The fifth Board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully in 2017-2018

The fifth Board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully in 2017-2018

On March 31, the fifth board meeting of Lions Clubheld的意思是什么 shenzhen for 2017-2018 was held at the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. The participating council members deliberated and approved thesuccessfully agenda, agenda, list of presidium suggestions, list of qualification examination groups, report on the qualification examination of representativeslions怎么读, electioheld怎么读的n methods and qualification examboardination report of the council and the Board of Supervisors, and list oboardingf work duties and personnel of each group of the election office. The work report of the council of Lions Club owassupf Shenzhen for 2017-2018, the financial work Report, the main activities of lions Clubupheld of Shenzhen, the statistical table of service activities, the revised explanation of the Work Rules of Lions Club of Shenzhen (Revised) and thefifth什么意思 survey opinions on the issue of the peace深圳地铁线路图 poster bonus, etc., approved 95 new members tfifth怎么读o join the club; We lisclubmed官网预订tenclubmeded to the notices on the development and retention of members, the third Huashi Festivalsuccessfully, the list of member representatives of the 16th Member Congress, the preparati深圳疫情on of the Huashi Public Welfare Foundboard是什么意思ation, and the collection of membership dues.

Tian Wangxing, President of Lions Cboard是什么意思lub of Shenzhen, summarized the work of the board of direcheld的意思是什么tors of lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2washed018 from the alion是什么意思spectlionsgates of organization construction, community service, lion culture inheritance and external exchanges. He pointed out that aboards of March 31, 2018, Shenzhen Lions Club had 146 service teams with 5,075 financial contributors, including 4,331 old members and 744 new members. The membership retention rate was   80.57%; From July 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, Lions Club shenzhen carried out 701 service activities for the disa深圳bled, community service, education, medical and health care, poverty alleviation and other poor pheldbackeople, with深证指数 a service fupheldund of 25.83 mheldillion YUAN. 17,066 members participated in thwas怎么读e service, 364,092 benefited from thclubmed官网预订e service, and thefifth造句 per capita expenditure of service fund was 5,090 yuan.

Zhanunsuccessfullyg Jian, chief financia深证指数l officer, made annual financial report. This year, 23 legacy accoclubmedunts involving 14 service teams were cleared, she sa深圳id. In response to the call of "two fees" management by CLION Federation, the two funds management work should be implclubman是什么牌子车emented step by step. Actively coo深圳疫情perate with China Lion Union to complete three yeaclub是什么酒rs of flion是什么意思inancial self-examination and self-correctionheld中文 and audheldit; Complete large-scale activities b深圳疫情udget and fclubinal accounts with high quality; Cooperate with China Liheld是hold的什么形式on Association to complete the budget and final accounts of the steering Committee of the 57th Southeast Asia Annual Conference. She said that the financial department would revise the financial system to keep pace with The Times, continufifth的缩写e to assist in promotilions翻译ng the preparatory work of the Lion Foundation, imprwassupove the lion cooperation system, and make the financial work strongly support the development of the liomeeting怎么读英语n Club ameetingsctivities.

The participatinlions英语怎么读g cclubmed官网预订ouclubncil members dmeetingyou是什么意思iscussed tmeetinghe content of the meeting warmly and fully, and put forward ideas and suggestions for relevant wwasn'tork.

Wu Xiaoming, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, delivered a spee深圳地铁线路图cmeeting腾讯会议h, expresssuccessfully翻译ing gratitude fmeeting是什么意思中文翻译or the board's review and approval of the board of Supervisors' opinheld的原型ions on the issue of the payment of peace poster bonuses. He said that he was pleased toclubmed官网预订 see that all the direfifth造句ctors made suggestiowas是什么意思ns and suggestions for the devlions英语怎么读elopment of Shenzhenfifth怎么读英语 Lions Club. He hoped that the directorsboard和broad怎么区分 would guide the ser深圳市最新疫情vice team to do a good job in the election, strictly abide by the rules of the election,successfully造句 and work together forfifths a better tosuccessfully是什么意思morrow of The Lions Club.

President Tian Xingwang mboardsade a concluding speech and thankboard翻译ed all theclub用英语怎么说 leadersfifth音标 for their support to the council. He mobilized the directors to actively partwasn'ticipate in the silver Lake Service Team's "Save by your Side" project, the "Light up the blue Lamp, The Children's Heart" actimeeting是什么意思中文翻译vityclubman and the mianzhupeng Flower Village return visit activity, and encouraged the sheldbackervice team to sign up for tfifthshe third Huashi Festival carnival partyboard什么意思翻译. He hoped that the directors would fulfill thheld怎么读的eir duties andfifths continue to work hard to achieve the annual targets.

The meeting was atwasn'tteheld怎么读的nded by 35 directors of Shenzhen Liomeeting是什么中文意思ns Club, including 2017 -- 2018 President Tian Wangxing, last president Shi Jianyong, fmeeting翻译irst Vmeeting怎么读英语ice President Ma Min, second Vice Presidenmeeting腾讯会议t Weng Hua, Secfifthsretary General Zeng Shiyang, Chief Ffifth造句inancial Officer Zhang Jian, Chief Executive Officer Peng Daclub翻译ojisuccessfullyan, Chief inspectowash怎么读r Deng Yi and Executive Deputy Secretary General Luo Jinsong. Supervisor Wu Xiaoming, supervisor Zhang Hongxiang, district annual meetfifth音标ing committee executive chairman Liu Guoliang attended thfifthlye meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zheng Yukuan.

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