Poai Service Team: Hold the sixth regular meeting of 2018-2019 and the selection meeting of the team leader of 2019-2020

Poai Service Team:aThe sixth regular meeting of 2018-2019

And the team leader selection Meeting of泊艾延时喷剂效果怎么样 2019-2020


On March 8, 2019, the sixth regular meeting of 2018-2019 and the selection meeting of 2019-2020 team leadehold不住r of Shold不住henzhen Lions Club was held in the conference room on the 6th floosixth怎么读r, Block A, Garden Digital Building, Nanshan District. Love service team captain Wan Youyang, the last captain Su Youhua, the first vice captain Wang Lina, the second vice captain Zhou Weiping, the third vice captain Yan Shiyong, secretary Liu Tao and other 20 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wan Youyang, Zou Jiali.

Love service team created more than nteams手机版ine years, under the leadership of team leader Zhang Zhihe and former team leader Zhang Feng, Li Yude, Qiu Jingbin, Lin Xinyue, Qi Kelin, Xu Chaoyin, Su Youhua, the service team completed the lion service activities, in finanhold的过去式和过去分词cial transparency and openness, but also received extensive praise from lion friends.

Wan Youyangregular made the fi泊艾延时喷剂多少钱一盒nancial report to the lion friends.

Captain Wan Youyang made a summary of the woregular反义词rk in January and February 2019 and the recent work plan. He said that since last year, he has led the service team to do more tsixth翻译han tenteamviewer se迫爱家族简介rvice activities and attended dozens of meetings. Now, the new team leadregular什么意思ersixthirty is about to be elected. He especially thankedregular反义词 all the lion frienmeeting是什么意思ds for their help and support in the past ymeeting翻译ear, and asixthlso exprserviceessed his expsixth怎么读ectation for the team memberegularly意思中文翻译rs to lead the Hopo Love Service teateams会议m.

In theregular selection pteams会议rocess, candidates onservicee by onservicee wentservice是什么意思 osixthtonen stage to make excipoaiting and passionate campaign speeches.sixth的基数词 Then, the participating lions voted wang Lina, Zhou Weiping, Yan Shiyong and Lisixth是什么意思 Guilin as the team leader, first vice captain, secondpoai vice captain and third vice captain of poAI Service Team in 2019-2020 respectmeeting怎么读英语ively.

Candidates and former team leaders came to the stage to give speeches. The dedication spirit of PoAI Service team should be passehold过去式d on from one yhold翻译easixthr to the next.team是什么意思翻译 We hope lion friends can practice the sregular是什么意思英语pirit of “servicefosixth读音ur out” and participate in mhold的过去式和过去分词ore activities and regular meetings of the service team.meeting怎么读英语

The meeting aregularizationlso discussed the change of the term of office and the receservice和serve的区别ntteams会议 work arrangements, and determined the time and place of the next regular meetserviceableing. Lion frhold键是什么功能iends at the meeting spoke enthuteams会议siastically and gave suggestions aholdingnd suggestions for the next step of thesixth音标 seservice翻译rvice team.

Lionfrienservice翻译ds present flo泊艾延时喷剂对身体有影响吗wers for Lionsister on Marteamviewerch 8 international Women’s Day, send best wishes, and celebrate the recenteambitiont birthdays of lionfriends.

Captain Wan Youyang summed up the meeting, he thanked the lion friends for their efforts to prepare for the regular meeting,hold的过去形式 tservice怎么读he next meeting wiservicemanll discuss the preparatiteams手机版on of the inauguration ceremony.


Yan Sservice怎么读hiyong, Liu Tao & NBSP; Photo/Li迫爱家族简介u Zhiqing


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