of lions clhuashiub members and caring people, and enhanced the social influence of lions Club. She affi花事了rmed that under the leadership of the board of directors led by Tiawashedn Wangxfestival怎么读语音ing, Shenzhen Lionsheld怎么读的 Club haswaste actively performed its dutheld中文ies, effectively carried out social services, improved the service capacity and level of lion Friewassupnds, increased investment in support of services for the disabled, and helped the disabled friends to live a well-off life together. She stressed tha画师联盟t shenzhen Lions Club should unswervingly follow the development path of lions club with domestparty复数ic characteristicsfestival前用on还是at. Shenzhen Lions club members should cheripartynextdoorsh the p画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥latforparty英文意思m and build consensus.festival怎么读语音 Keep in mind the purpose, reform and innovation; Give up selfishness, focuparty是我家s on society; Improve the station, self development; We should set the ri画师联盟ght position and set the rcarnival游戏ight standard, adopt a new way of ththird是什么意思英语inking, optimize the working methods and methods, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of Shenzhen Lions Club in the new era.

Duringcarnival the awardingfestival前用on还是at session, in order to commend the teams afestival怎么读语音nd individuals who pledged huashi Award, Shenzhen Lions Club awarded the "held过去式和过去分词Top 10 Service Teams for Pledging Huashi Award" to 11 service teams, including Hon画师联盟gli, Fuai, Huatian, Tai 'an, Taishan, Yantheld是hold的什么形式ian, Caitian, Datong, Zhheldbackuhui, Gaofeng and Central District. Awarded the "Top Ten Individual Donation Award" to Zheng Guopingheld, Ma Min, Peng Daojian, Tian Xingwang, Weng Hua, Nie Xiangdong, Jing Miheld过去式和过去分词aojun, Lu Zhiqiang, Tan Fei, Wang Yan, Wu Yuqiong and Wang Yong; Fo画世界ur service teams, Namely Taishan, Huatian, Baibei and Huahan, were awarded "Service Team 100% Huashi Award flag".

Tfestival怎么读he party awashlso praisethird的基数词d the zones, service teams and individuals who wcarnival怎么读on prizes in various cheld中文ompetitions of the third Huasheng Festival. The third district, the fourth district and th化石e first district won the first, first and second place prizes of badminton match resheld的原型pectively. The fifth zone, the fourth zone and the second zone wonthird的基数词 the first, seccarnival是哪个国家的ond and third prize of tug of wfestival翻译ar competition respectively. Xiangshan Team, United team and Longhua team won the first prize, the second prize and the third prheld的中文意思ize respthird的基数词ectively. Hong Shenglong won the first prize in the photography competition. Tang Haozhiheld的原型 acarnival手表什么牌子nd Chen Weiming won the second prize in the photography competition; Weifestival的音标 Chengqing, Wang Haibin and Wan Youyang won the third prize画师联盟 in the photography competition. Li Fheld是hold的什么形式eng, Qi Kelin, Lei Gao Ming, Wan Ccarnivalito奥尔夫音乐haolin, Cui Weiying, Zhang Shijun, Chen Guangxi and Sun Ch画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥uanxiang won the Excellence Award of the Captain for画师联盟um. Danzhou Gaosang Huizhi Agricultural D画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥evelopmeheld的原型nt Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Title Company" of the Carnival and the Carnival Co-organicarnival什么意思zer MEDALS forfestival是什么意思 Shenzhen Guanghua Kitchen Utensilwass, Sansheng lanze Tire Guard Businesparty是我家下载mp3s Unit and Zheng Guoping.

"Ode to Pear Flothird什么意思wers" and "Gratitude" were performed by Shenzhen Lions Club Art Troupe in Peking Ope华氏度ra, "Youth" was performed by The New And high Service Trfestival怎么读英语单词oupe in dance, and华氏度和摄氏度的换算 "Hulun Buir Prairie" and "Erun" were performed by Bai Juan, a naticarnival游戏onal first-class actressSprinwassupg My lovely Homethird是什么意思英语town and other wonderful programs wereheld的原型 warfestival怎么读语音m and full of power, which pushed the partheld的中文意思y to a climax again and again and won warm applauphelduse fromthird音标 lion friends.

Thwashingtone Chinese Lion Festival coincides with the 16th anniversary of the founding of the Shenzhen Lions ClubJian Yong, Ma Min, Weng Hua, Lin Tao and other leading guests came to the stage together to send best wishes for thcarnival游戏e 16th anniversary oheld的中文意思f the Lions Club of Shenzhen and wish the club healthy and hethird是什么意思英语althy growtthird什么意思h.

The preswas怎么读ident of the conference, Chouparty是我家下载mp3dheld中文ai Jihong, on behalf of the preparatory group, ex滑石pressed his heartfelt thanks twasteo the leaders of t画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥he lion friends for coming to the preparatory group, thanks to all the lion friends for the supporheld过去式和过去分词t of the preparatory gwassuproup, thanks to the council and the support of the sponsors, but also thanks to all the preparatory group members for their cooperation and perfect, the success of this event.party是我家下载mp3

The third Chinecarnival1986手表价格se Lion Festival came to a successfparty是派对的意思吗ul conclusion, but the pace of lion love never stopped, ne化石w history is waiting for us tofestival怎么读 create. Since we have chosen the distfestival是什么意思ance, we wheld是hold的什么形式ill only struggle through triwasn'tals and hardships. I hope that we can join hands, pool our development efforts, carry forward the sparty是派对的意思吗pirit of responsibility as masters, build a beautiful lion dream together, athird的缩写nd make greater contributions to the construction of Shenzhe化石n Lions Club!

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Du Shaoheng, Xu Shener, Ccarnival1986手表价格hen Weiming

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Su Zwash怎么读huang his

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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