Hand-in-hand Service team: Inaugurating the 2020-2021 term change

Hand in hand, together; Hand in hand, heart to heart, lion love road, all the way forward! Since its establishment eight years agoinaugurating, under the leadership of prteams手机版evious leaders, Shenzhen Lions Club Hand-in-hand service Team has actively carried out various activities, standardized lion training, spread lion culture, and strengthened communication and fteam什么意思riendship. It has given love and passed on love in publi邯郸学步的意思c service, and let every lion friend feel love and share love.

On Augustservice怎么读 24, 2020, the in汉鼎余烟augural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Hand-in-hand Service Team foteamr 2020-2021 was held in Dape嫦娥奔月的读音ng Songjing Garden Holiday House. A total of 35 people incluchangeding Zhang Zheqin, chatermuxirman of the first zteam什么意思one of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Peng Dingkwan, chairman of the fifth zone and forteam什么意思mer captain of the Hand-in-hand service tetermsam, Wu Shiyong, first vice captain Peng Shilang, second vice ca邯郸疫情ptain Liu Ronghservice怎么读ui, Third vice captain Titermuxan Shimin and other lion friends, tinauguratingheir families and cterm是什么意思aring peopl邯郸疫情最新情况e attended thterm是什么意思e ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Peng Shilang and modertermsated by Zhang Hanyi and Feng Yingying.

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In嫦娥 order to increase team cohesion and emotionteam什么意思al communication between lionteamviewer friends, on the day of the change of leadership, all lion friends and their families of the handin hand service team carried out a special maritime team buiterminologylding activity on the romantic Chinese Valentine's Day.

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After tchangedhe pleasant construction of the regiment, we ushered in the exciting inauguration ceremony. The host Feng Yingyserviceableing introduced the guests ceremoniously. Chairman Peng Shilang gave a welcome speech and tolled the bell.

Last year's team leader Peng Dingkuan made a summary of the annual wtermsork and reviewteamed the activities of the past year. Last year, Peng led the team to complete 10 service activities, including helping the disabled, helping students, caring for nursing homes for the elderly, caring for sanitation workers, etc. During the epidemic, the hand-in-hand service team rinaugurationesponded to the call of the district council and actively donated money and materials, which demonstrated the strong cohesion and combat effectiveness and the high sense of social responsibility of Shenzhen Lion Friends.

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Finance Xie Qiong made a financial report and introduced the service expenditure and admichangesnistrative expenditure of the service team in 2019-2020.

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Peng Dingkuan, the former team leader, presented the 2019-2020 Annual Lion Love Companion Awardterms, Outstanding Contribution Award and O憨豆先生utstanding Lion Friend Award to the lion friends.

Under the witeams会议tness of all li嫦娥奔月on friends, Peng Dingkuan handed over the ribbon and scepter to Wu Shiyong, and both sides gave gifts toterminology each other. All previousteamviewer captains witnessed the handover of the old and new captains and cheered for the new team.

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Captain Wu Shiyong introduced the workteams手机版 plan of the New Year,service是什么意思中文翻译 saying thatermuxt he would inherit the traditional service prtermiteojects of the red Action and the hand-in-hand service team, and further carry out service activities such as respecting the elderly and helping the disabled, cariserviceableng for lion friends and lion love Station. He called on lion friends to start from the actual neservice的名词eds of the recipients to carry out services, improve the influence of services, and then inf邯郸学步ect the cariterm翻译ng people around嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射, let love pass to everyone around!

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Then, with the witness of Chairman Zhang Zheqinteams, Chairman Peng Dingkuan led the new team members to solemnly make the inauguration pledge. Captain Wu shi-yong presented letters of appointment and inaugural gifts ttermso team members.

President Zhang Zheqin gave a speech, affirming the charity activities carried out by the Hand-in-hand Service team in the past, and placing great trust on the nservice是什么故障灯ext year.

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Charity is big oteam什么意思r small, love is a continuation, a pinauguratingositive energy transmission, hand in hand sservicemanervice team, heart to heart, let the flo汉典wer of charity, let the flower of harmony open more gorgeous. Thanks to all the leaders who participated in and cared for this activity, thanks to all the lion friends who made efforts for this activity. It is charity that brings us together. Today, we drink to love, to hea邯郸学步lth, to happiness.

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Article/photo & have sptermsent Hand-in-hand service team contributed

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