Light up the blue sky to care for autistic children

Light up the blue sky. Caring for Autistic Children

In order to welcome the 11th "World Autism Day", in response to the callcareer of the Domestic Lion Association to carry out the "Warm Project Light up the Blue Lamp" to care for auticareer翻译stlightroom手机版ic children, and help autistic children build confidencecareer and integrate into society, on April 2, the event wasblue hosted by The Sblue是什么意思henzhen Lions Club and undertaken byautistic是什么意思 jinxiu, Pingshan and Bright Tong service teams. Service teams from Huayue, Phoenix, Lianhuashan, Oriental Rose, Jingfeng, Caitian, Blue Sky and Yantian, together with Shenzhen Huaco Education And Shenzhen KECchuanblue是什么意思glian Computer Technology Co., LTD., held the "Warm Project Star heartblued官网" activity to care for autistic children in Shenzhen Angel Heart Special Children Rehabilitation Ceup主nter. The activity donated 5,000 yuan worth of tchildren怎么读eaching equipment to the rehabilitatupsion center, and donated 4,000 yuan of consolation money and 71,000 yuan of teaching expenses, service expenses 80,000 yuan. The lion friends communicated with the "stars" in the rehabilitatuponion center, and spent a hapsky光遇py and warm day.

Tian Xingwang, chacare什么意思中文意思irman of the Board of Directors, Peng Daojian, chief of generaupsetl Affairs, and other leaders of the lion friends juplayoined the stage to push the ball to officare怎么读cially launch the "Warmlight的反义词 Project The Heart of the Star" activity to care for autistic ccarelesshildren. Later, alightroom安卓版下载ll lion friends read the autism Care initiative together, calling on more people in society to understand, pay attention to and help autistic patients, light up the blue light for autistic patients, spread great love, warm the heartsautistic of "stars".

The parent representative of Shenzhen Angel Heart Special Children rehabilitation Center gave a speech, thanking Shenzhen Lions Club for their care and increasinbluetoothg their confidence in life. Afterwards, the representatives of the rehabilitation Center presented the flag of "Light up the blue Sky, care for autistic children" to the service team to expresupgrades their gratitude.

Presidskyworthent Tian Expressed his appreciation for the support of the service teams and for the participation ofblued官网 teachers, parents and children. He said that the Lions Club halightroom手机版s caupperlled on 14 regions in China to carry out autism care activitieblued注册不了s, and shenzhen Lions Club will continue to build more parbluesticipation platforms for askylinewebcamsutism care activities, so that children can grow usky直播p more happily. He hopes thaautistict throlightning接口ugh this activity, more people in society will be encosky是什么意思uraged to exautistic中文翻译tend their hands to help these "star children" broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, build self-confidence and integrate into sociskype是什么软件ety.lightroom

Zeng Meixiang, an expert at the rehabilitation center, introduces thlighte symptoms of autism. Shskypee said thaskyworthtautistic中文翻译 although autistic clightroom安卓版下载hildlightren have dechildren后面加is还是arevelopmental disabilities in sensory perception, emotion, language, thinking and movement, they often have talents in painting and music. Through a series of training, the special school will enable the children to develop their talents and become valuable people. She wantupons parents to stick with their children.

Lu Baowei, the director of the rehabilitation center, made a speech, thcareeranking all the leaders and caring people for their caskyworth是什么品牌电视re and care for "Xingxing children". He said the celightnter will continue to adhere to the purpose of "professionalism, understanding, acceptance and respect," to meet the needs of society to the greatest extent, and stup主rive to advance the cause of speautisticcial educachildren的名词所有格tion.

The teachers of the rehabilitation center performed "Grateful heart" in sign languachildren英语怎么说ge and interactecarelessd with pcareful是什么意思arents ablue怎么读nd children, which made the atmochildrensphere lively and the children aupperlso showed happy smiles.

Tian Xingwangupset, President of The lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2018, Peng Daojian, General Manager, Lu Zhiqiang, Deputy Secretarlightroomy Generaautistic中文翻译l, Zhou Fuuphui, Chairman of trachildren的名词所有格nsportation Civilichildren怎么读zation Committee, Qiu Zhaojun, Chairman of Table Tennis Club, Xie Wenke, the captain of the splendid service team, Zhang Cancareful是什么意思mu, the representative of pingshan Service team, Sun Mingxia, the captain of the Bright Eye service team, Cui Xianfeng, the captain of the Huayue scarefulervice teblue怎么读am, Hong Hua, the captain of theupset Phoenichildren怎么读x Service team, Chen Jianjun, the captain of the Lotus Mountain service team, Wei Xinxin, the captain of the Jingfeng service team, More than 100 people,children是单数还是复数 including rlight的反义词epresentatives of various service teamschildren是什么意思, experts froblue是什么意思m angel Heart Special Children rehabilitation Center, parents and children, partchildren的名词所有格icipated in thskype安卓手机版e activity. The event was hosted by Han Rong.

【 Text 】 Li Jiangping

[Photo] Li Jiangping

[Editor] Ma Huijuaup主n Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lioup是什么意思呢ns Club Office

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